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Chapter 11

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I ran straight home when I got in the house my mom was in the kitchen and Liam was in the living room. I didn't bother stopping for either of them I just ran straight up to my room. I couldn't believe that Sarah had just said all that infornt off Josh, Joel and more importantly Benji. Before long I heard the front door slam that must be my mom going out. I decided to go talk to Liam try to clear things up with him while we where alone. I walked down stairs to find him in the usual spot on the sofa resting his leg.

"Hey." I said quietly walking in to the room. I could tell he was still very pissed off.
"Please talk to me don't be mad." I pleaded.

"I' not mad at you, I just don't understand why you never told me about you and Benji before." He sighed.

"I... I really don't know why I didn't tell you either but really there's not much to tell. Back when we where in high school we used to be best friends. We where quite close and yes we did come close to dating a few times but never actually got to it." I tried my best to explain.

"I don't understand."

"We never actually went out together. There defiantly was something there but neither of us did anything about it or admitted it. We just ignored it, it doesn't matter anymore though because we can barley stay in the same room together for more than five minutes with out wanting to kill each other." I tried to assure him.

"Are you sure about that?" he said wanting to believe me but as if something was telling him not to.

"Yes." I nodded. "I love you." I smiled giving him a kiss. He slowly smiled and kissed me back.

"So what was all that about before when you stormed in and went straight to your room?" he asked.

"Oh nothing I just couldn't be bothered trying to deal with my mom nagging me I needed so time to think for a bit." I lied hoping he would believe me. I think he did or if he didn't he didn't let on that he didn't. We lay on the sofa together cuddling for a while we must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know we're being shaken awake by my mother and it's dark outside.

"Sophie wake up you need to help me get dinner ready for everyone." My mom snapped.

"What why?" I said still half asleep.

"It's the Madden's turn to come over while we cook dinner for them. You need to help me it's five and they'll be here at seven." My mom said then going into the kitchen. I groaned then reluctantly followed her. As I was getting up Liam stared in his sleep.

"What's going on?" he asked still half asleep too.

"My mom wants me to help her get dinner ready the Madden's are coming over here tonight. You stay here and go back to sleep for a bit." I said seeing how tired he looked.

"Are you sure?" he smiled.

"Yeah you go back to sleep and I'll come wake you when we need you." I smiled and then went to join my mom in the kitchen.

I went into the kitchen and my mom gave me my orders she was being so pissy with me. I don't know why she was being pissy with me though I should be the one being pissed off at her after the ordeal at breakfast.

"What was all that about at breakfast this morning?" I asked pissed off at her attitude.

"What was all what about? You mean you lying to your so called soon to be husband?" she snapped at me.

"And what's that supposed to mean 'so called' soon to be husband?" I asked trying to control my anger.

"Well you don't actually believe that you're going to marry him do you." my mom laughed.

"Yes we love each other and ARE getting married. I really don't get what everyone's problem is with me marrying Liam. I thought you all liked him."

"We do like him, he's a lovely guy just not for you honey." She said as if I was a child asking for a toy I couldn't have.

"What do you mean not for me, you think he's too good for me!" I shirked.

"Now, now less of the drama what we mean is he's not right for you. You don't actually think your going to be happy with him. I mean yes as a friend but he's nothing like you, you're too different."

"Oh I get it you think I should be with Benji too don't you? How can Liam who loves me be so wrong for me and Benji who hates me be so right for me?"

"He doesn't hate you and you don't hate him. It's just something you two have got into you head and seriously need to stop being so childish and snap out of it."

"It's not like that none of you understand how much we don't get along how much we hate each other and..." I said starting to get emotional.

"How much all the nasty comments hurt you." she said knowingly.

"No..." I lied. "I love Liam, Liam loves me we're getting married forget about me and Benji it will never work and is never going to happen."

"It won't if you two don't stop being so scared of actually falling for each other and take a chance. If you two could see what everyone else can see between you then you'd understand. Even Liam notices it why do you think it bothers him so much."

"No, your wrong." I refused to admit it even though I knew deep down she like everyone else was right.

"I may be wrong about some things but this I'm deadly right about. You can't tell me that everyone else is wrong and seeing things too."

"No you're all seeing what you want to see. I don't know how you've got it into your heads but you need to get it out. I'm marrying Liam end of story."

"Fine but answer me one thing does Liam as a lover make you as happy as Benji used to just as a friend? I want the truth." She said staring into my eyes.

The answer to that question scared me I couldn't tell the truth. I couldn't admit that having Benji as a friend he made me happier than having Liam as a lover. Instead of answering I just turned away avoiding my moms eye contact but it was too late she'd already got the answer.

"See stop trying to deny it, Benji made you so happy just as a friends imagine how much more happy he could make you if you where together."

"What makes you so sure he feels the same way anyway." I asked but I knew exactly how he felt for me from the night in the hospital.

"Because he looks at you the exact way you look at him. With so much love and care for the other."

"Well it's too late now anyway. I'm not throwing away all what I have with Liam for the possibility of me and Benji being together." I said.

"So you'd settle for vanilla instead of taking a chance of having chocolate." My mom said using metaphors. You guessed it metaphors weren't my moms strong point.

"I'd rather have 'vanilla' than risk getting hurt and loosing something good with Liam."

"Whatever it's you life." She sighed giving up.

We finished making dinner in silence. All I could think about was what everyone was saying about Benji and Liam. At six thirty I woke Liam up so that he could get ready for dinner. At exactly seven the Maddens arrived.

Dinner was rather uncomfortable to say the least as I wasn't talking to Sarah from earlier, she did feel bad but I was too mad to talk to her about it. Me and my mom weren't on the best of terms after out discussion. Josh and Joel took every chance they got to taunt me about Benji, luckily no one else caught on to what they meant apart from me and Sarah. Benji was clearly avoiding as was I him. There was only Liam and Robin that I could actually have a normal conversation with. Thankfully the Madden's went home not long after dinner. The tension and atmosphere was just too much to deal with. I went to bed early because I was exhausted with all what was going on. When I got to bed I couldn't sleep because all I could think about was Benji and Liam.
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