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Chapter 8

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Over at ours Liam had to direct me where to go to find my present as he had left it upstairs in one of his bags and he couldn't get up stairs yet with his leg.

"OK I think I got it. In the purple bag, right?" I called back down stairs to him.

"Yeah that's the one."

"Oo purple I like it already ready." I said excitedly sounding like a little kid. He laughed at my childishness. I went back into the living room and sat on the edge of the sofa with him. He sat up a little so he was leaning over me shoulder.

"Ok open it then." He laughed. I slowly undid the ribbon from around the box then opened the small box. I knew it was going to be jewellery from the size of the box. I opened the box to reveal a white gold tiffany heart necklace.

"Liam it's beautiful." I said quietly admiring the necklace.

"Turn it over." He said smiling. I turned it over on the back was 'I will always love you'.

"Thank you so much, I don't know what to say." I said turning round giving him a kiss.

"You don't have to say anything." He smiled.

"Put it on for me." I said turning back round handing him the necklace and holding up my hair for him. He slipped the necklace on easily. When he'd fastened it I turned back round and he rapped his arms around me pulling me down so I was lay on his chest. We stayed like that for a while until I remembered that I promised to go back to the Madden's to do the dishes for Robin. I sat up and Liam gave me a confused look.

"I've got to go back over to the Madden's to do them dishes, do you want to come with or do you want to wait here? I shouldn't be too long." I said standing up getting me shoes on.

"I'll wait here I'm feeling a little tired again, it's them pain killers they knock you out I swear." He laughed.

"Ok I'll see you soon, have a nice rest." I smiled bending down to give him a kiss before heading back to the Madden's.

I knocked on the Madden's door then walked straight in they always left the door open for my mom and me. my mom and Robin where sat on the sofa drinking coffee still gossiping, Sarah was on the phone no doubt to one of her friends and Benji, Joel and Josh where sat watching a movie on TV but they didn't really look that interested in it.

"Sophie, hi." Robin said sounding a little surprised to see me back.

"Don't sound so surprised I told you I'd come back to do the dishes and here I am." I smiled.

"Yes well your not doing them all on your own the boys are going to help you aren't you boys." She said sternly more demanding than asking.

"Yes but I'm washing." Josh said jumping up and rushing into the kitchen.

"No way I said I was washing you always wash I hate drying!" Joel whined running after Josh into the kitchen. We all laughed at how childish they can be apart from Benji who was still staring blankly at the TV.

"Come on you don't get out of it that easily." I said lightly slapping his shoulder and then following Josh and Joel into the kitchen.

I laughed at the sight when I got in there Joel and Josh fighting over the pink rubber gloves and dish cloth.

"You two need serious help." I laughed they just smirked at me and carried on fighting until we heard Robin shouting something at Benji and then he appeared looking rather pissed off in the kitchen.

"Let's get these fucking dishes done them." he mumbled picking up a towel.

"No I want to wash." Joel whined.

"Tough shit I got here first I'm washing." Josh argued back.

"Why don't the both of you wash and I can help Benji dry." I said settling the argument and picking up a towel too.

So that's what we did Joel and Josh washed and me and Benji dried. We where actually a good team apart from the atmosphere. Joel and Josh trying to make conversation but the tension between me and Benji just killed it every time. We had finished doing the dishes in no time. Ending with me, Joel and Josh having a towel fight whipping each other with the towels. Benji didn't join in he just sat in the corner on the work top staring into space. Finally we finished with our little towel fight exhausted with laughing so much. We sat at the table with a glass of water.

"Hey who got you the necklace it really nice." Joel said leaning closer to me to have a better look.

"Liam got it me for Christmas, he gave it too me in the hose before." I smiled.

"It's lovely." Josh smiled. "And congratulations you just got Josh Madden to say lovely, I'm turning into my mother." He laughed.

"Typical buying love." Benji muttered. I don't think he intended on any of us hearing it but even if he did he didn't act like it bothered him because he just stayed sat where he was staring at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. I was fuming I stood up, slowly walking over to where he was sat. I stopped in front of him putting my hands on either side of him on the counter so he was trapped between me and the counter. I was staring hole out of him. He slowly lifted his head looking up at me he couldn't he the eye contact as I was shooting daggers at him not once breaking my eyes contact. Josh and Joel where sat at the table not knowing what to do.

"What the fuck is your problem." I said slowly and quietly anger dripping from every word.

"I think you heard." He said quietly sounding a little intimidated. He looked me in the eye for a split second while he said his sentence then dropped the eye contact immediately looking back to the floor again.

"Oh I heard I just want you to say it to my face look me in the eye for once when you say your sly comments." I spat. He didn't say anything just carried on looking at the floor as if I wasn't even there.

"LOOK AT ME!" I said with a sudden burst of anger. He head shot up looking startled but none the less looking me in the eye. There was a look of pain and sadness in his eye but I was too angry at him to give him any sympathy.

"He's not good enough for you." he whispered shaking his head slightly.

"Oh yeah and who else is." I said bitterly.

"You know who I mean." He said quietly dropping the eye contact again. He was right I knew who he meant he meant himself. Well tough shit he had his chance with me years ago and he blew it. You only get once chance with me, fuck it up and tough shit you don't get another one.

"You're pathetic." I spat venomously then spun round and left saying a quick goodbye to my mom, Robin and Sarah.

"That was quick." Liam said as I walked thought he front door. He was lay on the sofa with his leg up watching TV. "I thought you might have stayed for a little while before coming back."

"Nah I don't like the company over there." I said still in a bad mood. Sitting on the edge of the sofa with him.

"You and Benji have an argument again." He said playing with my hair.

"I don't want to talk about it." I snapped. I don't know why I was being a bitch to Liam when I was pissed at Benji.

"Sorry I just thought..." started sounding and looking a little hurt and upset but I interrupted him not really caring what he had to say he didn't have a clue about how me and Benji where. I mean yeah I told him everything that went on but he still doesn't know how it all feels.

"I'm tired I'm gong to bed you need anything before I go." I muttered standing up not looking him at him.

"Nah I should be fine." He said now sounding pissed at me. Great now I've maybe Liam mad at me when he hasn't even done anything apart from caring.
I stomped of to bed hoping to wake up in a better mood.
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