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mom's lulaby

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Theresa makes it to the top 20 with the soing her mother wrote, her father hates her for it, Theresa now has to either drop out

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"you ready?" Jay asked Theresa, she nodded, it was the last time they would be on the smaller stage teh capital, soon it was time for a real live audience in the real stage! If Theresa made it that is. They were giving a final song, the judges mark and in the end they say whomade it or not. This is also called the top 20. Theresa was biting her lip and looking extremely nervous, Jay was about to leave when she took his hand "Please stay, i think i'll shiver out of existance other wise" she said, Jay smiled kindly "sure" he said, she squeezedhis hand slightly "Thank-you" she said, Jay held Theresa's hand till her name was called "i don't know, what if i mess up" she said quickly "sing with your heart" he said, she smiled "you'll be a mango for that cornyness" she said (remember, she turns the audiance into fruits) Jay smiled "better then a banana" he said and went to sit with the gang "come on Theresa, sing with your heart" she whispered as she walked on stage with her mick inhand.
"This is a song, that my mother sang to me:
bienvenue a mon coeur
le chancon de ma vie
le seul bas qui passe
est le bas de mon avis
oh, je reste comme sa
tu restera la
jusqu'a je te dis commen je sens
tu me fais
penser comme un princess
j'ai t'as petite fille
la chancons de ta vie
t'es mon gars
le monde a moi
et s'eat le temp
de dire commen on sens
car t'es la chancon de ma vie (please do not copy this song, my mother sang it to me, and if you read the story 'mama, you shall not be forgotten' you know very well how important she and her memories are to me, this song is all i truly have left of her spirit)" Theresa finished the slow mezmerizing song.

"The judges will have a few minutes to tally up, and we'll be back after thebreak" said the host as Theresa left the stage and ran to her friends "That was awsome!" Atlanta said, everyone congratulated her "so my advice did come in handy" Jay said as Theresa slipped in the seat beside his "yes, and you were a mango" Theresa told him, he smiled "soon you wont have to turn the audiance into fruits" he said smiling "that was amazing" he said in the end "thanks" Theresa said.

"it has been a bit of a wait now, but we have the results, 30 people will be going home today, the people i call will be the wones staying, i will call them in the order of which they preformed." Ben said, he reda the list "and finally, Theresa" he said, not bothering to say Thesa\s last name. Theresa got up smiling and ran to the stage. "Good luck to all of you! You have made to the real stage, you will preform there live during the next few months, we wish them all best wishes, and you can join them on the big stage next tuesday at 9:00 Pm, good night Canada" Ben said. "Kay guys, go home get some rest, we want you at the backstage of the big stage on saturday" Ben said as the room cleared.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~AT THE HOTEL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THeresa was extatic! She had made it tothe big stage! this is where Canada starts to vote, "i think i need, a nap" Theresa saidas she plunked onto the bed "that might be good idea, mis Canadian idol" Atlanta said, Theresa smiled "i hope so" she said as a ring came "hey,i know thatring, no, it can't be!" Theresa picked up her phone
"Dad?" she said
"Theresa, i have to speak withyou" he said
"Talk, i'm all ears" Theresa said
"i want youto drop out" her father said simply
"why?" Theresa managed to ask
"It's bad publicity, a business man like me, and his teenage beautiful daughter, on canadian idol! Do you know how bad this is? if people foundout they'd think i didn't care if my daughter went on TV and make a fool of hrself!" Theresa's father ranted, Atlanta looked worried and Jay looked...blank.
"how do you know i'll make a fool of myself?" Theresa asked
"You might sing the song your mother made or something! If it gets out that i have no wife, people will turn! Pity does not sell!" her father went on
"you know what dad. I already have sung Mom's song, and i don't carewhat you think! It got me to the top 20! Now call again if you want to congratulate me or apologize" Theresa said angrily and hung up
"y-okay?" Atlanta asked
"I'm fine" Theresa said "i'm gonna win....i have to win"
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