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chapter 13

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When we got to the coffee house everyone else was already there. Billy, Paul and Matt sat on one side and Joel and Tony opposite them on the other side.

"Holy fuck Soph look at you." Tony grinned walking over to me giving me a huge hug which got me a dirty look from Benji, he hate that his family an friends got on so well with me.

"Hi Tony, how are you." I smiled as we pull apart but he still had his hand resting on me hips.

"I'm good but I don't like this." He said picking up my left hand pointing to my engagement ring. "You know you're married to Me." he laughed making me laugh too.

"I'm sorry but we need a divorce." I laughed we always joked around saying we where married.

"Ok fine you can have whatever you want but I'm having the vibrator." He said.

"Ok end of conversation." Matt butted in making me and Tony laugh. He pushed Tony away so he could give me a hug too. "Hi Soph." he smiled.

"Hi you ok?" smiled.

"I'm great thanks, you?"

"Good." I smiled. While I was busy with the Lovato's everyone else had sat down. Which meant there was only one space left, you guessed it next to Benji some how I think that was planned.

We all ordered our coffee and talked. Obviously I and Benji didn't talk at all. We sat as far away form each other as possible, which wasn't very far as we where all squashed together on one table because we didn't was to be splint up. All through coffee it was uncomfortable because everything times either me or Benji moved our arms or legs would brush up against each other. Now I won't lying it did feel nice in a weird way. It's been so long since we've been this close for so long.

Anyway getting that thought out of my head. We where all just relaxing catching up when Sarah walks in with one of her friends. When she noticed us she came storming up to us looking pissed off.

"Oh I get it you invite me to come out with you all anymore because she's fell out with me. Well fuck you." Sarah said pointing at me. "It was an accident and I was sorry but forget it." She said turning and walking off.

"Sarah, wait a minute." I said going over to talk to her it wasn't anything like that. I didn't know that they hadn't invited her and I wouldn't have minded if they had had and she'd have come with us. She was still my friend well I still considered her my friend even though I was mad at her for her outburst infornt of Benji, Josh and Joel.

"Forget it, I don't want to talk to you right now." She said leaving the coffee house. I sighed and turned round going sitting at the table again.

"Ok I know she's your sister and all but Jesus Christ people call me a drama queen." I said as I sat down.

"Oh leave her she'll be aright later." Joel said and we all went back to our coffees and talking. Three hours, four coffees and a muffin later we all decided to go.

On the way home I insisted in sitting in the back but Josh wouldn't let Benji sit in the front. So instead of taking the front seat I sat in the back with Benji, my intention was to piss Josh off because he was being an ass to Benji about it but I think it made him happier to have me in some strange way siding with Benji. What's going on with me siding wit h Benji.

When we got home Joel arrived back a few seconds after us parking next to us. Benji went straight inside but Josh and Joel hung back as if they wanted to talk to me.

"So went you gonna get rid of Liam and make my brother happy." Joel said to me in a quiet but serious voice.

"Seriously you guys better drop this. It's not a joke any more if Liam hears you..."

"He'll know the truth." Josh butted in as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

"Wait get rid of Liam and make Benji happy?" I questioned only just registering fully what Joel had said.

"Yes make him happy and for that matter make yourself happy too." Joel said.

"I am happy with Liam."

"Seriously you're like a broken record with that." Josh said.

"I'm a broken record? You lot are the fucking broken record. You all seriously need to drop it if you don't I'm leaving early and never coming back." I said seriously. They stood there for a second shocked.

"Come on Soph don't be like that."

"If that's how I have to be to get through to you guys then yeah I will be like that." I said turning and going home.
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