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My rules

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James Potter was not home that Halloween night when Voldemort paid the Potter resident a visit. Only Lily and Harry were home. Voldemort killed Lily with the killing curse, but spared Harry. The on...

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Black Sheep

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Thank you to my betas for this chapter: Savage Damsel and Krystal (Second beta).


¤¤Midnight's (Harry) thoughts¤¤

Previously in Black Sheep:

But life must go on, and this was just a part of it, he thought to himself.

What Midnight didn't know was that 80 feet down the street an equally black haired boy thought the same thing as he sat in his room reading his Hogwarts letter.

Chapter 2: My rules.

It had been a week and six days since the day Midnight had gotten his Hogwarts letter. He had done nearly everything he needed to do before he left for school. He had gotten his supplies and wand; brother wand to Voldemort the old man said it was. Bought a new wizard wardrobe, he had, of course, chosen the clothes himself. James and Janet had terrible taste, always trying to get him to buy clothes in shades of horrifying red. And he had talked to two out of his three friends. Blaise couldn't, for some reason unknown, come when he asked to meet them. Mack and Kyle had taken the news better then he would have guessed:

"You WHAT?"

Midnight had just informed them about the new change in his life. Mack's facial muscles were twitching, and Kyle couldn't stop blinking.

"I'm leaving for a boarding school in Scotland in four days," he repeated blandly, a small scowl on his lips. Kyle stopped blinking.

"But that means that you're not going to attend Winsted with us! And that means that the Feared Four is going to be the Feared Three and that just doesn't click, mate. And even if we got ourselves a new name, it just would be the same without you. You're our leader, Midnight! You can't just leave!"

¤¤Time to blame the parents, it always works¤¤.

"Sorry guys, I wish it were different. I really do, but you know how James and Janet are, I can't refuse them now. They have been going on and on about me not being respectful enough and have to go to this school to learn proper manners. All of it is bullshit, but I have to go, I have been on the waiting list for this school since the day I was born and if I don't go there James are going to freak out on me. He keeps talking about my mother's last wish or something, there is nothing I can do, I leave the 1 of September."

His friends bowed their heads in defeat, frowning slightly.

¤¤Ah, I'm such a excellent liar, someone give me an Oscar!¤¤
End flashback.

Now he only had to speak to Blaise and this conversation was something he dearly would've liked to avoid. Blaise was his best friend, and the two of them were always together. For the both of them to be separated was nearly unthinkable. But there was nothing Midnight could do about this new development; he would have talk to him today.

He pulled on his Muggle clothes; black trousers and a grey t-shirt with the name Marilyn Manson printed on the chest in bold font. His shoulder long hair hung loosely around his face and his old glasses was replaced with contacts. The one he was wearing today were green like his own eyes, but with snake pupils. Janet hated these of course, which gave Midnight one more good reason to wear them.

The kitchen clock struck 1 pm when Midnight jumped down the last few stair steps to the living room.

"I need someone to drive me to the station tomorrow," he announce as he strode towards the sofa where James, Janet, Sophia and Sirius Black sat. James had his arms around Janet and Sirius Black, a childhood's friend of James, was playing with Sophia.

"Oh I almost forgot about that, I'm so sorry Harry but James and I have to work tomorrow, we can't take you there," Janet looked almost sorry. Almost being the key word there.

¤¤Bloody fan-fucking-tastic. My parents love me!¤¤

"Oh jolly good, I feel so loved by my 'family'".

James and Janet looked a bit hurt by his comment, but hey! Never fear, Sirius Black is here to save the day! Midnight rolled his eyes skyward at this though.

"Oi, don't worry kid, I'll take you to Kings Cross tomorrow!" Sirius offered with excitement.

"Oh well, thanks for your offer doggy... I'll take a taxi though! See you in a year!" Midnight was on his way out the door when Sirius jumped up from the sofa and reach into his pockets for something.

"Hey Harry wait, we'll take my bike, I even got you a little going away present".

He threw a parcel to Midnight whom raised an eyebrow but opened it anyway, ¤¤Trying to get on my good side, are we?¤¤

It was a jacket, a black leather jacket to be exact. It was actually quite nice, but Midnight, as stubborn as he was, was definitely not going to admit that to Sirius who, unfortunately, was his godfather, did he mention that? Oh well it didn't matter, he didn't hate him less because of that little fact.

He put on the jacket - perfect fit - and walked out the front door, but not before he shouted, "We leave at ten sharp!"

Silence followed his command, "Do you think he liked it?" Sirius Black asked the rest of the Potters hopefully.

Janet answered him, "Yes I think he did. If he didn't, you would had been picking it of your head at this moment, and that he actually wore it right away is a pretty good sign."

James moaned, "He's impossible, he has no respect for his elders, ergo meaning us! When I spoke to his teachers about his behaviour at home they thought I was mental. Why does he act this way, what have we done wrong? He was even wearing those horrid snake contacts today! No, the only solution is Hogwarts, Albus will fix him!"

Midnight walked down the block towards his friend, Blaise's, house. Blaise lived only with his mother. His father had been murdered. Midnight didn't know how or when he died; Blaise didn't like to talk about it and he never questioned further.

He stopped in front a brightly painted house where he could hear Mrs. Zabini talking on the phone inside.

"Oh I'm so nervous; I haven't been on a date for years. And I don't know how to dress or act... Yes, yes, you're probably right... Yes, of course, but I have to go know, Mr. Pierre will pick me up at exactly 1.30 pm, we're going to the countryside. I'm so excited! Yes, yes, I'll talk to you later, bye!"

¤¤Going on a date are we? Well time to turn on the charm¤¤.

Midnight lived by many rules, all of which he had made himself. And Rule 3 was: Always be in the good grace of your friends' parents.

He turned on his 'every lady's friend' smile and knocked on the door. Mrs Zabini opened the door moments later and smiled when she saw it was Midnight.

"Come in, come in. I do apologize, but I'm in a bit of a rush".

"You're looking absolutely dashing Mrs Zabini, any special occasion?"

She smiled brightly and turned around in a circle so he could see her outfit properly.

"Oh thank you Midnight, do you really think so? I'm going on a date!"

"Oh good for you, who is the lucky fellow that gets to take a beautifully lady such as yourself out on a date?"

"Oh stop it you silly boy, its Mr. Pierre down the street, the doctor!"

Midnight gave her a smile of his own, "Ah the doctor, a great catch that one, I'm happy for you Mrs Zabini, you of all people deserve a man as good as him".

Mrs Zabini blushed, "Call me Beth, Midnight. Blaise is up in his room, I believe he wants to talk to you. I must go now, call me if you need anything. There is pizza in the freezer, chips on the kitchen table, soda in the refrigerator and here is some money for the cinema. I have to go now, enjoy yourselves". Beth rushed out of the door, but not before she shouted 'good bye' to her son whereas she good a mumbled 'bye mom' in reply.

Midnight wiped off his smile and went up stairs to his best friend's room. His ears were met with the familiar sound of Lullaby by Teaparty.

"I love this song," he commented and sat down in a chair by Blaise's bed where aforementioned person was currently sitting.

"You done sucking up to my mother Midnight? She's supposed to love me like her son, not you!"

"Ah, yes as a matter of fact I am. And I'm not sucking up to anyone, I'm making sure I'm still in your mother's good grace. Rule number 3: Al --"

"Always be in the good grace of your friends' parents. Yes I know. So was there anything you wanted, because I have something to talk to you about".

Midnight took his new jacket off and let out a weak groan.

"Yeah I have something to tell you and it's... it might change many things".

"I have a similar subject I'll like to talk to you about, but you can go first".

"Okay," Midnight made himself more comfortable by placing his black dressed feet on Blaise bed and crossing them. "Well, I'll be blunt; I'm leaving for a boarding school in Scotland, I'll be going there for 7 years and will only come back in the summer holidays and possibly at Christmas. You?"

"I... Say, are you leaving tomorrow?" Blaise asked curiously with a raised eyebrow. Midnight took his legs down from Blaise's bed and concentrated on his friend.


"By train?"

"Uh huh."

"King Cross station 11 o'clock?"

¤¤What the...?¤¤

"Yes. What is this? Are you becoming a clairvoyant?"

Blaise ignored his friend, "There is something I have to tell you. You might freak on me, but I don't care, just believe me".

"Okay, just spit it out, and I'll tell my secret afterwards".

Blaise concentrated on his green eyed friend, "I'm a wizard Midnight, I can do magic", he proved himself by bringing forward his wand and making blue sparks coming out of its end. But he didn't get any reaction from Midnight.

"I'm not kidding, magic really exist!"

"I know", answered Midnight simply, "I'm a wizard too, in fact my whole family are".

Blaise blinked three times. "I... wha- O-Okay!"

Midnight made himself comfortable again like nothing had happened. "Neat, we're wizards, are your mother a witch as well?"

Blaise arched an eyebrow. "Yes she is, her date is too, as a matter of fact. Have to keep the family blood pure."

"You're a pureblood then, my father is pure but my mother was a muggleborn. So you're going to Hogwarts with me tomorrow. How lovely! I brought the news to Kyle and Mack earlier this week, have you told them yet?"

Blaise moaned, "Yeah, I talked to them yesterday, they didn't take it lightly, seems they had big plans for the Feared Four. Since you were leaving, they had come up with a new name, the Threatening Trio. But when I said I wouldn't be joining them, they simply blew. I spent nearly one hour calming them down, they were devastated, to say the least."

"You didn't use the 'My parents are assholes and there is nothing I can do' line?"

Another moan came from Blaise, "I tried, but you had already used it hadn't you! Anyway, are you in the mood for the cinema? We're not going to see or touch anything with electivity in a year at Hogwarts".

"Yeah that sounds nice, let us go, and I suggest we'll invite Kyle and Mack too, they need some relief!"

The two black haired wizards went downstairs to collect the cinema money Beth had left them.

"Yeah you're right. Say, is that a new jacket?"

Midnight walked out the front door, "Yeap, got it from the Mutt. 'A going away' present, he said."

Blaise followed his friend out side and closed the door behind them, "Hehe, he's trying to buy himself into your heart, is he a wizard too?"

They walked side by side towards Mack and Kyle's houses, Midnight shock his head and groaned.

"Yeah, and a Gryffindor, just like the rest!"

Blaise laughed and clapped Midnight on his shoulder.

"Poor you. My family are mainly Slytherins and a few Ravenclaws. Any Gryffindor stench would have been disowned immediately."

"Let us just hope we don't end up in the red and golden house, and if we should be so unfortunate as for that to happen, let us destroy them all from the inside!"

Blaise smiled at Midnight idea, "That, my friend, is an excellent idea!"

"Yes, I know," answered Midnight smugly as he walked down the street with his best friend whom he had the fortune to spend the next seven years with at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Hey, I know I said that they would leave for Hogwarts in this chapter, but you know how chapter has an ability to write themselves. Anyway in the next chapter - I swear on my own grave - they WILL arrive at Hogwarts and meet some of the well-known characters of the Harry Potter books.

But there is one thing I have been wondering about; is Harry a half- or pureblood? Both his parents were wizards, but Lily was a Muggleborn, does that make Harry a halfblood? If not, can you call him a pureblood? That, after my book, is just wrong, you can't become a pureblood just like that, your blood is not pure enough, it's not like the Malfoy's whose family has never had a muggle or muggleborn in it! Oh I don't know, what do you think? Voldemort is a halfblood right? Wizard mother and muggle father, I wonder what his mothers name was.........
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