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Chapter 7

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It was 2am Christmas Day morning and I had no lift home I decided to call a taxi instead of waking my mom or any of the other Maddens up. I finally managed to get a taxi at 3am, turns of Christmas time is a bitch to try and get taxis. I went straight home and straight to bed. When I got home I noticed that the house was empty, my mom was probably staying over at the Madden's house as she usually did when it was a holiday time. As soon as I got into bed I fell into a deep sleep, I put my alarm clock on on my phone for 9am so that I could get up and ready to go to the hospital to pick up Liam. I was so excited I couldn't wait to have him here and well for Christmas as I'd almost gave up hope of him recovering too.

At 9am I got up, got ready and was out of the house by 9:30 to be at the hospital by 10am. When I left the house I looked over towards the Madden's house which was still lifeless so I expected everyone was still asleep.

It didn't take long at the hospital as when I got there Liam was already ready and waiting for me having discharged himself at 8:30am. It took a little long to get back to the car than it would normally have done as Liam was still learning to walk with his crutches.

It was weird he seemed different but I couldn't put my finger on it. He was still himself but he just seemed a little more carefree. Like before he was more organised and had things on his mind with the company and everything but now he just didn't seem to be stressed as he used to be. This was strange seeing him like this I've always known him as 'business man Liam', this was defiantly a different side to him. I thought maybe it was because of all what had happened to him over the past twenty four hours and he would return to his usual self in a few weeks.

When we pulled up in me street Sarah was just going into the Madden house but stopped when she seen me with Liam. I was helping him get out of the car and balance on his crutches.

"OH MY GOD SHE'S HOME, SHE'S HOME WITH LIAM HE'S ALIVE!!!" Sarah shirked running into the house. The next thing I know Josh is by my side helping me helping Liam into the house. With my mom and Robin at the door smiling.

"Come in dear come on lets get you warm and comfy." Robin said leading us into the living room shooing Benji off the sofa so that Liam could sit there resting his leg up. I helped Liam over to the sofa while Josh carried in the bags. Benji stormed out of the room giving me a dirty look on the way past... I guess I deserved that.

"How are you? It's great seeing you up and wake?" my mom asked Liam from where she was stood by the door with Robin and Sarah. Joel was sat in the chair, all of them smiling looking relived that Liam was ok.

"Not too bad mainly just tired and the pain in my leg." He replied.

"Well it's lovely to have you here but if you'll excuse me I'll have to go finish off making the Christmas dinner." Robin smiled then went off to the kitchen.

"I'll come help you." I said getting up to join her in the kitchen.

"That's ok you stay with Liam Sarah can help me instead." Robin smiled as Sarah went and joined her mom in the kitchen. That left Joel and Josh sat at the other side of the room, my mom stood next to the sofa that Liam was on and me and Liam on the sofa.

"So what happened? When did you wake up?" my mom carried on interrogating him.

"Mom no offence but I really don't think he wants to be interrogated right now after all he's just been through." I said. She got the hint.

"Oh I'm sorry." She said.

"It's ok, I don't mind." He smiled. "I woke up at around midnight. Apparently everyone had given up on me." he laughed as if it was nothing but from my point of view it most certainly wasn't just nothing.

"Don't say it like that like it was nothing. The doctors came to me at twelve o'clock and basically said say your good bye's because he's not waking up we'll be in in a minute to turn the machines up. I was distraught I didn't know what to do then at one minute past twelve exactly he woke up even the doctors where shocked. They did some test on him and said that if I went home so we could both get some rest I could come and pick him up this morning. So I thought I'll get there for ten that's early enough when. When I got there he was ready and waiting for me. He's discharged himself at eight thirty." I explain the full story.

"Well good to still have you here." She smiled then went to help Robin and Sarah in the kitchen leaving me, Liam, Josh and Joel in the living room. Josh and Joel where busy watching TV.

"You feeling ok?" I said quietly to Liam giving him a kiss on the forehead. He nodded yawning. I laughed lightly. "How can you be tired you've been sleeping for a whole day straight while I've been stressing?"

"Just am" he shrugged smiling contently. "We need to go over to yours later so I can give you your present." He said quietly while playing with my left hand and my engagement ring.

The four of us sat in silence watching TV while waiting for dinner to be ready. just then the door opened and Benji walked in. when he seen me sat with Liam resting my head on his shoulder and him playing with me left hand he rolled his eyes at us and continued into the kitchen.

During dinner there was defiantly a tension between me and Benji and I'm pretty sure everyone noticed it but no one anything for peace sake. No one wanted to start anything on Christmas day but then again this is me and Benji we're talking about here. After breakfast we all opened our presents. Ms Madden and my mom mainly got kitchen and bath things you know the usually mom stuff. Sarah, Josh Benji and Joel mainly got CD's, clothes, DVD's, and jewellery. I got clothes off my mom, CD's off Josh, DVD's of Ms Madden, a nice bracelet off Sarah and my favourite perfume off Joel... and Benji. I knew it was all mainly Joel and he had just put Benji's name on it because I knew Benji wouldn't buy me anything and it wasn't Benji's writing on the card.

"Can we go over to yours now then I can give you your present?" Liam whispered to me as we where all sat relaxing in the living room to full and the lovely four course meal Robin had cooked for us. She really was the best cook ever.

"Yeah sure." I smiled getting up and handing him his crutches. "We're just nipping over to our for a bit we'll be back in an hour or so."

"Ok, see you two later." My mom smiled. As I helped Liam get up and balance open his crutches.

"And I think I'll got get started on those dishes." Robin said about to get up.

"You will not I'll do them later when I get back, you've done enough for us all." I said sternly to her but with a playfully hint. She really did do too much.

"No dear you're a guest you shouldn't have to." she smiled.

"It's fine really I'll get the boys to help me we'll get them done in no time."


"No buts you sit down and relax. I'll help Soph when she gets back." Joel joined in.

"Yeah me too." Josh piped up. both Josh and Joel looking towards Benji to offer to help to but no such look he was still sat in the corner in a mood.

"Well I don't think I have a choice do i." Robin laughed sitting back down defeated.

"no." my mom laughed too.

"Ok well we'll be back soon." I said before leaving walking slowly so Liam could keep up.
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