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chapter 14

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When I got into the house my mom was home and cooking in the kitchen, I noticed Liam was still in the living room on his laptop. i said a quick hello to my mom then went through into the living room to Liam.

"Nice of you to let me know you where going out." He said not looking up from the laptop, obviously in a mood with me.

"I left a note." I said defensively.

"That's not the point a quick 'going out be back later' scribbled on a piece of paper isn't exactly good enough." He said sounding like a parent shouting at their teenage daughter for sneaking out.

"Don't treat me like a child I can go and do what I like I'm not twelve and your not my parents." I said slightly pissed at his constant undermining me.

"No but I'm your fiancé we're going to be married and you can't even give me a proper explanation when and where your going. Anything could have happened to you and I wouldn't have known because you couldn't be assed telling me where you where going, who with and when you'd be back." He said sounding a little hurt now, he did have a point.

"I'm sorry it's just I was a little pissed at you for 'shhing' me this morning..." I softened.

"Now that's childish."

"No it's not just that. I feel like your work comes before me all the time, I know your works important but..."

"I'm sorry if I made you feel that way, it's just when I get a work head on I need to sort these things and... I'm sorry." He said softly.

"I'm sorry too." I smiled sitting next to him we hugged and kissed. Then mom announced that dinner was ready so we all ate. After dinner we just had a quiet night in the three of us watching movies. My mom went to be early leaving me and Liam to watch movies and spend time together.

The next day (Tuesday) I woke up at around eleven. When I got up the house was empty because my mom was at work and Liam had gone to the hospital for a check up. he must have called a taxi because I did offer to take him but he said he'd call a taxi because it was too early for me to get up.

I had some breakfast enjoying having the house to myself for some piece and quiet that I rarely got. After I had finished my breakfast I decided to go have a shower but when I got to the shower it wouldn't work. Pissed off I went back down stairs decided I'd have to try my best to wash my hair in the sink. As I got down the stairs someone knocked at the door.

"Hi Sophie sorry to bother you but I was baking and I ran out of butter could I borrow some please." Robin smiled.

"Yeah sure, you weren't bothering me I was just about to have a shower but it broke so I'm going to have to try and wash my hair in the sink." I explained handing her some butter.

"Don't be silly you can come and have a shower over at our house. Then when Josh gets back in he can come and have a look at it for you." she smiled sweetly.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes that's no problem."

"Ok thanks a lot I'll just get my stuff and then I'll be right over."

"Alright I'll leave the door open for you." she said then headed back over to finish her baking and I went and got my shower stuff and clean clothes.

After I'd got all my stuff together I walked over to the Madden's. Robin was in the kitchen baking but I couldn't see anyone else around, I guessed they where all out.

"Hi make yourself at home, I'm sure Joel won't mind you getting ready in his room while he's out." She called to me from the kitchen.

"Ok thanks, Robin." I smiled back.

I went upstairs and left my clothes, make-up and hair dryer in Joel's room and took a towel and my soap and shampoo into the bathroom. I was relived that it seemed no one else was home. I went into the bath room having a nice shower. When I got out I dryad myself off then started to make my way back to Joel's room with just the small towel wrapped round me and my wet hair loose.

I opened the bathroom door and started walking to Joel's room not really paying attention to where I was going and bumped straight into someone nearly dropping my towel in shock. I quickly fixed my towel and looked up to who I had walked into. I couldn't believe it out of all the people who I could have ran into it had to be... Benji. I thought he'd be really pissed off at me like usually but to my surprise he was stood giving me the famous Madden grin.

I couldn't believe it Benji Madden checking me out, I was froze in shock and Benji... well Benji seemed to be enjoying seeing me almost naked. I realised that I was still standing there almost naked in front of Benji; I pushed past him and ran into Joel's room. That was really uncomfortable, well it was uncomfortable for me I think Benji enjoyed it though, the sexual tension between us was so strong, what the hell was going on.

I got dressed and did my hair and make-up then went down stairs, Benji still in the bathroom I noticed. I intended on just thanking Robin then leaving so not to run into Benji again but no such luck.

"Honey why don't you stay or a little while save you being in the house all on our own." She smiled kindly. I didn't know what to say I really didn't want to stay and face Benji but I couldn't say no to Robin.

"If you're sure I don't want to get in the way or..."

"You won't get in the way it'll be nice having you here to talk to. It's been so long since we've had you around. We've all missed you, I mean all of us too even Benji." She smiled knowingly. I sat down at the breakfast bar.

"Did I hear my name." Benji said smiling coming into the kitchen to us. His eyes lingered on me for a second longer when he noticed me still here him still smiling. Ok this is getting uncomfortable.

"Hi Soph I didn't know you where still here." He said as if was greeting an old friend. I just smiled.

"Yes I said she could stay for a while save her being on her own over at hers." Robin replied still baking. Benji took a seat at the breakfast bar next to me but he might as well have sat in my lap he was that close. I eyed him uncomfortably but he just smiled again. Ok this was getting creepy what's going on with him.

"Oh yes we wouldn't want you getting lonely now would we." He grinned putting an arm around me. All of his actions in a way that good friends would do joking around. We talked for a while longer Benji still continuing his 'nice' attitude towards me. I didn't know what to make of it, I felt so uncomfortable but at the same time being with Robin and Benji all three of us talking and hanging out felt right. A while later Josh and Joel came in

"We're back." Josh called.

"Hi mom, Benj... Soph." Joel said greeting Benji and his mom normally then looking slight confused when he saw me especially how close Benji was sat to me and how well we seemed to be getting along. Josh raised his eyebrows and started smirking at me when Benji and Robin weren't looking. Great now I've got to deal with him teasing about this now.

"Josh, Sophie said their showers broke I thought maybe you could go over and have a look at it." Robin said.

"Yeah sure I'll go now." He said. I got up take him. "It's ok I know where your house is just give your keys and you can continue... whatever it is your doing here." He said smirking holding back a laugh.

"No it's fine I'll come with you the locks a bit dodgy." I made up an excuse to leave.
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