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The Dance Competition

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'We Belong Together' by Mariah Carey started playing. Atlanta put her arms around Archie's neck and he had his hands around her waist. They started swaying to the beat of the music, looking into ea...

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This chapter is short, I know. We have now reached the stage in the movie when the popular girl is having that dance competition with her ex-boyfriend with that skateboarding dude. But, this being my story, all of them are dancing with a partner.


When the girls entered the gym, they heard the music blaring a cool dance song while some of their other friends danced to the music. Cassie, Nicky and Sam looked around the gym for the boys while Theresa and Atlanta tired to lead them to the other side of the room.

"Hey! I want to dance with Herry." Nicky said. Theresa shook her head. "Don't lose focus! We can dance with the boys after they have crowned the king or queen." Theresa said. Then 'Beautiful Soul' by Jesse McCartney started playing. "I love this song! Come on; let's just dance as a group!" Nicky said pulling Atlanta and Theresa on to the dance floor with Sam and Cassie following.

The boys were standing on the other side of the gym when they saw Nicky pulling the girls onto the dance floor. All 5 of them watched the girl that they had a crush on. Well, Neil was when he wasn't admiring himself. Jay looked at the boy and saw that he was smiling about something every time he looked at Sam.

"Neil do you like Sam?" he asked the boy. Neil nodded. "Yeah, but let's just say that we had a misunderstanding earlier." He said and went back to looking at himself. Jay just nodded and watched Theresa dancing with her friends. She was smiling and laughing, having the time of her life with her friends. Secretly, Jay wished he could be there dancing with her.

Archie watched Atlanta, not believing what she was wearing. He knew that it was Theresa's top but he knew that the jeans she was wearing her own jeans. He too wished he could go and dance with her. 'What's stopping you?' he thought. But he decided against it. Herry and Odie were trying to hide the fact that they couldn't take their eyes off the other two girls.

Soon the song was over and Hera (because she is the principal) came on stage. "Ok, can we have your attention? We are going to have a dance competition shortly. So, find yourselves a partner!" she said. The girls looked at each other. "Are we going to take part?" Atlanta asked them.

Everyone nodded. Theresa grabbed Nicky's and Atlanta's arms, pulling them towards the boys. Atlanta then grabbed Cassie and Nicky grabbed Sam. "Hey Jay. Do you want to be my partner?" Theresa asked. Jay nodded and the two walked off. Neil put his mirror away and took Sam's hand, leading her to the dance floor. Cassie giggled and took Odie's hand while Nicky dragged Herry onto the floor. That left Atlanta and Archie.

"You wanna be my partner?" she asked. Archie nodded and they took to the dance floor. Hera then came back. "All have a partner? Yes, good. One dance, one winner. This is only for fun and afterwards we will be announcing the king and queen!" Hera said. 'We Belong Together' by Mariah Carey started playing. Atlanta put her arms around Archie's neck and he had his hands around her waist. They started swaying to the beat of the music, looking into each other's eyes.

Theresa and Jay were in the same position but Theresa had her head rested on Jay's shoulder. Hera was back at the microphone. "Now, we shall be changing the songs!" Everyone looked at her confused until the song changed to 'Pon de Replay' by Rihanna. Everyone let go of their partners and started dancing. The song then changed to 'Promiscuous' by Nelly Furtado with Timbaland. Everyone carried on dancing, Atlanta catching Theresa's eye. 'We are so going to bet you.' Atlanta mouthed to her friend. Theresa smiled. 'Think again' Theresa mouthed back. The song was then over and Hera was back on stage, a trophy in her hands. "And the winner is...... Theresa and Jay!" she said and the two went to go collect the trophy and joined their friends again. Theresa then spotted Cara and her friends standing in the wings of the stage. "Let's go." Theresa said, grabbing someone's hand, being Nicky's. The rest followed the two and they were all now in the wings of the stage.

"What are you all doing here?" Cara said, glaring at all of them. Theresa smiled at them. "Waiting to hear who is going to be crowned. But if none of us are crowned, then you have to get the crown from the king or queen." Theresa said. Then Hera went back on stage.

"Now, time for the king and queen! Our king is......."


Who's going to be the king and queen? The next chapter is going to follow the movie with the crowning, so the question is who is the king? Once you know who the king is, then you can probably figure out which character was which from the movie. Plus, that part with the sound dude requesting that song for their friend? Yep, that's coming as well, just you have to guess who the lucky couple are! If anyone guesses it right, I'll put the next chapter up right away. And do you want to know how Sam got a strand of Neil's hair? That's going to be a bonus chapter. Rate and review!
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