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Chapter 21: Em's P.O.V.

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Could it get any worse?

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I moaned as he slid his tongue in my mouth. God I was a coward! I had no self-control when it came to Pete and that made me uncomfortable.

He slid his hands down my back and lifted my shirt. I whimpered. He rubbed his arms
over my tattoo. What the hell was with him and my tat? It wasn't like he didn't have one.

I heard a click, and then a flash blinded me through my closed eyelids. What the hell?

"Sam take another one."

"What?" I immediately raise my head. Flash. "No way!"

Sam stood before the bed with Joe, Andy, and Chad surrounding them with a camera.

"Smile!" Sam said before he hit the flash button again.

"No!" Flash. I groan.

"What the fuck man?" Pete yelled.

I slid out of his arms. My hands covering my face as I turn red with embarrassment. This could not be happening, not to me!

"Pete don't worry, these are only going on /buzznet/!" Sam said.

I felt the bed sway. I peeked through my fingers, watching as Pete ran after them. But he was too late; they were already out the door. Racing down the hallway, the only thing left behind was their laughter.

Fuck! I groan again as I pressed my head into my raised legs.


"Leave me alone as I die here by myself."

I heard Pete sigh as the bed dipped down. I his arms wrap around me, his hands covering mine. "No." He said softly, as he pressed his face into my hair.

And then it hit me like a gun shot. We weren't going to work out.

"Pete... I think I better leave." I say as I break his hold on me.

"Emily let's discuss this."

"No, I don't think I can. In fact I don't think I can do us." I slide myself off the bed, pulling down my shirt.

"What do you mean you can't do us?"

"This whole 'I'm going to have a relationship with my boss' us!" I say before making my way to the door.

"What? Wait, wait... damn it hold on a fucking minute!" He said as I opened the door.

I turned around, not wanting him to see that this was all chicken shit. "What Pete?" I yell.

Pete was standing next to the bed, pulling his shirt over his lean torso. "What do you mean we wont work? You know I have another life out of the industry."

"Oh yeah, Pete... I'm sure the tabloids would cheer us on as you have a relationship with the lead vocalist of the band you had just signed."

Pete started walking towards me. "I don't give a fuck what they think. And you shouldn't either." He said, as he stopped in front of me.

"I shouldn't? I shouldn't!? What the hell do you think people are going to say Pete? Hmmm... maybe they talk about how I slept with a celebrity bass player, who just happened to have a record label? Or maybe I was just fucking him just so I could get into the music industry to get my band recognized?"

"No, they wont say that. I'll put the rumors to rest Em." His eyes looked earnest.

I shook my head. "No. No! What about First Mistake Pete? What about Denise, Sam and Chad? It's their dream too! You don't think they'll like having their band questioned at every turn about them actually getting really signed? Or was it all a ploy? Hmm? I'm thinking about more
than just myself this time, maybe you should try it too Pete. I can't play a game I'll never win. I'm sorry."

I shook my head as I walked out of the room. I pushed the elevator button. Wishing it would hurry up and open before I let my tears fall. I pushed my floor, as I leaned against the elevator wall.

I watched as the doors closed on a life I could have had. I pushed the emergency stop button and slid to the floor, the tears of my regret falling like huge raindrops in a thunderstorm. I didn't care; my dream was over.
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