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'the talk'

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Theresa and Jay are fed up of watching Archie and Atlanta fight over anything and everything! So they are taking any chance they get to leave the room, even if that means giving Herry and Neil 'the...

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Okay, so the teens had a delema, the two rooms that Theresa had, were the ONLY rooms left! So they had to all fit into the rooms,
"Boys in one rooms, girls in the other" Theresa said simply
"HA! there are only 2 of you! there are 5 of us! and there's a double bed in each room! maybe if we do this by bed and not by room" Archie said, he was miffed that the second room only had 1 double bed, the other had 2.
"okay, Odie and Herry, the girls and me and Archie, but unfortunatly, the first room was gotten espesially for the singer, so we need two people in that room" Jay said, he was JUST brain storming, not concluding!
"EW! Jay! That's gross!" Atlanta said
"I'm just think aloud! Chill out Atlanta" Jay said, Atlanta cooled down just a bit.
"Okay, so we have the extra cot, that's for Neil, in the second room, so we need to divide the rest of us up..."

*****3 HOURS LATER******

"This sucks" Atlanta said again, Theresa tapped her on the backt o console her. Theresa wasn't to thrilled with the idea of sharing a room with two guys either!
"your not the only one disturbed by these arrangments" Archie said, the two began to squabble "GUYS!" Theresa tried, Jay rolled his eyes, gave Archie a quick kick to his hurt ankle, Archie yellped and fell, Atlanta helped him up and soon enough they were apologizing.
"how'd you learn that?" Theresa asked Jay, he went to the boys bed that was on the opposit side of the room,
"Let's just say, i know you all better then you think" he said, grinning, Theresa bit her lip 'he knows!' she thought wildly, "7:30, already!" Atlanta whined, "do all girls whine as much as she does?" Archie asked, Theresa laughed, Jay sighed, Atlanta kicked Archie in his bad ankle, twice as hard as Jay did, he splattered to the floor wimpering.

****back in new olympia, the gods!*****

"this all could proov haserdous" Chiron said, Persephony was laughing as they watched the 4 teens in a crystal ball "what's so funny?" Chiron asked, Persephony snorted "this is gonna be hilarious Chiron! Theresa and Atlanta are going to have so much fun! And so are the boys! I just know it!" Persephony said, putting aside her giggle fits.

"Are you both looking at that crystal ball again!? I told you not to! We should not be spying on them!" Hera said angrily, Persephone fliked her hand and a blanket was over the crystal ball "of course not Hera! why would you think we would disobey you in such a manor?" Persephony said looking innocent "exactly, is it a lack of trust Hera? Or simply wishing for something to do, so you turn to telling us off" Chiron chimed in, Persephony stuffed a giggle, Hera smiled "i am sorry, i have had not much to do latly, perhaps we could go see one of Theresa's performances" she said, leaving the two liars along "that was close" Persephony said pulling the blanket aside "HA! I knew you were watching!" said a friendly voice "ZEUS! Oh no, we weren't we were simpl-" Zeus cut him off "i know what you were doing, now push over i want to watch too" he said excitedly. Persephony loke amazed and Chiron laughed slightly "this was aqward" Chiron said under his breath "Shhhh! Watch!" Persephony silenced him and they turned back to the crystal sphere...

****Neil, Herry and Odie******

"NEIL!!!!!!!!" Odie and Herry screamed "what?" asked the very...erm, odd looking boy "What's with the cucumbers!? You look like Theresa in her face mask!" Odie said "IT IS A FACE MASK DUMMY!" Neil said angrily "well sorry! I think that guy has problems" Odie said dryly, Herry laughed "yeah, he's gay" he said "and what's wrong with being gay?" Odie asked "why do you ask? are you or something?" Herry asked "NO!" Odie said difencively "are you sure???" Herry asked "NO! i mean, yes i am sure, hey wait, ARGUH! Look my dad is Gay! holy gods!" Odie stuttered "what? wait, a guy and a guy cannot make babies" Herry said "DUH! My dad 'came out of the closet' last year" Odie said, Herry sighed "that makes sence, but how do you know to guys can't have a kid?" Herry asked, Odie laughed and rolled his eyes "Why don't you go try with Neil, tell me once you figure out i'm right" Odie said, Herry screamed, no wait that was Neil too "THAT'S GROSS ODIE!!! AND YOU! DON'T COME NEAR ME!!!" Neil screamed. Odie was laughing his head off "you guys are nincompoops!" Odie said laughing "i wonder if you'll still be saying that once Herry's done with you?" Neil said smiling, Odie gilpped "JAY!!!!!"

****Next door, as in the other 4****

"ARCHIE!!!!" Atlanta yelled "What?" he asked "where's my bag?" Atlanta asked "how should i know?" Archie asked "Cause you have a weird idea of what's funny and whats not!" Atlanta said "Popcorn?" Jay asked, Jay and Theresa sat on the bed watching there friends fight, they had given up trying to calm them down, so they sat and watched, eating popcorn "sure" Theresa said taking a handfull.

"JAY!!!!!!!" came Odie's voice "finally, something to do" Jay said walking out the door "right behind you" Theresa said leaving the two teens to fight without an audience,
"What's wrong?" Jay asked as he bulted into the other room "these gay guys are trying to rape me!" Odie said, Odie was hanging from a bed post in a major wedgy, Theresa burst out laughing, Jay turned to Herry and Neil "he said we were gay, and said we were dumb cause he thought we had't gotten 'the talk'" Herry said difensivly "DID NOT!" Odie said "you want another wedgy?" Herry asked, Odie grimaced "not to keen, no" Odie said. "so have you gotten 'the talk' or can i go back to the room?" Jay asked, Theresa felt uncomfortable, so did Jay but this had to be done, Herry blushed "no" he said, Neil nodded his head in a agreement "Well i ain't given it!" Jay said walking out of the room, Theresa was still feeling uncomfortable, she went and helped Odie down "come on now Herry, i thought you could find soewhere better to hang him" Theresa said in a i-am-very-disappointed-in-you voice. She then ran form the room.

"That was the most aquward moment of my life" she said once she was sitting on the bed again "agreed, popcorn?" Jay asked, "sure" she said and took a handful. So they went back to watching Archie and Atlanta fight, this was gonna get rather old after 2 nights of this...


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