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The Scavenger Hunt

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My version of the movie 'Sleepover'. Cara laughed, which Tasha, Carla and the other two friends, Janet and Nicole, followed. "Ok, let's have a scavenger hunt. Tonight, log on to your mail and we wi...

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Heys everyone! I really wanted to do this story and I have already finished writing all the chapters, so I had to put the first one up! But this is to see if you like it!


Atlanta, Theresa, Cassie and Nicky were eating lunch together talking about the big school dance that night. None of them had dates and they didn't want to be the only girls there with no dates.

"Odie didn't ask you?" Theresa asked Cassie. The brown haired girl shook her head. Theresa had no idea why her friend Odie wouldn't ask Cassie out. I mean, they like the same things. She then looked at their other friend Nicky who was admiring herself in a mirror. Theresa rolled her eyes. The blonde girl and Neil had so much in common, yet Nicky had a major crush on Herry.

Then Nicky's twin sister, Sam, came. "Did he ask you?" Atlanta asked. Sam also shook her head. "It is a mission to even get to speak to him! Most of the girl student population of this school were waiting for him by his locker. Terri and Lannie, can't I come home with you two so I can talk to him?"

Atlanta rolled her eyes and looked at Theresa. She nodded. She knew how much Sam wanted to be Neil's date. "Yeah, whatever." Atlanta said and her eyes wondered the cafeteria until she spotted the boys sharing a table on the other side. She couldn't help but stare at the one boy who she really wanted to ask her to the dance, but apparently he wasn't going. The purple haired boy then turned, meeting Atlanta's gaze. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Theresa, seeing where her best friend's attention had shifted to, also looked in that direction and spotted her crush. She sighed. She wished he would ask her to the dance that night, but his mind was mostly on another planet, Cronusville is what Theresa called it.

Both girls were snapped back into reality when Cara and her friends showed up. "I hear none of you have dates. Too bad. So, what are you losers doing?" she asked. Her best friends, Tasha and Carla, started to make fun of everyone who passed by. "We are having a sleepover, at mine and Atlanta's place." Theresa said.

Cara laughed, which Tasha, Carla and the other two friends, Janet and Nicole, followed. "Ok, let's have a scavenger hunt. Tonight, log on to your mail and we will send you a list. At about, 8. Bye." Cara said and walked off. Atlanta banged her fist against the table. "Man, I hate those girls. So, are we going to do the hunt?"

The girls looked at each other and nodded. Atlanta smiled. This sleepover is going to be a blast.


"You are not my mother or father!" Theresa screamed and ran up the stairs and to Atlanta's room. She slammed the door scaring the girl who was going through a pile of Theresa's clothes. "I can't believe he said that!" Theresa said and sat on Atlanta's bed.

Atlanta put down the clothes in her hand and sat down next to her friend. "Normally, I'm the one who says that to Jay. But he is just being a jerk saying we can't have a sleepover. He is so stupid."

Theresa was about to say something back at Atlanta, when Jay entered the room. "Ever heard of knocking?" she said. Atlanta then got up and left the room. Jay stood at the door. "I'm sorry about what happened. You can have a sleepover." The boy said.

Theresa laughed. "You know I was going to have one, with or without your permission. But, thanks anyway." Theresa said and went to go hug him. She then went to her own room.

Meanwhile, Atlanta was in Archie's room. She was lying on his bed while he was sitting at his desk doing something. "So, are you going to the dance tonight?" she asked him. Archie looked at her. "Yeah, maybe. Are you?" Atlanta shook her head.

"We are having a 'Girl's Night' kind of thing. But who knows, I might be there." She said. Then Odie burst through the door. "Archie, I need to show you something!" the boy said, looking excited. Archie frowned and left the room. Atlanta then got up and went back to her room.

She picked up a pair of jeans that belonged to her and a red halter neck top that was Theresa's. She looked at them. 'I could live with that. I should ask Theresa if I can have this top.' Then her door burst open and in came Neil with Sam and Nicky behind him. "These two lovely girls were looking for you." Neil said and gave the two girls a dazzling smile. Atlanta and Nicky rolled their eyes while Sam giggled. He then left and in came Theresa.

"Cara and them are outside. Cassie is also there" Theresa said and the girls followed her down the stairs. They passed the boys who were now watching TV while Odie was explaining something to all of them. None of them were listening to him though.

When they were outside they saw the group of girls standing by Cara's car. "My internet is down, but that won't be a problem. Here is the list. Ours is different, but they are similar. Every time you complete a task, take a picture of it with a digital camera. At 11 o'clock, we meet at the dance and the first one there wins. You all ok with that?" Cara asked. They all nodded and read the list.

"Theresa and Atlanta- Steal a pair of Jay's and/or Archie's boxers, Cassie- Ask a guy to buy you a drink, Nicky- Dress a manikin in a shop with your clothes, Sam- Steal a hair off of Neil's head!" Theresa said. She was about to protest when Cara and Tasha drove off.


Hehe. Those are what the girls in the movie had to do, just that there were 4 girls and not 5 so that's why Theresa and Atlanta share the same thing. Rate and review!
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