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awake in a dream

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Jay gives Theresa a secrete lkesson and Jay gets pictues of Atlanta and Archie maing out! Wat next?

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"Great, now my dad hates me, i have absolutly NO help in the singing thing, i have never taken a class before and my instics are telling me that i wont make it much farther without a class" Theresa ranted to Atlanta, Archie and Jay. Atlanta sat beside her on the girls bed, Archie sat on the bed facing them, looking at them both, while Jay was leaning against the wall, looking totally out of it.
"Maybe there's a teacher" Atlanta suggested
"Not aloud a perfesional teacher while in Canadian idol, it's the rules, most people sing cause they have taken classes" Theresa explained
"Maybe there's someone willing to give a class to you?" Archie suggested, Theresa's eyes flicked to Jay, he didn't look at her, but looked the other way.
"Here? Probably not" Atlanta said, Theresa agreed.
"We have hit a delema, i go on the live stage as the top 20 next week! And i need a song chosen by sunday afternoon, On sunday i go to the stage and there gonna have rehersal! What do i do? I'm gonna embarrise myself out of house and home!" Theresa said
"My dad was right, i'm gonna fail, make him look bad and make myself look like a fool" Theresa said sighing.
"You aren't thinking of quiting??? Are you?" Archie asked, he had been enjoying the capital, he wanted to stick around.
"I've been lucky, i need more then luck to make it any farther" Theresa told him. "But i'm not quiting" Theresa assured him.

"SUPPER! My darling Friends, get your bums up, cause were all going to eat steak!" Herry said knocking on the door "way ahead of you" Archie said and walked out the door, Atlanta followed, Theresa not far behind "coming?" she asked Jay, he nodded and followed. They all walked down the hotel staires to the hotel restaurant
"we can swim after supper!" Atlanta said happily
"Great! I'll go watch TV while you guys drown" Archie said dryly.
"Archie, you have to get over your stupid fear of water! It's just liquid!" Atlanta was saying
"It's not stupid! You all must have fears?? right?" Archie asked. They were all siting down around a table in the restaurant
"I can't stand any means of transport other then cars, they makeme sick, and i hate flying, scares me to death" Herry said remembering the griffin ride, Herry shuddered slightly at the thought.
"I'm afraid of inclosed spaces" Odie said suddering like Herry as he remembered their experience in the maze under New Olympia and the minator.
"I'm afraid me a minute..i really don't know" Atlanta addmited.
"I'm terrified of heights" Theresa said, she never showed it, but heights terrified her.
"Crowds! I knew theer had to be somethign!" Atlanta piped up suddenly, she had been thinking about what she was afraid of and remembered when she got lost in a crowd for hours, she had been trampled slightly and was shuken up when she found her mother.
"Spiders" Neil said simply (suprise there)
"so, Archie is afraid of water, Atlanta is afraid of crowds, Theresa is afraid of heights, Herry is afraid of planes, Odie is afraid of inclosed spaces, i'm afraid of spider. Jay, we haven't heard from you today" Neil said, Jay sighed
"You'd laugh" he said
"No! we would so not!" Atlanta retorted
"No seriously, you would laugh" Jay said, he was looking VERY serious as he said it. Everyone looked at him "I find him terrifying just looking at him sitting there! Hey, Wait! Are you afraid of your mirror?" Neil asked
"Thatmade zero sence Neil" Archie said, they started to fight, soon the whole gang was involved, even Jay, glad there was something distracting them from his fear.

"That was delicious!" Herry was saying, a doggy bag in his hand. Everyone was talking about the meal, school or anything else they could think of as they walked to their rooms.
"Hey, look, you must be Theresa" said a brunette girl, she looked at Theresa from head to tow, Jay was inthe back of the group. The girl then looked at Herry, Odie, Neil, Archie and Atlanta. She smiled, she was tall, pretty and pale. Her smile reminded Theresa of Crounos' smile.
"Who are you?" Theresa asked, not inpolitly or anything
"Matilda, who are these guys?" Matilda asked
"Herry, Neil, Odie, Archie and Atlanta, and where's Jay?" Theresa aked noticing the missing presence
"Just in the back" Jay said moving into view, Matilda's grin grew bigger at the sight of the good looking guy.
"Are you on the top 20?" Theresa asked
"Yes, soon to be, top 10" she said
"They only iliminate one a week now" Theresa reminded her
"I kjnow that! Hope i see you in the top 19....if oyu make it!" Matilda said almost laughing as if Theresa had no chance of making it. Matilda then turned to Jay
"Hey cutie, if you ever wanna escape the loser gang, me and some pals are having a party at a bar down town, heres the address, hope i'll see you there" Matilda said flirtishly walking away, Jay droped teh piece of paper that she had shoved in his hand.
"Your not gonna go?" Theresa asked
"No" he said simply, saying goodnight to the other boys as he walked in the room, Theresa followed
"But that is probably gonna be a great party" Theresa said, she was almost testing him
"your point?" Jay said taking his PJ pants into the bathroom, he came out aminute later with the PJ pants on and no shirt.
"I don't think i have a point" Theresa said, not thinking correctly at the sight of Jay with no shirt on.
"You don't go swiming often do you?" Jay said almost laughing as he caught her staring
"ha, um, no" she lied, she went swiming plenty often, but no guy had a chest like that! Well, maybe Herry, but what the hell! And she liked him! How would she explain that!?
"That sucks, well i have to meet you on the roof in 5 minutes" Jay said, Theresa felt suprised
"Why?" she asked
"just come" Jay said, not wanting to answer, he put on a white t-shirt and left.

"see you later" Theresa said to Atlanta as Atlanta walked in with Archie. Theresa laughed as she noticed the lip gloss speares around his lips and one on his neck.
"You both had fun?" Theresa asked laughing, Archie ran in the bathroom and washed off the lip gloss. Theresa continued up the staires to the roof. Once there she went out, Jay was standing at the side of the roof.
"What is it?" she asked Jay, he looked at her
"You wanted a class, so i'll give you one" he said, Theresa smiled remembering Jay's voice.
"What song do you plan on singing?" Jay asked her
"awake in a dream" Theresa told him. Jay smiled
"i love that song, okay, the first note in that song for the suprano version is A" Jay said "sing A" Jay told THeresa
"um, a?" Theresa sang, not the note, just the letter.
"No, the note, listen" he made his voice go a little higher then normal
"Now, you try that note, but a bit better then me, being a guy, i can't sing high" Jay told her. Theresa took a deep breath and sang the note, Jay smiled. He kept showing her notes in the song and soon they had the song down and Jay was correcting her stance as she sang.

"i never thought that one day
You'd be come a part of my life
Still you were always with me
When I lay my head down at night
Could you really be here with me
And has my wish come true tonight


Jay stood behind Theresa, put a hand on her shoulder and squared them as she sang, she didn't falter though, as she felt his warm hands on her shoulders. He then push her mid back out a bit "straiten up" he whispered, Theresa straitened up as he said. He walked to stand before her, "smile" he said, she did so.


Cuz now, now it seems
I'm wide awake in this dream
And I'd do, I'd do anything
To stay here forever (ah)
And if this is a dream
I'm not going to wake up (oh)
But if I'm awake, I won't close my eyes again

Yeah, yeah

Though I feel like I'm flying
I'm sure my feet are still on the ground
Open my eyes and it's amazing
How my world has changed when I look around (when I look around)
And it's like I've found the road straight to Heaven
And this road has lead me right here to you


Jay placed a hand on her shoulder "What fruit am i?" he asked, trying to make Theresa laugh, (this is a test, i've had it doen on me!) Theresa smiled a bit but continued on.


Cuz now, now it seems
I'm wide awake in this dream
And I'd do, I'd do anything
To stay here forever (ah)
And if this is a dream
I'm not going to wake up (ah)
But if I'm awake, I won't close my eyes again

Everything I'll ever need
Is standing right in front of me
You've given more than I've ever asked of you
Now all I can do is give forever to you

Cuz now, now it seems
I'm wide awake in this dream


Jay joined Theresa for the final part.

Cuz now, now it seems
I'm wide awake in this dream
And I'd do, I'd do anything
To stay here forever
And if this is a dream
I'm not going to wake up
But if I'm awake, I wont close my eyes again"

Jay looked at Theresa as they finished the song in perfect unison, they sang so well together! Jay smiled
"Your ready" he said, she smiled and hugged jay
"Did you see Archie?" Theresa asked Jay as they started down the staires
"unfortuantly, i saw them both, it's rather disturbing when it's not you" Jay addmitted
"You saw them!" Theresa said, Jay shushed her
"Look" he said and showed her the pictures on his PMR. The first one they were simply making out, full force. the seconde one was Atlanta kissing Archie's neck!!!
"Man Jay, never thought you were that devious" Theresa said, Jay shrugged
"I'd better place this as the background on all of our PMR's i'll be done and in bed" Jay said. The PMR's were like mini comupters, they had an enter page with a background.
"You wouldn't?" Theresa said smiling deviously
"You have no idea" Jay said and clicked away at his PMR.


another chappie done! well enjoy! r/r
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