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chapter 12

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The next day (Monday) it's back to a normal working week now.
I got up at twelve pm yeah, yeah I know I'm lazy but why bother getting up early when you don't have to? When I got up Liam was on his laptop and talking business on his mobile. I went straight into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast or should I say lunch. My mom was back at work today. I went and sat in the living room with Liam quietly while he was on the phone. I sat next to him I went to give him a kiss on his neck but he put his hand up and 'shhed' me. How dare he shh me, I glared at him and started eating me breakfast/lunch/leant in silence just listening to bits of Liam's side of the conversation but to be honest all the business stuff bored me.

Not long after I'd finished breakfast/lunch Liam had finished the phone call.
"Afternoon." He said looking at me I just glared at him. "What's wrong? It was important call."

"So that doesn't give you the right to shh me, I'm not a child." I replied in a grump.

"I didn't mean it like that." he defended.

"Well that's what it sounded like."

"I'm sorry." He gave up.

"Whatever, forget it." I sighed. Just he his phone rang again. I rolled my eyes as he turned away from me answering it. . It was like this all the time if we weren't working at one of his stores then he was either on the laptop or phone doing business. I guess that's what you get when you're with a businessman.

"So what are you doing today?" I asked kind of a stupid question though as he couldn't really get around anywhere and he already had his 'work' out.

"Just doing the books, then I need to do the new stock order. That was the Chicago store on the phone just they're having a few problems, if they carry on I'll have o go and there to sort it, I did the best I could over the phone." I nodded but his phone rang again before we could talk some more. I sighed and went to clear my dishes away.

As I was making my way back through to the living room the door bell rang. So I went to answer it. When I opened the door I was greeted by a smiling more like grinning Josh.

"Hey Soph!" he said still grinning like a mad person.

"Hi Josh, what's going on why are you grinning like a mad person?"

"You, want my bro-ther, you want my bro-ther..." said in a sing-song voice. I instantly pushed him off the door step putting my hand over his mouth remembering Liam was in the house and could hear him.

"Shut up, I do not want you brother I'm fucking engaged." I growled. He just stared laughing.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." He said laughing.

"You seriously need to shut up about that Liam's in the house, what if he'd heard you." I said not finding it at all funny.

"Then you two will fight and break up then you can be with who your supposed to be with, my brother." He said in a cheery voice.

"There are so many things wrong with that situation. I will never break up with Liam for Benji."

"Stop lying to yourself you know deep down first chance you get you'll get together with Benji."

"Josh, did you come here for a reason or just to piss me off." I sighed.

"Well I was just coming t ask you if you wanted to go for some coffee. A bunch of us are meeting up there."

"A bunch of us meaning who?" I questioned suspicious.

"Me, you, you can bring Liam if you want, Joel, Billy, Paul and Tony and matt cause their in town for a few days." He said not looking me in the eye.

"Oh so Benji's not going to be there?" I said knowing full well Benji would be there but he was just leaving that part out.

"Erm well yeah he'll be there but it won't be a problem." He said quickly. I just looked at him. So you coming or not?" he said getting impatient.

"Yeah fine might as well I've not got anything better to do. I'll just go get my jacket and bag." I said stepping back into the house getting my jacket and bag out of the hall. I towards the living room where I could hear Liam on the phone then decide to just leave a note I couldn't be bothered being 'shhed' again. I stepped outside to find Josh waiting patiently outside.

"Ok let's go." I smiled at him walking towards the car.

"What about Liam?"

"Fuck him." I said under my breath.

"What?" he stopped turning me towards him trying to him a huge grin.

"Nothing." I said.

"No go on what happened you two had a falling out?"

"But you'd all love that." I rolled my eyes. "He's busy doing business stuff I just don't feel like being shhed again that's all." I said.

"Ha ha he shhed you, is he mad I remember open time I shhed you and... and well it was painful." He said remembering me kicking his ass. Making me laugh. We continued walking to the car. It was only when I got closer to the car that I noticed Benji sat in the front. I shot josh a glare and he knew what I meant.

"It'll be fine just get in." he sighed opening the car and getting in the drivers side. I sighed rolling my eyes this was going to be fun, not. I opened the passenger side door behind Benji about to get in.

"Benj dude, get your ass out and get in the back." Josh said. Benji glared and muttered something under his breath then getting out.

"I'm fine in the back." I said I couldn't be bothered arguing over silly shit.

"No get in the front you're the lady you get the better seat. And besides this is my car I decided who sits where." He said.

"Just get in the front." Benji grumbled not looking at me. I sighed got out and got in the front. Great it's started all ready I think I'd rather be at home getting shhed than being here with the tension between me and Benji.
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