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Mission1: Theresa and Cassie

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Atlanta pulled the piece of paper out of Theresa's hands. "We have to do what?!" she screamed. She was NOT stealing Archie's boxers. Theresa was thinking the same thing. No way was she going to ste...

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Just a quick note to tell you guys. If you've seen the movie, don't think that the story is going to be excatly like it, I've changed a few things. Like which car they take for their ride to town!


Atlanta pulled the piece of paper out of Theresa's hands. "We have to do what?!" she screamed. She was NOT stealing Archie's boxers. Theresa was thinking the same thing. No way was she going to steal Jay's boxers!

"I agree with Atlanta, this hunt is bogus. Let's just have a sleepover." Sam said. She did NOT want to get a strand of hair from Neil; she knew how much he loved his hair. Cassie and Nicky rolled their eyes. At least the things they had to do weren't embarrassing. "Let's go." Nicky said and they all ran to the back.

"Wait, we should do Theresa's and Atlanta's one first. I mean, both boys live here." Cassie said. The two girls looked at each other. Theresa spoke for them. "Ok."

Atlanta opened her mouth to complain when Theresa grabbed her arm and they ran inside. Atlanta went to Archie's room and Theresa to Jay's.

Theresa was the lucky one, Jay wasn't in his room so she quickly went to his draw and pulled out a pair of boxers and rushed back outside. Atlanta, however, ran into Archie's room in which all five guys were 'hanging' in.

"Uh, Hi!" Atlanta said. All eyes turned to her. She scanned the room for any way she could get them out, but found none. "Hey Lannie, aren't you supposed to be with the other girls?" Archie asked, wondering why she just barged in.

"Yeah! Sorry for bothering you!" She said and ran downstairs. "Sorry guys, but the boys were in Archie's room. Let's move on to something else." Just then, Cassie's cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi Cassie, Cara. You have to go to that new club in town. There is a guy there who is waiting for you. He is wearing a red tie and you must wear a red scarf. Ciao!"

Cassie told them what Cara told her. "Well, let's go." Theresa said, handing Cassie Jay's camera that she swiped. They went to the garage where they were faced with a problem. "How are we supposed to fit into your car?" Nicky asked.

Just then, Herry came out with his car keys. Theresa turned to Nicky. "You have to get those keys form Herry, other wise we lose."

Nicky rolled her eyes. "What are we going to lose?" she asked. Theresa frowned. Sam, who had the piece of paper, read a bit that they missed out. "If you win, we shall be your servants for a day and will not pick on you for a week, you lose you shall forever be our servants."

"Well, hurry up already!" Atlanta said and pushed the blond towards Herry. She flicked her hair behind her and walked up to him. "Hey Herry. I was wondering, can we borrow your truck? We all want to go out and there isn't enough space in Theresa's car." She said and gave him the puppy dog face. The older boy couldn't resist, because he secretly had a crush on her, but he didn't trust anyone to hurt his truck. "I'll drive you."

Nicky thought about this and went back to tell the others. Theresa sighed. "Fine, tell him about everything." And then they all rushed to his truck. "So, where to?" he asked when everyone was seated.

Cassie, who was fiddling with the scarf around her neck, said, "That new club in town."

Herry looked at the girls sitting in the back using his rear-view mirror. Nicky was sitting in the front with him. "Are you girls going to a party or something?" The girls at the back looked at each other. "Uh, no. Just meeting someone there and then we have to go to the shops. Then we can back to the Brownstone." Theresa said. Herry nodded and pulled into the parking lot. The five girls jumped out and rushed to the club.

All of them managed to get in and they walked over to the bar, looking for Cassie's mystery date. Nicky then spotted a guy standing at the other side of the room, wearing a red tie. He turned and Nicky gasped. "It's Odie!" she said.

The five girls ran over to him. "Hey Odie!" Cassie said. The boy turned and his eyes went wide when he realised who his date was. "How did Cara get you here?" Theresa asked. Odie looked confused, but then he blushed. "You were on a dating chat room or whatever online, right?" Atlanta asked. He nodded.

Cassie just smiled. "Well, you have to buy me a drink and we have to take a picture." Cassie said and pulled Odie to the bar. He got them both a Coke. Theresa then took a picture. "Ok, let's go!" Atlanta said, running out. Cassie stayed behind for awhile. "I'll see you at the dance?" she asked. Odie smiled. "Sure."


Yeah, I know in the movie they take a car that can only fit 2 people in and they were 4 and Theresa's car can fit 4, but I wanted to add Herry in it other wise there would be no mention of him, unless Nicky was talking about him. Rate and review!
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