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Chapter 16: Em's P.O.V.

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Finish what you started.

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About an hour later I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Grumbling to myself I turn over.

"What?" I say as I turn over. I look up into darkness; before I could say another word, the light came on. I covered my eyes from the bright intensity of the light. I peek between my fingers to see who was above me.

Pete stood over me, his face grim. I sat up immediately, "Is something wrong?"

He was still in the same clothes he had on when we came back. Pete said nothing. He just stood there over, staring at me.

"What Pete?" I yelled, he was pissing me off. He was just standing there. Staring.

Before I could realize what was happening, Pete pulled me off the bed into his arms, I felt his mouth against mine. He tasted so good; I melted against him. Wrapping my arms
around his neck, I pressed my body into his, whispering his name against his lips.


I felt myself falling, as if I was in the air. I landed with a big thump, on top of my bed. I gaze up at Pete who was wiping his mouth as if he was trying to ride the taste of me. Then turning, he left the room.

I stare, transfixed on the closed door. That did not just happen. I felt the bed shaking and I look down to the bedspread. I realize that I was the one doing the shaking. Pete had left me out of control.

No, I think to myself as I formulate what had just happened in my head. I turn my gaze back to the door. That bastard was not just going to come in here wake me up to make out with me, and then leave me wanting more.

I got up off the bed not caring what I looked like. I ran to the door swiping my card key off of the table where I had thrown it earlier. I went to go open the door wondering how he even got in. As I went to close it behind me, I hear metal hit wood. I turn around puzzled and I realize that the inside lock was hanging out.

What the hell? It must have slipped back into the opening of the door, when I went to shut it earlier.

After I pulled the lock back I ran to the elevator, hoping that I could catch-up to Pete before he got to his room. I gazed impatiently as the numbers went from three to four.

Damn it! I was on the second floor. Oh well, I guess I'll have to take the stairs.

I ran to the end of the hall, entering the stairwell door. About a minute later I reached the fourth floor out of breath. Gosh, I had to do a little more exercise.

I opened the door, looking down the hallway. I see Pete come out of the elevator, heading in the other direction towards his room. I run after him hoping I would get to his room
before he closed the door. Pete was just entering his room as I caught up to his door. I stuck my foot in front of the door before it closed.

Leaning against the door I tried to catch my breath from my whole episode of running. Pete turned to me his eyebrows scrunching in disbelief and anger.

"How dare you leave after coming into my room and working me up over a kiss?"

"Why are you here Emily?" Pete asked, sitting down on one of the full size beds, I presumed was his.

"To do this..." I walked straight up to him taking his lips into mine. I held his hair, trying to make him stay still as I assaulted his mouth with mine. Pete moaned his hands sliding up my sides, as he gripped my waist. I slanted my mouth more into his, taking his bottom lip into mine as I pulled playfully on it.

I felt Pete's hands rub over my back as he moaned again. I back up deciding that was all I was willing to give to him at the moment. But Pete didn't want to let go. I slide my hands over his as I realize he wasn't going to let me back up.

I slide my tongue across his bottom lip hoping that will distract him from what he was doing with his hands. I back up finally my gaze locked with his as I realize I let my wants take over what I came there to do.

Pete was also breathing heavily, his eyes dazed as if he had tasted an antidote under my tongue. I clap my hand to my mouth. /What did I just do/I look to him, the question lying in my eyes.

Pete sighed, muttering so that I could just hear. "Em I hope you're ready to handle what you started."

I merely nod, turning to walk out of the room without glancing back; I shut the door behind me leaning against it, thinking about what had just transpired. I stand up correctly deciding to go back to my room before Dee got there. I nearly skipped the whole way asI hummed to myself.

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III wanted me.
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