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Mission2: Nicky and Atlanta

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"Yeah, if Atlanta is going. Any way, I gotta get changed." Archie said. She felt Jay get off the bed. She let out a little sigh when she realised what Archie just said! She froze. 'Theresa, please ...

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Next chppie is up. Now the things that happen in this chapter start to follow the movie abit more, kinda. If you haven't seen this movie at all, GO SEE IT! It's the best movie ever!


The five girls got into the car as fast as they could. "Herry, can you take us to the mall?" Nicky asked. Herry nodded and soon they were on the road again when Sam's cell phone went off. "Yello?"

"Hi Sam. Just to tell you, we have done two and are on our third. How about you guys?"

Sam mouthed 'Cara' to Atlanta and Theresa. "We are also going to on to number three."

"Good. See you at the school." And then she hung up. Herry parked his truck and the girls ran out into the mall. Only one shop was open, and luckily it was a clothing shop and it only had one manikin. Nicky and Sam rushed in with the bag of clothes and got them on it. As they finished putting the top on, the manager came and saw this.

"Hey! What are you doing!" she shouted and the two sisters ran out, laughing to their friends. They told them what happened and they started laughing. They then rushed back to the truck. "You can take us home now." Theresa said.

Herry nodded and they were back at the Brownstone in no time. The girls ran up to Theresa's room. "Ok, show me the picture. Atlanta, quickly go and get Archie's boxers and Sam, find Neil." Theresa said. The two girls nodded and ran out the room. Sam went to Neil's room while Atlanta went back to Archie's.

Atlanta opened the door and saw that no one was there. She snuck to Archie's draw and got a pair of boxers. She was about to leave when she heard some one turn the door knob. Atlanta panicked and hid under the bed. She heard Archie's voice. He was speaking to Jay.

"What is up with the girls tonight?" Archie said. Atlanta heard someone sit on the chair and then the other one sat on the bed. It sagged and she had a spring digging into her back.

"I have no idea. Are you going to the dance? I might. Terri said that the girls might be going later." Jay said. Atlanta looked out from under the bed and saw Archie's brace and Jay's shoes.

"Yeah, if Atlanta is going. Any way, I gotta get changed." Archie said. She felt Jay get off the bed. She let out a little sigh when she realised what Archie just said! She froze. 'Theresa, please have a vision and come save me!' she thought.

Theresa and the other girls were standing outside the door, listening in on the conversation. "Atlanta is still in there!" Cassie whispered. Theresa thought fast. "Nicky, go down stairs and scream. Run outside to the back and stay there until we come fetch you. Everyone else, back to my room!" Theresa whispered.

They all nodded and went their separate ways. Nicky was in the kitchen and let out the scream. Theresa had the door opened and heard Jay and Archie's voice. Theresa then ran out the room. "What happened? Who screamed?" Jay asked.

"I don't know. But it might be Cronus!" Theresa said. Both boys ran down the stairs. Theresa then snuck into Archie's room and pulled Atlanta out from under the bed.

"Thanks. Is Sam back yet?" Atlanta asked. Just then their friend walked past. "Sam!" Theresa said. The girl turned. "Where were you guys? I went to your room and no one was there! Plus, I heard someone scream."

"No time to explain. Did you get his hair?" Atlanta asked. Sam nodded. They went down stairs where they found Cassie and Nicky. "Let's go to the dance!" Theresa said. They ran outside again to where Archie and Jay were with Herry. "We need to use your truck again; we are going to the dance!" Nicky said. Herry looked at them. "You don't look like you are ready for a dance."

The girls looked at themselves. It was true, Theresa was wearing jeans and her red top, Atlanta was wearing her normal clothes, Sam, Nicky and Cassie were all wearing shorts with normal tops. "We have to go change!" Cassie said and all 5 of them ran up to Theresa's room. Atlanta put the jeans and red halter neck top on, Theresa put on a white frilly miniskirt with a pink halter neck top, Nicky put on jeans with a baby blue tank top, Cassie also wore jeans and a tank top which was white and Sam got all dressed up, a denim mini skirt with a frilly tank top on. The girls also put makeup on, even Atlanta.

They all then rushed outside to find Herry waiting outside for them. He also had gotten changed, baggy jeans with a Billabong top on. Nicky thought he looked really cute. All the girls noticed that the other boys were no where to be seen. "Where did the others go?" Atlanta asked. "They left already." Was Herry's answer. The girls got into the truck and within a few minutes they were parked in the parking lot just as the others arrive.

"We've done all the ones we were supposed to do. And we managed to arrive here on time, so this calls for a back up plan." she said. They all nodded. "Good, then they next challenge is that one of you must be crowned 'Queen' to win. If one of my friends, or me, gets crowned then we win." Cara said.

"But what if none of us get crowned?" Cassie asked. Cara rolled her eyes. "Then we come up with another plan. But it is so obvious that it's going to be me. Come girls, let's go." Cara said and she, followed by her friends, went inside the school. Theresa turned to them. "The crowning is only later. Do you want to go in and have fun?" They all nodded.

They all stood in a line and joined there arms to make a chain. Sam was on the side and next to her were Cassie and then Theresa, Atlanta and Nicky. They stopped outside the doors to the gym. "This is it, our big appearance. Three, two one." Theresa said and they entered the brightly lit gymnasium.


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