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Welcome Home

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Simone and Frank bring their new borns home for the very first time. Ryan is now attending anger-management classes and has been finded with shooting Frank. This chapter is a warm and fuzzy chapter...

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"This is your new home, Kayla and Micheal," said Frank to his children.
Frank was holding Kayla in his arms and Simone was holding Micheal in the other; both twins were fast asleep in their parents' arms. Simone handed Micheal to Frank and made a pot of green tea. While pouring in water, she looked back at Frank, and smiled; Frank's expression was remarkable. He was so much in-love with his children that it lit up a room. Simone then walked over to Frank and kissed him on the lips.
"I love you," said Simone sweetly to Frank.
"I love you," said Frank sweetly to Simone.
The two then walked over to the couch in their living room, sat down with their coffee mugs, and sat with Micheal fast asleep in Simone's arms and Kayla fast asleep in Frank's arms.
As time went on Frank was healing beautifully and Simone was back on her feet again. She was working and was getting into the habit of seeing her brothers more. Frank and Kayla spent a lot of time together. Frank would read the newspaper with her and he would feed her; she really was, daddy's little girl. Micheal and his uncles were inseperable. Simone would also take Micheal out grocery shopping with him and would then take him and Kayla to her mom's house when Simone had work.
"Well I have to take Kayla and Micheal to the doctor today, and then I have to go and get my birth control perscription refilled," announced Simone to her mom.
"Do you want me to help?" asked Mrs. Way.
"Thanks, but no I've pretty much got it taken care of. Frankie said he'd pick the twins up before I have to go to work this afternoon; he's got a rehearsal with the guys, so he offered," explained Simone.
"Oh, well did you want to maybe grab some lunch?" suggested Mrs. Way.
"Sure, that would be great actually, say 2ish? Or earlier?" replied Simone.
"How about this. I'll go with you to Kayla and Micheal's appointments and then we can drop your perscription off at Rite Aid and then go to lunch?" said Mrs. Way.
Simone nodded and picked up Kayla, whom was figiting in her cradle in Mrs. Way's living room. Simone changed Kayla's diaper and then Micheal's diaper before getting them ready for their appointments.
"You're turning into an outstanding mother, Simone, I'm so proud of you," said Mrs. Way.
She kissed her daughter on the head and Simone smiled.
"Thanks mom, I learned it from the best," replied Simone with a smile.
Just then Gerard opened up the door to the house. He had Mikey and Frank with him and they were happy to see Simone, Mrs. Way, and the Iero twins. Frank kissed Simone and then said hello to Kayla and Micheal.
"Hey sis, how are ya?" asked Gerard.
"I'm great, but I have to take the babies to the doctor soon," replied Simone.
"Oh ok, well we're about to go and get some stuff for rehearsal," said Gerard.
"Have they been good today?" asked Frank.
"Just angels, but Kayla was figiting earlier, so I had to change her diaper," replied Simone.
"That's my little Kayla, always wanting attention," laughed Frank.
Simone nodded and then looked at her watch.
"Ohh dear, we're going to be late, uhh I'm sorry, I love you and I want to kiss you all over, but I have to go, really," said Simone as she picked up Kayla and put on her coat. Mrs. Way put Micheal's coat on him and then they were out the door.
"My girlfriend wants to kiss me all over? What do you supose that means?" asked Frank to Gerard and Mikey.
"She wants you? I mean after all you two did have twins," teased Gerard.
"Maybe you should propose," suggested Mikey.
Frank sighed and said, "Yea, but I don't know when the right time will be, ya know? Will you guys help me?"
Gerard and Mikey nodded.
"Let's go to Tiffany's and pick out an engagement ring. Then tomorrow night, take her out to dinner and pop the question. If I know Simone, she'll say yes. I mean the kid's crazy about you," said Gerard.
"Yea, you're right. Let's delay rehearsal an hour and go get the ring," exclaimed Frank.
"Screw rehearsal, you've got a ring to get! And it's got to be a good ring, none of this junky shit. My sister deserves the best," said Mikey.
The three then left the house and headed towards the 'Tiffany & Co.' store to pick-out the perfect ring for Simone. Once they found the ring, paid, and left the store, they were off to make dinner reservations for tomorrow night.
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