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Cruel Tricks

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The heroes are trying to move on and forget about the incident on the "Illusion Island". Their lives seem perfect right now. But what happens when everything spins out of control and everything tha...

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The island was still. Only the sound of the ocean waves splashing onto the sandy shore filled the air. The trees moved with the wind in a rhythmic pattern. The birds' songs filled the air and died off in the distance. The sun was high in the sky and cast a beautiful orange-yellow glow on everything. The island seemed to shimmer and sparkle... but on these islands looks were deceiving.

On one of the five islands there was something off. Though the breeze did flow through the trees and the birds did sing... the waves were off. Something was in the way, well someone. From a distance you would think nothing more than it was simply a rock. But no, it wasn't a rock. It was the body of a young boy, the descendant of the Greek hero Odysseus.

His body was soaked with the water that constantly toppled over onto him. His body was pushed up onto the sand as the waves moved in, then left in the heat when they went out. The tide had come in and left the young boy, then it went on its way. His normally puffy hair was matted to his head.

Young Odie had, moments earlier, been with his friends and happy. But now, now he was alone and left for dead. He coughed up some water then pulled himself up so he was sitting. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Then looking at his surroundings, he stood up.

" This place just gets weirder and weirder." he muttered to himself as he pulled out his PMR.

Recently he had modified it to withstand water, it was still in the testing stages and didn't work one hundred percent, but this time it held out. He opened it up and tried to call one of his friends.

" Hello? Anyone?" he called.

Static was his reply but there was a faint: " Odie? That you?"

" Archie?" Odie asked, hardly making out the words.

" Yeah. Are you okay?" Archie asked, worry was evident in his voice.

" A little wet but more or less fine. You?" Odie replied, still struggling to hear his friend's words.

" Well I'll never look at water the same way again but I'm-" Archie's reply was cut off by the static.

" Archie? Archie? Are you still there?" Odie asked.

After getting no further reply he sighed and put the device away. Then he looked down the beach. It was covered with white sand that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was flawless, well almost. Up ahead of him, about two hundred meters or so, he saw something... or rather someone.

He squinted in the afternoon light to identify the person. It was Neil. He'd recognize that blonde hair and annoying voice anywhere. He started to run towards him. As he got closer he saw Neil yelling at.. something.

" ... Why? Why oh why? This sucks! Islands are supposed to be nice and relaxing... not TRYING TO KILL YOU!" he shouted.

" Neil? Who're you talking to?" Odie asked, coming to a halt a few feet away from the flailing model.

" Odie? Odie! Oh thank god! It's horrible! I was stuck in this river and the water kept rising and rising and I thought I was a goner!" Neil ranted.

" I was with Archie, Atlanta and you too you know. And I was stuck in that river too. The next thing I know is I'm on this beach." Odie said, trying to figure something out in his mind.

" Well what happened? Shouldn't we have drowned?" Neil asked, feeling a little calmer, but not much.

" Yeah, but on this island anything is possible. Just remember last time." Odie said.

" Don't remind me." Neil sighed.

" We should look for the others." Odie said, adjusting his glasses.

" Okay. Where do we start?" Neil said, turning to look at the trees laid out behind them.

" Well I briefly got in contact with Archie. I got a weak signal but I think I can trace it." Odie replied, taking out his PMR and tinkering with it for a few moments.

Neil leaned over his shoulder and watched him work. In no time a small, blinking dot appeared on the screen.

" That's where we'll start." Odie said, starting off in one direction.

Neil followed him as they started into the trees. They thought that they were heading towards Archie. But they weren't.


Archie slammed his PMR against the trunk of a nearby tree. He had regained consciousness about twenty minutes ago and had been trying to get in touch with someone... anyone. At one point he was even hoping to hear Neil's voice, but then he regained his senses and threw that thought out of his mind.

The last thing he remembered was seeing Atlanta struggling in the water then everything going dark. Then he woke up in the middle of a forest by a pond.

" Stupid, god damn thing." he muttered, still hitting it against the tree trunk.

" Archie?" a voice called from somewhere in the trees.

Archie jumped at the sudden noise and scanned the area.

" Who's there?" Archie asked, his eyes darting this way and that, his mind racing.

" Oh calm down nature boy. It's me." a familiar red head said as she stepped out of the trees.

" Oh great. The Drama Queen." Archie muttered sarcastically.

" We may not like each other very much but if we want to live then we'll just have to suck it up and work with each other." Theresa said.

" Well I've got things under control here." Archie said as he went back to trying to fix his PMR.

" Yeah, I can see that." Theresa said sarcastically.

" Good, then leave." Archie said coldly.

" Okay look. I don't like this anymore then you do. But, I'm not going anywhere and if Jay were here he'd be telling us to stop bickering and work together. The faster you co-operate the faster we'll get off this god forsaken hell hole!" Theresa yelled, surprising Archie.

Archie seemed to be considering her words and thinking. Theresa crossed her arms over her chest and waited for an answer.

" Well..?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

" Fine." Archie said.

" Good. Now, which way should we go?" Theresa asked, looking around.

" This way." Archie said, standing up and walking past the red head.

" No. This way." Theresa said walking in the opposite direction of the warrior.

" Why?" he asked, stopping and turning to face her.

" Because there's a breeze. That'll lead to a beach and then it'll be easy to find the others." Theresa replied matter-o-factly.

Archie grumbled something and followed. He could tell that it was going to be a loooong walk. They had been walking for nearly twenty minutes when the island began to shift. Suddenly they found themselves on top of a ridge, about sixty feet above the ground.

" Oh no! Not this island!" Theresa groaned.

" Way to go genus." Archie said sarcastically.

Theresa whipped around and glared at him. She was fuming. She couldn't believe the nerve he had. But then, she stopped and her expression softened. She looked past Archie and a smirk came across her face.

" What?" he asked, eying her suspiciously.

She didn't reply. She walked past him shooting him a smirk. He turned and looked at what she saw.

" Jay! Atlanta!" he called, following Theresa.

But Theresa stopped short. They were still in the distance and didn't seem to see her and Archie yet. Archie walked by her but she grabbed his arm and stopped him.

" What?" he asked, trying to loosen her grip.

" That's not Jay and Atlanta." Theresa said in a low voice.

" What do you mean? Of course it's them." Archie said, breaking her grip and walking ahead of her.

Archie stopped too when he saw three large boulders cascade off the mountain top and crush their friends. He broke into a run towards them.

" Archie stop!" he turned and glanced at her.

" No! I'm going to save them." Archie said turning back around.

He stumbled back when he came face to face with Jay and Atlanta. They each wore a smirk and their eyes were unreadable.

" A-Atlanta, Jay. Hey guys." Archie stuttered slightly at the looks he was getting.

He backed up and stood beside Theresa. Theresa shot him a look that said 'told you so'.

" Run." Theresa whispered to Archie, her voice shaking.

He looked at her then the two took off, running away from whatever was impersonating their friends. They came to an edge and looked behind them. Whatever those things were, they were coming after them.

" Trust me?" Archie asked.

" What?" Theresa wasn't quiet sure what to make of his question.

Then, without warning Archie grabbed Theresa's wrist and jumped off the ridge. The two plummeted to the ground, both screaming.


Jay had woken up by a small pond. He wasn't really sure how he got there or why he hadn't drowned but he wasn't complaining. He began to walk around, hoping that he would run into someone. And to his luck he did. He ran into Atlanta... literally. Well, she had been running and ran into him.

They both scrambled to their feet then Atlanta grabbed Jay's arm and began to run again, pulling him with her. When they came to a stop Jay gave her a confused look.

" What.. was.. that... about?" he asked between breaths.

" There was something... back there chasing me." Atlanta replied.

" Oh. Thanks." Jay said.

Atlanta smiled at him. Then she looked around. They found themselves at the base of a ridge.

" We should head up the mountain." Jay said, breaking the silence.

" Why?" Atlanta asked, turning to face him.

" We'll have a bird's eye view of this place. It'll be easier to spot the others." Jay explained as he began to climb.

Atlanta joined him. They made it up the first part in ten minutes. There they took a break. Jay was examining the next ridge while Atlanta was looking out over the trees.

" Was that always there?" Atlanta asked, pointing at a ridge to the side of them.

Jay looked up and wrinkled his brow.

" I don't think so. But remember this island seems to like to play tricks." Jay said.

Atlanta just shrugged and started the next climb with Jay to her right. As they were almost to the top they heard something. It was a scream. The two exchanged confused and worried glances. They recognized those screams. Then they looked to the ridge Atlanta had pointed out before and sure enough their suspicions were confirmed. Archie and Theresa were falling down the side of the ridge.

The two climbed back down, jumping the last ten feet. Then after regaining their balance they raced to where their friends' bodies should've been. But to there surprise, and relief, they found nothing.

" Maybe it wasn't them." Atlanta suggested.

" Maybe..." Jay said, mulling over his thoughts.


Herry shook his head and sat up. Small waves splashed against the grassy bank of a river. He scratched his head, thinking, trying to figure out how he ended up there. Then he heard voices. So, he ducked behind a large rock and waited. The voices grew louder but he still couldn't put names on them.

".... I told you! We have to go this way. That's where Archie is."

" But I'm tired. Let's take a break!"

" Odie? Neil?" Herry asked, stepping out from hiding.

" Herry!" the two cried with joy at the fact that they had found someone.

The three exchanged their stories about what they think happened then they set out to find the others. But they had only made it a few steps when they heard it. That ear piercing scream and fear stricken holler. Cries that could only belong to Theresa and Archie.

The three looked up towards the mountain the distance and they saw it: two bodies tumbling through the air. Falling fast. Horror overtook the three and they started to run. They just hoped it wasn't what they thought.


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