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Chapter 10

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should be about five more chapters left let me know if ya'll want a sequal

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I walked out the front door and began walking I didn't know where I was going I just needed to clear my head. How could my mom say all that about me to Liam. That's my own personal business and my decision whether or not I tell Liam about it. Don't ask my why I never told Liam about it I mean we did have conversations about past girlfriends and boyfriends. I just always told him that me and Benji had never got along we where just too different. I never told about before all the arguments when Benji used to be my best friend, my rock, we where like my mom said inseparable and there was countless times when we did become really close to dating but never actually had the guts to. In a way we where too scared that if we did date and then break up that we would loose the friendship we had before. Never once did we think that it would actually work out and that we'd have the most amazing relationship ever.

By the time I'd finished thinking about all what went on in the past I ended up in front of the Madden's house.

"Soph are you ok?" Sarah called to me jogging up to me.

"Yeah fine why?" I said wiping away a few stray tears that I didn't realise I had let slip.

"Are you sure you don't look fine, you wanna come in and talk about it?" she asked. She always was such a great listener and gave the best advice.

"I don't know." I hesitated I didn't want to go in and risk running into one of the boys especially Benji.

"Don't worry no one else is home, mom's shopping and my brothers have gone out too." she smiled putting an arm around my shoulders.

"Ok." I nodded.

"good." She smiled pulling me into the house.

We got into the hose and went into the kitchen I sat at the table while Sarah made us drinks.

"So you wanna tell me what's going on?" she asked sitting down handing me my drink.

"With what?" I asked ire ally didn't know where to start some much was going on so much was wrong.

"Everything why don't you start at the beginning, what's with Liam?" Sarah asked. I remember this was the first time we've had chance to really catch up and have a girly chat in years.

"Liam's great he really help me lots when I moved to Miami. He picked up all the pieces."

"I'm still not clear on why you left though?" she said. She knew all that went on between me and Jake but only when it was over as when Jake was abusing me I never got to see my friends that especially meant Sarah as she was Benji's sister. One thing Sarah didn't know was why me and Benji stopped talking she just accepted it like everyone else.

"Sarah I had to I couldn't stay round here with all that had gone on. I know Jake left for the military but the memories where just too much. I managed to start a new life away from it all in Miami. Moving to Miami meant I could start fresh no one knew me and what had happened I could be whoever I wanted to be. I got there managed to get a great job at Liam's company, get a nice small apartment but just enough for me. I made new friends and then there was Liam."

"So what happened between you and Benj before you left you two used to be really close and good together?" she asked.

"We just grew apart we both changed a lot." I brushed off she always fished around for answers to why me and Benji hated each other. When ever she asked we just brushed it off and gave her the hint that we didn't want to talk about it and thankfully she took it.

"So do you really love Liam?" she asked a little unsure.

"Yes, what makes you ask that?" I said confused as to where that question came from.

"I don't know. He just doesn't seem your type." She said not making eye contact. I knew where this was going.

"And you think Benji is?" I said getting pissed off.

"No, well yeah you and Benji would be so good together. I just don't see how you two don't see it. Everyone else can see a mile off the flame you two have between you."

"The only flame between me and Benji is when where fighting."

"No you two don't see how much you have in common. I don't get what happened to make you two the way you are with each other. It's not like you've never been that close before."

"Sarah can we drop the subject of your brother as that's what's got me into the mess I'm in now."

"What do you mean?"

"Well at breakfast this morning it was all going great me, mom and Liam where having a good time just chatting and stuff then for some reason my mom brings up why I left lest night."

"Yeah and..."

"Well I told her I had a run in with Benji which there nothing new there. Then she says something about why we can't just get along as it's not like we haven't before."

"So what's the problem with that?"

"Well I never told Liam that me and Benji where so close before. So he starts asking questions and my mom tells him how close we used to be and that we nearly dated a few times. Liam got pissed off at me because I've never told him about it and them mom gets pissed of for some strange reason."

"I think the main thing here is why you never told Liam about you and Benji."

"There's nothing to well so what we used to be friends no big deal. Why do you all make such a big deal about it? Why can't you all just accept that we hate each other, cant stand to be around each other?"

"I don't think that true. You're both just to scared to be around each other in case you actually let your inner ambitions take over and you realise how perfect you are for each other."

"Sarah shut up that's not the truth. I love Liam and I am marrying Liam." I said getting angry.

"Who are you trying to convince."

"I'm not trying to convince anyone that's the truth."

"If it is look me in the eye and tell me that you don't have any feelings for my brother what so ever." She said smugly. I paused for a minute. This should be easy right? Me and Benji hated each other we didn't love each other or have any other feelings for each other.

"I...I don't love your brother." I said stuttering slightly.

"No tell me that you don't love Benji. Benji not my brother that could mean Joel or Josh." She was way to smart.


"SEE, SEE YOU CAN'T DO IT YOU CAN TELL ME THAT YOU DON'T LOVE BENJI!" she said smiling. Neither of us had heard Joel, Josh and Benji walk in minutes before.

"Wow!" Josh and Joel both said. This caught mine and Sarah's attention. We both looked round and found Josh and Joel with smirks on there faces and Benji looking shocked as shocked as Sarah and I was.

"I am so sorry." Sarah said looking at me sympathetically.

"Bitch." I breathed shaking my head running out of the Madden house using past the boys on my way.
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