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The voice

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Theresa and Atlanta keep there lips sealed till the day they premiere the toronto audition for Canadian Idol, everyone is extatic and they're all going to the apital! But when Theresa over hears th...

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(3rd persones Point of view, as in no on is really telling it, i am! MOUHAHAHA!)

"IT'S COMING ON!" Screamed an over excited Atlanta, "since when do you get so excited for Canadian idol?" asked Archie, he walked in with Jay, Jay was almost asleep as he slumped into the chair, he had bags under his eyes and he looked like someone had just died :dude! you don't look so good! not that you normally do or anything" Neil said walking in the room, Neil had always been a little jealous of Jay, Jay just seemed to always have the prettiest girl wanting him. And Neil DID NOT like that.

Jay grunted at Neil's comment "what bit your butt?" Theresa asked walking in the room, she looked VERY happy, she had the golden slip in her pocket and the box stuffed in the pillow she carried under her arm, Jay sighed "Heph" he told her, she giggled "what'd he do this time?" Theresa asked sitting beside him, making sure to know, not sit so close that their hips touched. She had to keep her distance or she thought he'd guess she liked him "ugh, he got me to swim around with his new 'heph-a-ma-gadget' it didn't work" Jay said whincing as he turned his side slightly "it slammed me into the side of the pool...multiple times" he added as he whinced "do you want some ice!?" Theresa asked worried "yeah, if i wanted to freeze" he said, Jay wasn't the northern type guy, he liked the warmth...he did not like ice, or cold. Theresa settled down again, though she couldn't help notice the look of discomfort on Jay's face.

"It's coming on! You guys watched the other try-outs right?" Atlanta asked everyone. Theresa remembered the past few weeks, every tuesday everyone would watch the try outs for each province. Everyone nodded "this is the last try out! the last ticket is being given!" Neil said, he was a crazy canadian idol fan, he knew everything about the thing!

"look! it's coming on!" Neil squeeled, everyone shushed up, after 3/4 of the time had gone by, there was only 2 tickets left "that guy deserved it! he rocks!" Odie was saying "hey, look at that girl...she looks-" Archie started but gapped as he figuered out who it was, They stared at the interview Theresa and the host had, then watched her sing. Odie let out a yell as the gold tickert was given to Theresa by Zack! They were hypercentelating as the host was hugging and jumping up and down with Theresa and Atlanta "why didn't you tell us!?" Archie, Herry, Neil and Odie said, Jay just stared at Theresa "i wanted to suprise you" she said removing the golden ticket and showing them.

"OH MY HEAVANLY FATHER!" Neil shreiked as he looked at the ticket. They asked her dozens of questions till they were satisfied. Now they turned to Jay, who hadn't said a word, they looke at him as if asking permission, Jay sighed, then smile broadly "how many people can come?" he asked "i have 3 tickets for the flight, and i have 2 rooms inthe hotel, but once i'm out they pay for me and the 2 others to go home. It's free, other then food. But i can only pay for the 2 rooms and 2 other people" Theresa explained, everyone turned to Neil, Neil smiled happily "normally i would say no, but seeing as i do have the most money a lot, i guess i can pay" he said, Neil was like a million air actually. He could afford anything! Everyone cheered and screamed for a bit till they all settled down. "best tell Hera" Jay said taking out his PMR.

(Later that night!!!)

"Bed time kiddos, got yourselves a 3 hour flight to the capital of Canada tomorrow" Athen a reminded us, Hera had contacted the school saying that they were away to 'important busness' and wouldn't be in school for a while. She also managed to convince the teacher to send the work to her and she'd get it to them (cause they don't know how long Theresa will be in this thing).

"night Athena" Theresa said, Athena nodded and went to her room. Theresa waited till she couldn't hear Athena's light footsteps, then she headed for the roof. She got to the roof to hear a soft voice wandering down the staires to her ears, Theresa felt her heart beet slow a bit and she hummed the familiar tune. She stood still, savoring the soft, unknown voice. It was defenatly male, but to whom it belonged too, Theresa didn't know.

She slowly started to climb the staires again, she inched the door to the side to see who it was, the voice stopped, Theresa gulped and opened the door the whole way, "ah!" she yelped as she stood face-to-face with Jay "shhhh, people are sleeping" he said trying to get by her "who was that?" she asked meaning the voice from before, Jay said nothing and walked passed her. Theresa looked around the roof "empty" she said, she turned back to Jay who was now passing down the corridor "Jay!" she called out, he turned to look at her "was that you?" Theresa asked him, Jay's expression changed to a tad bit of sadness "not anymore" he said and kept walking.

Theresa knew very well that the voice she had heard was better then her's, it was amazing, Theresa had never heard something like it! perfect pitch and emotion to it...just like the voice she loved so much...could the voice have been Jay's? And if so, why wasn't he telling her?
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