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The King and Queen

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Theresa kept her fingers crossed, hoping that the king would be one of the guys or that the queen was going to her or one of her friends. Theresa closed her eyes. They all heard Hera opening the en...

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Hey guys, sorry about the chapter before this one, I kinda left you hanging. See the thing was, I couldn't decide which one was goign to be the king and if one of the girls were going to be a queen. But in the end, I stuck to my original idea. So a big sorry to twiinklestar, 'casue she hates me for doing that!


Theresa kept her fingers crossed, hoping that the king would be one of the guys or that the queen was going to her or one of her friends. Theresa closed her eyes. They all heard Hera opening the envelope that had the winners name inside.

"And our new king is...... Jay Negeuis!" Hera said. Theresa opened her eyes and watched Jay come on stage to be crowned. 'Ok, good. I can get the crown from Jay!' Theresa thought, but there was still the queen to be crowned. "Get ready to see me dancing with your boyfriend." Cara said. Then Theresa remembered that the king and queen dance together! 'Please let it be me or one of my friends.' Theresa thought.

"And his queen is..... Theresa Bolton!" Hera said and everyone clapped. Theresa stood there, stunned. "M-m-me?" she stuttered. Atlanta pushed her on stage. "Yes you." She said.

Theresa walked towards Hera and she put the crown on her head. She then went to go stand next to Jay. "Our king and queen shall now have a dance!" she said and left. Jay bowed to Theresa. "May I have this dance." He asked. Theresa giggled. "You may." She said and he took her hand, leading her to the dance floor.

Then the DJ spoke into the mic he had. "Before we do the king and queen dance, we have a request for Cassie Casablanca from your mystery date." He said and started playing a slow song. Theresa wtched Cassie come out from the wings and find Odie waiting for her. Theresa smiled and soon, she and Jay were dancing again.

Atlanta, Nicky and Sam were watching all of this from the wings of the stage. "Guess we won Cara." Nicky said. Cara just rolled her eyes. "Let's just go and have fun with what's left of tonight." She said. Sam and Nicky went to join Herry and Neil, while Atlanta stayed in the wings, watching everybody. She then spotted Archie, standing at the back by himself.

She left the wings to go speak to him. "Hey Archie! You having fun?" she asked. Archie smiled at her. "I don't know. I don't have any one to dance with now. Odie has Cassie, Jay and Theresa are doing their king and queen dance, Neil and Sam are now where to be seen and Nicky is over there trying to get Herry to dance." He said and pointed behind her. Atlanta turned around and saw Nicky trying to pull the stronger boy onto the dance floor.

"She shouldn't use force. Come on Arch, you can dance with me again." She said and pulled him onto the dance floor. He let her lead him to a spot next to the other two couples. Atlanta put her arms around Archie's neck again while he had his hands on her waist. Their eyes were focused on each other. Atlanta smiled up at Archie and rested her head on his shoulder. Archie lightly kissed the top of her head, but Atlanta knew he had kissed her.

"So, how does it feel to be my queen?" Jay asked Theresa. She smiled. "Uh, I don't know. It feels great?" she said. Jay smiled. He stared into Theresa's eyes. He leaned forward to kiss her. She moved towards him and soon their lips met.

Cassie and Odie had disappeared from the dance floor and were going outside to have a walk around the park when they saw Sam come storming in. "But it's true! I am the handsomest guy on this planet!" Neil said and followed his dream girl. Cassie just shook her head and followed Odie out of the school. Nicky had given up on Herry and was now feeding him food.

"Ok, now this is getting boring. Let's go outside." Atlanta said. Archie nodded and they both went out the back doors. Soon they were standing on the benches on the sports field. "Arch, there is something I want to tell you." Atlanta said.

Archie nodded. Atlanta looked into his eyes, his beautiful grey eyes. "I like you. Like, uh, you know. As in more than a friend." Atlanta said, stammering a bit. Archie smiled at her and pulled her closer to him. "I love you too." He said. She smiled up at him. They were about to kiss when Theresa found them. "Atlanta! Come on, we have to go! We still have a sleepover!" she said, coming up to them.

"I'll go home with Arch. You guys go and have fun without me until I get back." She said. Theresa nodded and left. Archie let go of Atlanta and started walking to the other side of the field. "Hey Arch! Where are you going?" she called out and followed the boy. She caught up to him and stood in front of him, blocking him from going where ever he was going.

"You should go back to the sleepover." He said. Atlanta rolled her eyes and kissed him on the cheek. He then pulled her in for a passionate kiss on the lips. When they broke apart, they started walking back to the brownstone holding hands.

"That dance was the best, because I got to spend it with you." Atlanta said. Archie just nodded, he was off in lala land, because he had finally told Atlanta his feelings and they had kissed. She kissed him on the cheek and ran up the stairs to join the other girls. Archie joined the other boys who were watching TV.

"You finally admitted your feelings to Atlanta?" Neil asked him. Arch just nodded and sat down. He was still thinking about Atlanta. Everyone then looked at Jay. "And don't deny that you like Theresa anymore, we saw you two kissing on the dance floor!" Odie said. Jay also nodded, he too was thinking about the kiss he and Theresa shared. But they had no idea what the girl's next fun event for this sleepover was going to be. Or that it was going to involve them.


2 chapters left of this story. Ok, the movie part is over and the next chapter will be based on a sleepover I had with my friends. It's waht we did after we watched the movie 'Sleepover'. And the last chapter is a bonus one! Teehee! Rate and review!
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