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Chapter 9

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I woke up early the next morning (Boxing Day). I had a shower then crept down stairs not wanting to weak Liam up if he was still sleeping. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I found out that Liam wasn't sleeping he was lay on his side smiling at me.

"Good morning are you in a better mood now?" he asked smiling. He was way too good to me. I was a bitch to him last night but he's still being nice to me.

"Yeah I am, sorry about last night I was in a bad mood from Benji pissing me off." I apologised giving him a kiss.

"It's ok, anything you want to talk about?" he asked cautiously in case I went off on him again.

"It was nothing I don't want to talk about it. Please don't be mad or take offence." I said.

"Not that's fine just know I'm here for you if there is anything you want to talk about and I mean anything, no secret between us remember, well not big ones at least." He said giving my hand a squeeze. I nodded.

"I know, I promise not secrets." I smiled giving him a kiss on the hand he was holding mine in. "You want some breakfast?" I asked.

"Yeah please I'm starving I couldn't really get up least night for anything and you weren't really in the mood to make me anything with everything." He trailed off.

"I am so sorry you should have told me to stop being a bitch, snap out of it and make you some fucking food." I said feeling really bad he could barely move and I was too busy with my own little tiff to make him something to eat.

"It's ok I'm still alive." He laughed trying to make a joke but after all what he'd been through, what he'd put me through I didn't find it funny.

"Not funny." I said but still a small smile appearing on my face just looking at him smiling. I'd just finished making pancakes and toast with orange juice when my mom got up.

"Morning." She said groggily.

"Hey I've just finished making breakfast you want some?" I asked.

"Yeah please, since when did you start cooking? You never used to cook and when you did we where lucky to still be alive and not have a burnt down kitchen." My mom laughed she was right I was always a terrible cook but then when I moved I had to learn and most of that was down to Liam. Liam was such a good cook.

"Well you have Liam to thank for that he taught me mainly." I replied.
"I really don't think that was the case." He smiled.
"Oh yes it was remember I tried to cook at your house and nearly burned it down so you decided that I had to learn, so you taught me." I smiled back.

"Well thank you I tried often enough to teach her but it never worked you deserve a gold star I don't know how you did it." My mom laughed. I smirked handing her a plate of pancakes.

We ate breakfast making pleasant conversation that was until my mom brought up last night.

"So what happened to you last night you left the Madden's in a rush?" my mom asked being more nosey than concerned. Liam gave me a worried look.

"Nothing just had a little run in with Benji again." I brushed off hoping she'd drop the subject.

"I really don't know what's got into you two. You're both too hard headed to open your eyes, swallow your pride and admit that you two could actually get along really well. It's not like you haven't before." My mom scolded.

I was giving her the best can we not have the conversation right now glare. Yes I know I said I told Liam all about Benji and my past but I may have left out the whole almost dating each other bit.

"Mom can we not talk about this now, it was a long time ago and I'm sure Liam doesn't want to hear about it all." I said trying to get her to shut up.

"No I'm actually really interested. What happened?" he said seeming pissed off at me but interested in what my mom had to say. So my mom being the loving mother she was completely ignored all signals I sent as to drop the subject that I didn't want Liam to hear about, not like this anyway and told him.

"Oh yes Benji and Sophie used to be very close, inseparable some might say to the point where they almost dated a few times. Everyone could see the spark between them, everyone that is apart from Benji and Sophie..."

"MOM!" I said trying my best to stop her but it was too late Liam was pissed off.

"What's the matter dear it's the truth everyone knows it you two just wont admit it you'd rather make everyone else life uncomfortable with the tension, the arguments and the fight between you two. I'm sorry did I say something wrong?" she said looking at the look on Liam's face.

"No, no it's nice knowing what happened in the past." Liam said calmly but I could tell he was fuming at me for not telling him.

"Yes well that's what it was in the past a lot of other shit has happened since and we do hate each other I can assure you of that."

"Sophie language." My mom scolded.

"Sorry." I muttered not looking at her I couldn't believe what she had just let slip. What was she thinking? "I need some fresh air." I said getting up leaving Liam and my mom equally pissed and confused.
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