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Life's excuses

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Theresa dicides to sing the song she heard Jay singing on the roof! Jay doesn't know what to think when it get's Theresa to the top 50 and the next round! Read and review!

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"IT's THE REAL THING! I'M HERE! IN PERSON! EEEEEEEEEEK!" that would be Neil if you are asking yourself. "shut up Neil" and that would be Archie, they are the ever squeeking and 'shut up' people, if that makes it doesn't. "Come on, they said that when we land, we have to go to the meeting room right away" Theresa said, she was pale, but still seemed stocked, though, she is pale, very very pale. Jay had noticed that "y'okay?" he asked her as they walked threw the doors "f-fine" she stuttered, he had laughed at her "why are you laug-laughing?" she had asked "cause, your lying" he had said "am n-not!" she had protested, he raised an eyebrow "your shirts inside-out" he had told her, she turned beet red "that is a mistake anyone could make!" she had said, looking around wildly for a bathroom "do you see me with my shirt on inside out?" he asked her, she frowned and spotted a bathroom "ha! success!" Theresa said, running into the vacant bathroom. the group waited where they were till she returned, her one strap green top was the right way. Yes, she had changed into different clothes: she was in the emeralde green one sleeved tank-top, and she had an off white coloured capri's. The shirt went excilent with her eyes, and made the brilliant emeralde green iris' stand out.

"2nd door on your right" said the desk lady after they had asked which way to go. The seven teens walked quickly down the hall, "only the singer may go in, may i see your golden pass?" the man at the door said, Theresa showed the ticket "the rest of you may go into the audience, it's that door over there" the man said "good luck Terry!" the group called, Jay waited a bit "calm down, imagine each of the members of the audiance are fruits, but please, don't make me a banana" Jay requested "i was always told to imagie them without their pants on" Theresa said, Jay laughed "you'll be laughing on stage, tested and proven" he said walking away "So can i imagine you as a kiwi?" Theresa asked, Jay looked almost disgusted "no, you either have a sick mind, or you aren' thinking strait" he said (if you don't know what 'kiwi' means, other then a fruit, kiwi's are also, er, a boys private area) Theresa went beet red "thought as much" jay said chuckling. He went threw the door and wandered to where his friends sat, the auditorium was full of people, friends, parent, siblings, all relatives!

"there must be over 300 hundred people here!" Jay said amazed "Well people have families!" Odie said, Neil was still flipping out "oh my god!" was heard repeatedly. This was the time when they would choose the top 50, the other 50 would leave. The announcer guy came out, Jay noticed the camera's placed all over the room. "welcome to the top 50! backstage there are the 100 best singer's in Canada! And the audiance, all of you, are there family and friends! 50 people will be knocked out today, the other 50 will come back to this smaller auditorium tomorow" said Ben (the host, i think that's his name...right?) "Okay, so the first province we'll be doing is BC! the first person to get a gold ticket in this province was Marigold Oshire" Ben said and let the larger girl take the stage "judges" Ben said, coming to stand with Marigold "no" said Zack right away "sorry Mari" said sass "no" came form the other two judges "thank-you Marigold, go sit with your family" Ben said. For an hour (or two, or three, they lost track of time) they watched perosn after person, at the moment they had stopped placing people out or in, they just marked down a score "Theresa is after her" Atlanta said nudging Jay, Jay nodded.

"Next we have Theresa, she is from New-Olympia Ontario and says she will be performing, a song she heard not long ago called 'life's exuses'" Ben said, Jay gasped, how had she known what song he was singing? he had written it himself! This was obserd! But she sang the song perfectly:
"we all lie sometimes
we all turn our backs
to the real world
that lie's outside our door.
we feel
like none of this is real
we just try and try and try
till there's nothing left but hell.

These are life's excuses
we make up lies
till it's time to die
we ignore the truth
and clame it is our youth
we all know better
but these are life's excuses.

we don't mind
a white lie now and then
it don't bug a soul
but we all know that it's cold!
Telling our friends they look good
even if it's a shame
we don't wanna hurt no one
we all wanna be the same!

These are life's excuses
we make up lies
till it's time to die
we ignore the truth
and clame it is our youth
we all know better
but these are life's excuses!

we all know it's wrong!
But life carries on,
we are only human
we're the lying race
this is life
we get by
were all just trying
to fool the world!

these are life's excuses
we make up lies
till it's time to die
we ignore the truth
and clame it is our youth
we all know better
but these are life's excuses." Zack cut her off
"as i said before Theresa, it is unnecissary for you to finish, that was excellent" Yes, dear old Zack, or mister mean, said that! "i agree with the mean guy" said Sass, the others nodded their approval. Ban joined Theresa on stage, as the judges marked down their score for Theresa.
"Okay, that was the last one! Now what do i want you to say?" Ben asked giving the mickrophone to Theresa
"and we'll show you the results, after the break! Your watching Canadian Idol!" Theresa said, and scuttled off stage to join her friends, she plunked herself beside Jay "you were a banana" she told him "not funny" Jay said rasing an eyebrow "exactly!" she said, Jay smiled "I willhave to talk to you about those Moxart ears, we might have to have them fixed" he said "you mean the song right?" she asked, Jay nodded.

"We're back, and the judges are going to read off the yes's and no's. Okay, all of you are going to divide yourselves when your name is called, no's go to the right side of the stage and yes's to the other side. Alright everyone to the middle stage" Ben called, the hundered participents all gathered in the middle of the LARGE stage. The judges gave you a yes or a no, and that wa stheir final answer.

"theresa is next" Atlanta said "we know!" the whole group said, Atlanta smiled "SHHHH" she said "Last we have Theresa, and she is a defenate yes" Sass said. Theresa smiled wildly, the whole group burst into applause, even other people did (that is quite rare) cause Theresa had been so good.

"YES!" Theresa cheered as the gang left the canadian idol building "I did it! I'm in the top 50!" Theresa cheered, she gave Atlanta a hug "Thank you for forcing me to come Lannie!" Theresa was almost giddy, but Jay didn't know what to think. Theresa had heard him, no one was supposed to hear him! Not now, not anymore. He thought it best that maybe Theresa know, maybe....if he had no choice but too tell her the heart breaking truth...
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