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Parts 14 & 15

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I decided to update again with another 2 parts because YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanks for the kind words and the awesome reviews. They make me dance. :] Hope you enjoy it. I might update to part 19 (t...

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"Audrey? What the hell are you doing here?" Brendon turned and looked at her, him still grasping my hands. "Oh nothing just me and a friend decided to dine out." I gulped.

Oh god, please don't let it be.. Jac's head poped up out of the booth, he beamed and turned to Audrey. "So why are you guys holding hands?" me and Brendon blushed and turned away, taking our hands away from eachothers. "Um, his hands and I was helping them not shake?" Audrey and Jac looked at eachother, then back at us, "If I didn't know any better BBear, I'd swear you two had a thing for eachother." Audrey turned her gaze from Brendon and glared at me.

Obviously the woman hasn't lost her love for Bren, But neither have I, and I was a kickboxer. I'm not loosing him again.

"Uh...Audrey...I-I can't prossibly tell you what is going on, but I do need a favor from you" She smiled and leant in close to Brendon, "Take me off your damn myspace!" She rubbed her ear, huffed, and the two of them walked off.

Brendon leaned towards me and smiled, "Let's go somewhere a little more..private?" I agreed and we left.

It was a chilly november night, and my skeletal body couldn't withstand the cold. I could feel my hands, none-the-less my whole body, shaking violently. Brendon looked over at me and I tried to smile, but my teeth chattered when I tried. He laughed and wrapped his arms around me, he was so warm.

No matter how I ever acted to/said about Brendon Urie before, I take back tonight. He was the one I knew, that one day I might even marry. I'm too feminine for my own good, I know. But it's hard not to be when Brendon Urie's arms are clinched tightly around you. You kind of just want to forget everything but you and him.

Okay Maybe I'm in love with the guy? So what? I mean it's not like we were going to get married or anything.


We walked back to the car and got in. The whole ride home Bren was caressing me through my pants. /Fucking Tease/. He knows what it does to me, but he still continues to do it. We get to a stoplight then he yanks me by my hair and kisses me, unaware that there 5 or 6 little preppy girls sitting in the car next to up watching.

He pulls away just in time, the light turns green and floors the gas. He's a speed freak(and no not the drug) he had a wild side, and it was really really sexy. Okay maybe I love him a little more than I should. But hey, I'm Ryan Ross what do you expect?

We drove downtown to a derelect old building with borded up windows, Graffiti all over it, and vines growing up one side. Brendon pulled around back to a fence and got out of the car, "Wait here Ry" he opened the gate up and then came back to the car. We drove into some back lot of the building, he parked and we got out.

"Bren? Where are we?" he closed the gate and locked it. "This used to be one of the hot spots of vegas back in the 50's, I'm surprised that they haven't torn it down." I was getting a little scared, Bren came up and grabbed my hand, "It'll be okay. I promise, there are no psycho killers or monsters in there." I smiled and so did he. He yanked my arm and guided me into the building.


It smelled and looked a lot nicer on the inside then it did on the outside. It smelled of lavender and Rosemary with a tiny bit of juniper. The walls had an off red wallpaper with yellow rose patterns on it, It was gorgeous.

"I've spent every cent to my name for the past two years fixing this place up for a night like this." A night like this/, what did he mean? "Let me specify, the night me and my true love could come in here and...ya romantic and stuff." I smiled, '/His true love huh?' he was such a hopeless romantic.

There was a bar in one corner of the room, it was bright and clean with alcohol still sitting on the shelves behind it. There was a bed opposite the bar, it was covered in a reto-ish red and black pattern to match the walls. It definately was nice.

Brendon went over to something in a corner, a record player I think, and put a record on. The haunting melodies of the 'Intermission' of our CD hovered through the room. He walked over to me and grabbed me closely, holding me so close I could feel his bones against my own. We began to dance somewhat, like a ballroom dance, with him biting at my neck and whispering things in my ear.

He grabbed the hem of my shirt and slid it up over my head, and threw it in a corner. "I love you" he whispered in my ear as we continued to dance. He began to caress my bare back, drawing little circles on it. "Brendon, take your shirt off, I want to feel you." he took off his shirt and pressed his chest against mine.

We danced till about "Nails for Breakfast" then we were stalk naked, flesh on flesh, everything on our bodies touching. Then he threw me back on the bed.


I lay there naked as camisado plays, Brendon is still standing, he turns and bites his lip. "Bren are you okay?" I ask, he turns back to me, "Yeah I'm fine. So um...where were we?" I pressed my back against the bed once more and Bren climbed on top of me. He liked to be on top for some reason.

He paused again, looking back at the door, okay this was getting a little riddiculous. "Bren, babe, what's the matter?" He didnt have an answer so I slowly brought my lips to his and gave him a
soft kiss. He didnt really respond though, he was all tense and nervous. I think he was thinking about /Audrey/. Oh yes, Audrey, the perfect woman in his eyes, and she still had a thing for him too. He knew it, I knew it, but he didn't know what to do.

I grabbed his hair and forced him to look me in the eyes. I rolled us so that I was on top looking down into his eyes, "Brendon Boyd Urie, Do you love me or not?" he looked back up at me and grabbed my hair tightly. "Yes Ry, I do love you." and he pulled me in for a deep kiss. One so long and so passionate, that the only reason we separated was for air.

He began to caress my chest, flicking gently at my nipples as he passed by them. I moaned softly and Bren made a sinful smirk of pleasure. I stopped him before he could continue, "Maybe I should give it a try this time Bren" he smiled again, "Sure why not?" he shrugged and I began to nibble on his ear lobes.

He let out a soft moan and I could feel him getting hard against my leg. I started to kiss down his neck, down his chest and began to flick his nipples with my fingers. He began to moan, so I moved down lower and lower until I was at his big hard dick.

I exhaled on it, it caused him to shake and moan loudly.His hands found my hair, and I knew it was time to be a man and take it, and with that I wasted no time on foreplay and began to slide him into my mouth slowly. Painfully slow, Brendon began to buck trying to get me to take him in faster, but I kept moving back and begining all over again as punishment. He gasped as I reached the base. I began to pump over his length, and bringing my hand up to cup his gorgeous balls and caress them gently. He withered and moaned loudly.

I continued to pump, going faster and fast with the beat of "Lying is the most fun..." and begining to sqeeze and grope his balls a little harder. I began to suck my cheeks in harder. "" Brendon managed out between moans. I moaned sending sentations through his that almost sent him over the edge.

I could feel him begining to grow in my throat. He was almost there, I could tell my his moans and his "Fuck..."s ever three or four seconds. I began to pump faster and faster, grabbing harder at his balls and moaning occasionally. A few seconds later he bucked and screamed "FUCK! RYAN!" and shot straight into my mouth.

I was never good at swallowing anything, especailly something as slimy and sticky as his cum. But I managed to get all down without gaging. I went up and kissed him passionately, letting him slide his tongue over mine in an erotic 'thank you' manner.

"Ryan I have something I have to ask you. I was meaning to a while ago, but now I'm sure that it's time" oh god, what is it? I'm scared he turned to the bedside table and pulled out a little black box. The same size and color as the one that was on his bedside table in the hospital. I looked at it as Brendon turned back to me and opened it.

It was thee most gorgeous ring I had ever seen, ever. "Ryan...I know were like in a band together and all...but maybe do you want to be.../what do they call it in this situation/...Life partners of sorts?" I could feel something cold and wet drip down my cheek, OMFG Ryan you're crying, suck it up! I couldn't speak. "YES! I WILL!!" I managed out. I kissed him gently on the lips as he fumbled with the ring and put it on my ring finger.

We cuddled together as Brendon began to sing with himself, well the him comming from the record player anyways. This was perfect. Too bad I had to do what I was going to do.


I awoke before Brendon did, he still looked so cute in his sleep, so pieceful and sweet. I got up and put my clothes on, taking my ipod out of my pocket and putting on 'If You Don't Don't' by Jimmy Eat World. I leant down and kissed him gently on the forehead. I smiled silently, and placed a note in the bed where I once lay.

To Whom It May Concern,
I love you and Always have,
As the light of day flutters past the payne,
And slowly you begin to wake,
Call me, I'll be waiting.
Ryan...Urie =D

I closed the door quietly and went to catch a cab. I finally got one, with a somewhat skinny guy with hair about shoulder length(just as mine was before I cut it) From the back I swore it was me. "Where are we going today sir?" I wiggled in the backseat, trying to get comfortable, "6555 Charlston Blvd please" he turned sideways, "That's a long way away." I nodded and turned my head to his face, but he turned forword before I could. "I know, just please take me home." he nodded, "Sure thing R..Boss." I payed no attention to him. He was probably another one of my 'Angels' sent down to guide me or something.

We drove for about 30 min. I got out and dug in my pockets, "No charge" he said, "But that was a bad mistake Ryan. You should have stayed with him" and with that he pulled away.

I was never one to be a good boyfriend, none-the-less a good fiancee. But hey, I'm Ryan Ross...what did you expect.
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