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Welcome me with praises!

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James Potter was not home that Halloween night when Voldemort paid the Potter resident a visit. Only Lily and Harry were home. Voldemort killed Lily with the killing curse, but spared Harry. The on...

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Black Sheep

Well here it is folks, the Black Sheep story, hope you like it.

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¤¤Midnight's (Harry) thoughts¤¤

Previously in Black Sheep:

"Let us just hope we don't end up in the red and golden house, and if we should be so unfortunate as for that to happen, let us destroy them all from the inside!"

Blaise smiled at Midnight idea, "That, my friend, is an excellent idea!"

"Yes, I know," answered Midnight smugly, as he walked down the street with his best friend whom he had the fortune to spend the next seven years with at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Chapter 3: Welcome me with praises.

The day had finally arrived-the best day of Midnight's life, from his point of view, at least. It was the first of September, and he would be leaving his 'family' to attend a year-round boarding school.

Midnight woke up that morning with a grin on his young face. ¤¤Damn, I can't believe it's finally time! Seven years, SEVEN! No argue-seeking James, nagging Janet, annoying Sophia, or brain mortified dog. I'll be free from it all, free from my everlasting prison!

Although, of course, I still have to look out for that muggle-loving twit whose main quest it to 'fix' me. Ha, if they think they can brainwash me into being their favourite lapdog, their underestimating of me will be their downfall. I will see to that.¤¤

All his belongings were pack in a dark brown, nearly black, elegant trunk. He had nagged his father until the man got it for him. After all, he needed a spacious compartment for Hogwarts. The trunk had cost James a small fortune, but Midnight thought it was worth it; it contained three large rooms within its depths. One of these rooms, he turned into a walk-in closet with two sections; one for his muggle clothes, and one for his wizard wardrobe. He used the second room as a library, and the last one was kept empty. This would be where he'd train, both magically (any magic done inside the trunk would not be detected by the ministry) and physically, or even spend the night in, should he feel the need. As a finishing touch, the trunk had a blood lock, which meant that only he could open the trunk, or any other person he decided to connect the trunk to. A good friend, for example.

"The holy hour has arrived, we leave at this moment."

Midnight strode down the hall and out the front door, shouting his command over his shoulder as he went.

Sirius Black, as expected, was sitting with Midnight's family, eating breakfast and waiting for him to get ready. Midnight had left his trunk in the hall, heavy as stone and nearly impossible to carry. Sirius jumped out of the chair and went after Midnight. He looked stupidly between the trunk and Midnight, who was waiting by the bike. The youngest, and obviously sharper of the two, rolled his eyes.

"Shrink it, make it feather light, and put it in your pocket. And do it while we're still alive," he suggested blandly to his less gifted godfather, who grinned at him densely and did as he had ordered.

Sirius got on the shiny black bike, the love of his life, and felt around for his keys. After some seconds of searching, he became confused.

"Siri, your jacket!" James came running out of the house with his friends jacket, which happened to contain the bike's keys.

"Thanks," Sirius muttered as he took both jacket and keys. Midnight cursed his bloodline and got on the bike behind Sirius.

"Have fun at Hogwarts, Harry. We'll miss you." Janet said. She received a dry laugh from her stepchild in reply. Midnight nudged Sirius to get going.

"And behave yourself!" James's frustrating yell was the last thing he heard as the Potter house flew out of sight.

Train station.

The two black haired males arrived at King Cross Station in London at exactly 10:20 in the morning. The station was fairly crowded with muggles and wizards.

¤¤Honestly, they don't think they look strange walking around in muggle London?! This looks like a freak/drag show.¤¤

"Well, here we are, kiddo. Would you like me to resize your trunk?"

Midnight was looking around the station for his friend; they had agreed to meet each other on the wizard side of the station half past ten.

"No, don't. You're going to carry it for me, and I don't want you to destroy it with your clumsiness. Besides, we are surrounded by muggles. You don't crave for imprisonment, do you?"

Midnight gave his elder a superior look and walked towards the entrance to platform nine and three quarters. Sirius shrugged and tagged along, muttering under his breath. "Bleeding arrogant prick! Albus, you've got your work cut out for you. Good luck."

The platform was teeming with wizard and witches in all forms. Worried parents, nagging grandparents, jealous siblings, scared first years, hyper second years, loud students, flapping owls, purring cats and whining rats.

Midnight stepped away from the entrance and leaned against a wall, staying away from the main crowd as he looked for Blaise.

Midnight was relieved when nobody came up to him to chat. He had always found it highly irritating when that happened. Now, people who knew who he was had learned not to talk to him unless he talked to them first. Midnight had some anger management problems, and they all knew it.

Our young man had dressed for the occasion. Dark denim trousers of loose form which hung perfectly on his slim hips; black military boots with lace-up and metal grind buckles, and the leather jacked from Sirius Black, with an equally black shirt underneath that sported grey print on the left side of his stomach which said 'God is busy, may I help you?' Today's contacts were one of his favourites, and one of Janet's least favourites. They were completely blank, so his intense green eye shone through, but the black pupils were the same shape as snakes and surrounded by yellow. They really creeped Janet out and made Sophia cry. Midnight smiled at the memory.

"Trying to get yourself locked up looking like Lucifer himself?"

"Hello fucker, took you long enough; it's three minutes past the appointed time," Midnight greeted Blaise with a smirk.

Blaise was wearing equally black clothes, but had on a dark blue sweater, black trousers, and a jacket that wasn't made of leather.

"Got your trunk?" Midnight asked quietly.

"Yeah, where's yours?" Midnight nodded his head towards Sirius, who stood a small distance away, speaking with some acquaintances.

Turning to Blaise, Harry murmured, "Go get a compartment for us; I want one for ourselves." That said, Midnight walked over to his godfather.

He tapped Sirius on the shoulder, making him turn around to see who it was. "The trunk. Unshrink it and place it in my compartment; you can leave the feather charm on." Sirius excused himself and followed his best friend's firstborn child to his compartment.

Blaise had found an empty one near the end of the train and stationed himself there.

"Get yourself an owl so we can write letters to each other, okay, kiddo? I'll miss you." Sirius said his goodbyes and left to talk to friends.

"Who was that boy, Sirius? He acted like you were his servant!" Madam Rice asked her friend, who just shook his head, "That was my godson, Harry Potter."

Rice gaped. "Harry Potter? As in The Boy Who Was Spared?"

"The one and only," Black groaned.

"Oh dear..." Madam Rice looked after the train and back at the desperate Sirius. "Does he normally act so...arrogant?"


"Oh dear, that's not to good now is it?"




Both Blaise and Midnight had picked up books fromMidnight's library and made themselves comfortable. Blaise had read ten pages of Legends of Crystals when he remembered something.

"You don't have a pet with you?"

Midnight looked up from his 'Book of Warcraft'. "No. I don't do pets, animals or anything else that can't get their own food or clean their own toilet."

"Naturally, but what about a trained raven? They can hunt and take care of themselves."

"I'm not getting an animal unless it's a snake that can turn itself into a raven." Midnight answered as he got back to his book.

"Don't tell me you're going to use a school owl when you need to send a letter."

"I'm going to use your bird of course; the school owls are filthy!" the answer was spoken blandly.

"Of course." Blaise resumed his reading, "What is it with you and snakes, anyway?"

"We have a connection."

Midnight looked out the window, thinking. ¤¤I should tell him. It's strange, he's my best friend, but he doesn't even know my real name. I wish I could keep it a secret for all eternity, but it's going to be announced at the sorting for all to hear anyway. He deserves to know before anyone else.¤¤

"Blaise, there's something I need to tell you," he admitted, bracing himself.

Blaise looked inquiringly at his friend, "Is that so?"

"Yes, I'm..." A knock sounded on the compartment door.

Harry ignored it. "I'm..."

Knock knock KNOCK!

¤¤Bleeding hell!¤¤

Midnight jumped up from his seat and tore the door open.


Outside stood a confused-looking brown-haired boy, who looked like he had just pissed himself in fright, and a shocked bushy-haired girl. The female part of the party drew herself up and asked annoyed, "Have you seen a toad? Neville lost his."

¤¤All that racket for a toad?!?¤¤

Midnight left the compartment and closed the door calmly behind him before turning towards the source of his irritation, a sweet smile on his handsome face.

The girl smiled brightly back at him with a light blush.

"Let me tell you what I'll do...I'll keep my eyes opened and if I see anything small and slimy I'll crush it with my boot." He smiled brightly at the skittish boy and went back into his and Blaise's compartment.

Blaise smirked at him, having clearly overheard the conversation. "You were saying?" he asked, getting them back on track.

Midnight picked up his book from the floor and sat down. "I'm Harry Potter," he murmured indifferently

Blaise was shocked, "Fuck you!"

"Not now, that wouldn't be appropriate."


"Yes, that would be me."


"Not in a while, actually."

"I can't believe you! Asshole, fuck you, you wanker!"

"You're repeating yourself...."

"You're Harry bleeding Potter, The Boy Who Was Spared by the red eyed Lord! I'm best friends with you, a Potter!"

"Yes, unbelievable, isn't it? What's your family name by the way."

"Zabini...fuck you!"

"Ah, neat...I know I'm hot, but you have to control yourself, Blaise." Midnight picked up his book and resumed his reading.

After some minutes of silent thinking, Blaise had calmed down. "How can you be a Potter? Potter's are...goody goods, lame and Gryffindorish!"

"I know...I've been wondering about that, myself...maybe there was some mix-up at the hospital. I have always been the black sheep of the family, an anti-gryffindor. Besides, there has to be a reason for the red-eyed Lord to spare me. I'm wondering if he gave some powers to me, though. You see, the reason I'm so interested in snakes is because I'm a Parselmouth. Nearly ripped James' arm off when a snake in the zoo started to talk to me, it was bleeding scary at first, but then I found a book about it. The reason I think the Lord gave me the gift is because he is one himself, and the gift is hereditary. I don't know about any Parselmouths in the Potter family. But then again, maybe my mother wasn't a muggleborn, who knows?"

Blaise had long since put down his book. "You can talk to snakes? Wicked! I'm going to get you one for your birthday...wait, wasn't Slytherin a Parselmouth too? You're definitely going to become one of his. Oh, oh! Brilliant incoming idea: don't you think Salazar left lots of rooms and secret hallways only he could open with Parselmouth? Think about all the things we could do with that!"

"Even better, think about all the things I can do just by being who I am? When they see who I am, and how I act, it'll scare the hell out of them. There is still the question of why the Lord spared me, even I don't know for sure. They are going to scare themselves with insane conclusions about why he spared me; am I to become his heir? A powerful servant? A playmate for him to fight against and kill? Am I his real son? Or his grandson, perhaps? They will walk on their toes around me, just the way I like it!"

"Yeah, I have a feeling this is going to become a great year for us Feared."

"But it's only the two of us now."

"You know, I have been thinking about that. When I was little, I lived in the wizarding world, so I know some kids and their families. There was one boy I was good friends with and he is going to start Hogwarts today, too. He's rich, rude, and arrogant, but a good friend. I think we should take him under our wing." Blaise looked inquiringly at his friend and the leader of the Feared.

Midnight sighed, "Name?"

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, heir of the Malfoy family."

"I'll need to see him in person. See which house he'll end up in, how he acts, and what qualities he has beyond being rich. Then we'll see."
The rest of the train ride passed smoothly, with no more unwelcome visitors; the first ones had obviously spread the word about the grumpy cruel kid in compartment eleven.

"Don't we have change into robes?" Blaise looked around himself, then turned back to Midnight; everybody around them were wearing their Hogwarts robes.

"Na...why should we? There's no need for us to go and give up our nice clothes before the school year's even officially begun. But if one of our teachers insists on it, we will excuse ourselves and change. I'm sure you remember rule five."

"Please your teacher to the degree that they can't find anything wrong with you; rebellion in the classroom is not appropriate," Blaise answered in a relaxed voice.

"Right you are, now come, I think that hairy beast of a man is trying to gather the first years."

Midnight would have been amazed by the castle if he hadn't seen it a hundred times before. It was big and shiny, and that was about it.

All the first years were placed in a small side room until they could be Sorted. McGonagall, a serious looking woman, told them to wait there and smarten themselves up.

"So where is this Malfoy kid?" Midnight asked from his position in the far corner of the room.

"You see the short blond kid in between the two bulky brown haired boys?" When Harry nodded, Blaise continued, "That's him."



On the other side of the small room, an equally short boy bounced on his feet in excitement. His name was Dean Tomas, and he had just found out that he was a wizard a month ago. Before that, he had attended St. Paul Primary school. He was supposed to start Winsted secondary school this year, but now he was here at Hogwarts, and he couldn't be happier.

He would miss his friends, ut he would survive. At least he wouldn't be attending the same school as........"NO!"

Dean slammed his hand over his mouth and hid behind a girl with a dead racoon on her head. "No, no, NO! This can't be happening to me!" he whispered to himself.

The hill of brown hair turned towards him with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you doing?"

"Wha...nothing, nothing..." he answered her as he tried to get a better look at the boy he saw. Perhaps he was just imagining things?

"Oh, okay...I'm Hermione Granger, by the way. And you are?"

"Dean, Dean Tomas. It's nice to meet you, Hermione."

"Likewise. Now tell me, what are you looking at?" She asked her newest friend; he was acting strangely. Dean looked from Midnight and Blaise to Hermione. Should he tell her?

"I...Hermione, do you see the two black haired boys over there, in dark muggle clothing?"

"Yes, I see them. Oh, that one on the left is the one who said he would kill Neville's toad if he saw it. He's so cruel. But why on earth haven't they put their uniforms on? Do you think I should tell them to?" Hermione Granger asked the short boy.

"NO! No, don't. Just...don't let them see me. You must understand, I'm a muggleborn and went to a muggle school before now..."

"Really? Me too! I was so excited when I got my letter, nobody knew, I..."

Dean humf'ed and looked at her in annoyance for cutting him off. As I was saying...those two over there were the main source for all my pain and fear throughout my school years there. The one with the leather jacket is Midnight, the leader of the Feared Four, the gang who ruled the school. They weren't that cruel, but you did not want to get on their bad side.

And for some unknown reason, they liked to bug me. I thought that my being a wizard and going to Hogwarts was going to change things, but how is it going to change anything when they're wizards, too?" he moaned softly, trying not to draw attention to himself.

Hermione looked at Dean, shocked. "Are all of them here now?"

Dean shook his head "No, thank god. The two eldest of the gang are muggles. I saw them attend Winsted secondary school last year, so they can't be here now. But those two were the brains and their best friends. I'm so screwed!"

Hermione clapped her friend on the shoulder, and tried to make a joke. "The Feared Four, honestly, what a idiotic name. I mean, the Feared Four? Oh, I'm scared!"

Dean looked at her as if she had gone insane. "Hush! Not so loud. Are you crazy? They might hear you!" He looked over to the two and swallowed hard.
Midnight was discussing Draco Malfoy with Blaise when he heard something interesting.

"Blaise, did you hear that?" he asked his companion, an evil grin on his handsome face.

Blaise grinned back at him "Yes, I do believe I did. Shall we?"


They turned around to see Dean Tomas hiding behind the bushy haired girl from the train.

"On my count down, one, two, kill!" Midnight whispered to Blaise. They walk slowly towards Dean and did what they always did with types like him.

"DEANY!" Midnight shouted happy and he and Blaise embraced Dean like old friends.

"How are you, old pal? I didn't know you would be here. Isn't that great? Now we can see each other every day!" Midnight exclaimed as he and Blaise clapped and hugged Dean.

Dean didn't manage to say anything, let alone do anything. Hermione couldn't see anything wrong with the two black haired boys, and was wondering if Dean had been fooling her.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since last we saw each other. You look good! See you around, Deany!" Blaise called his parting words over his shoulder as they stepped away from Dean and headed back to their part of the room. Many people watched, confused, from the smirking friends to a Dean who was near tears, and a disconcerted Hermione.

"Honestly, Dean! I don't see your problem here. They were nice to you, not mean!" Hermione said angry.

Dean felt around in his robe pockets, "Nonononono, they've done it again! They stole all of my money and sweets. And...OH NO! My wizard card collection, they took it!" Dean looked with teary eyes from Hermione to Midnight and Blaise, who were winking at him with his cards in hand and sweets and money in their pockets.

"Oh noooo, poor Deany boy, got robbed by the mean Feared. What is a boy to do?" Blaise said to Midnight in a baby voice.

Hermione was just about to go to her friend's rescue when McGonagall shoved them out of the room and into the Great Hall.

"Ah here they are! This year's new students. Professor McGonagall, if you would..."


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of the school, greeted them as they shuffled into the room. The children formed a line as instructed and waited for their name to be called. Midnight ignored the Sorting and looked around the hall.

The green and silver Slytherin table was on the far right side of the hall from the professor's table perspective. On their left side, the blue and silver table of Ravenclaw could be found. On the far left of the hall, you would find the Hufflepuff table in Yellow and black, and on their left, your eyes would be blinded by the red and gold from the lions' table, Gryffindor.

The annoying girl from the train and the scared boy with the toad was already making themselves comfortable at the bright table.

"Malfoy, Draco Lucius."

Midnight eyes fell on the boy Blaise wished for them to take under their wing. His sorting was important. Midnight wouldn't have anything to do with a Hufflepuff or, Loke forbid, a Gryffindor.


¤¤You're still in game, Malfoy.¤¤ Harry silently congratulated the boy.

Midnight looked up at the Professors' table. Dumbledore was sitting on his high throne in the middle, watching the sorting with a stupid grin plastered on his wrinkly old face. Dumbledore met Midnight's eyes and stared at him with disappointment when he saw that he wasn't wearing his uniform.

"What am I going to do with you and your rebellion, child?" he whispered to himself as his light blue eyes locked with the snakelike eyes of Midnight.

"Potter, Harry James."

Midnight tore his eyes away from the Headmaster's as he heard his name being called and the many whispers that followed.

He strode calmly from his place in the back of the line and towards the stool. As he passed Dean in the line, he flashed him an evil smirk, which made Dean nearly faint. It couldn't be true, could it? Midnight, the cruel and evil leader of the Feared Four, was the famous Harry Potter, The Boy Who Was Spared! His life was over...

All eyes in the Hall were locked on Midnight, filled with poorly masked curiosity. When the hat placed him into Slytherin-thereby making Midnight the first ever Potter to be in Slytherin-the Great Hall grew painfully silent, which was only broken when McGonagall read the next name on the list.

Midnight seated himself across from Draco Malfoy and waited from Blaise to join him. Of course, Blaise could end up in Ravenclaw, but Midnight doubted it.

Midnight didn't talk to anyone before Blaise sat down beside him.

"That went well, don't you think?" Midnight asked Blaise as the food appeared.

Blaise grinned and clapped Midnight on the shoulder.

"It went excellent, Midnight. I think you made Deany piss himself when you smirked at him."

"He did, did he? Well then, I'm sure he's grateful that we took all his money and cards, lest they have gotten wet!" Midnight rejoined with a smirk of his own. "Say, how much did he have on him today? I got 50 cards and 15 Galleons, 5 Sickles and 7 Knuts."

Blaise pulled something out of his trouser pockets, "I got...9 Galleons, 14 Sickles, 29 Knuts, three chocolate frogs, one package of every flavour beans and two blood lollipops."

"Nice catch," Harry approved. "Now, let me see, that will be twen..." Midnight was just about the say how much they had stolent when he was beaten to it.

"25 gallons, 3 Sickles and 7 Knut,." Draco Malfoy said from his seat in front of them.

Midnight looked from Draco to Blaise, "Did you order a calculation machine, Blaise? Because I can't believe I did..."

Blaise ignored Midnight's rudeness and gave Draco his hand, "It's been a while, Draco. Do you remember me? I'm Blaise Zabini, and this asshole is Midnight, or Harry Potter."

Draco shook the other boy's hand. "Yes, I remember you. It's nice to see you." He turned to Midnight. "Charmed, I'm sure. I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

Midnight just nodded his head. They ate and Blaise and Draco talked about old times. Midnight was bored to death.

"Say, Potter, why do you call yourself Midnight and not Harry Potter?"

Midnight looked at Draco, making his boredom obvious as he answered tonelessly, "Because Harry Potter is an awful name, and I don't want to be recognised as a Potter."


Blaise was disappointed in Midnight for his lack of interest in Draco and was about to have a private word with him, but someone beat him to it.

"Mister Potter, if you could come with me to the office for a quick chat, I would be most grateful..."

Dumbledore stood behind Midnight and rested his left hand on Midnight's right shoulder, smiling down at him.

Midnight rolled his eyes and said coldly "Yeah, whatever!"

Dumbledore smiled and left, and Midnight stood up to follow him. "Session one of Operation: Fix Harry has begun," Midnight declared brightly, with a fake smile on his face.

Blaise turned to Midnight, "Behave yourself, and no killing the headmaster on the first day of school!"

Midnight slapped Blaise lightly upside the head, rolling his eyes. "Yes, mother. I'll be good and wait at least a couple of days more!"

Blaise shock his head at Midnight. "See you later, Midnight."

"Yeah, hopefully," Harry muttered glumly. "So long Blaise, Malfoy. And make sure you save me a good bed!"

On his way out of the hall, he was followed by many eyes. After all, it was not every day that The Boy Who Was Spared was called to the headmaster's office three hours after he had arrived at the school.

Midnight flashed Dean a grin as he walked out of the hall; the grin grew larger when he got a whimper for his effort.


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AN: From your review and some research, I have classified Harry as a halfblood, and it will fit nicely in my story line.
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