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A Way Home... Or Maybe Not

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The heroes are trying to move on and forget about the incident on the "Illusion Island". Their lives seem perfect right now. But what happens when everything spins out of control and everything tha...

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Tory: Hey there! Again sorry for not updating in a while. Homework, being sick, blah blah, boring stuff. Well there's not really much to say here. Thanks for all the reviews. You all rock! That's about it for now. So, on with the story...

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Herry, Odie and Neil ran as fast as they could, dodging the trees that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. The three reached the ridge and found nothing. Not a, zip, zero. They exchanged glances and slid to the ground.

" Maybe it wasn't them." Neil suggested.

" How many other people do you know that scream like that? And are trapped on this island?" Odie asked, a slight bitterness in his voice.

" I was just trying to lighten the mood, jeesh!" Neil protested.

" Neil? Odie?" a familiar voice asked.

The three boys looked around and shrugged, maybe they had finally lost their minds. A rock stumbled down the ridge beside them and hit the ground, causing a small cloud of dust to rise then settle again. The three looked up and saw two of their friends.

The two climbed down the ridge and, when their feet were firmly back on solid ground, they leaned against the rocks and caught their breath.

" Jay! Atlanta!" the three boys cried with excitement and relief.

" Man am I glad to see you guys. I was beginning to think that we were alone on this island." Jay said.

" Have you seen Archie or Theresa?" Atlanta asked hopefully.

" We did..." Herry started.

" least we think we did." Odie finished.

" We saw them fall from the top of that ridge." Neil stated, pointing up at said ridge.

" We saw them fall too. But if they're not here then..." Jay trailed off.

" I'm sure we'll find them." Herry said.

" Yeah. Come on. We'd better keep moving. If I know Theresa then she'll head for the beach." Jay said.

Then the five started out, hoping to make it to the beach. But on that island... who knew?


Theresa and Archie hit the surface of a clear pond. They went under water then came back up, gasping for air. The two swam to the shore then hauled their soaked bodies out of the water. Theresa slipped and just sat there on the grass, waiting for everything to register in her mind. Archie just collapsed to the ground and stayed there, breathing heavily.

" What were you thinking?!" Theresa asked, her voice angry and fierce.

" Hey! I saved our butts. I think thanks are in order." Archie retorted, pulling himself up so he was sitting.

" Oh, okay. Thanks for nearly getting us killed!" Theresa shouted.

" Would you rather be stuck up there with those look-a-like freaks?" Archie asked.

" If my only other choice was this, then yes!" Theresa replied.

Then it fell silent. The two sat there staring at the water rippling in the wind. Theresa fell back and looked up at the clouds. How she wished that they would just get off the island already.

" I'm sorry." she muttered.

" What?" Archie asked, a little surprised that she was apologizing.

" It's just this island and everything. Last time it was so hard. I guess I'm just afraid that it'll happen again, you know." Theresa said, sitting back up.

" Yeah. When Atlanta left I.... I lost it. I couldn't stand for that to happen again." Archie admitted.

Theresa stood up and held her hand out for Archie. He looked at her hand for a moment then accepted it. Then Theresa hauled him to his feet.

" Truce?" she asked.

" Truce." Archie agreed.

" Come on. Let's get off this island." Theresa said.

" How?" he asked.

" Well first we need to find the others." she replied.

The two headed off into the trees yet again, this time with higher hopes and a temporary truce.


Jay, Atlanta, Herry, Odie and Neil had been walking for what seemed like hours. It seemed as though they were just walking in circles. The sun was high in the sky and beat down on the heroes mercilessly. Finally they slumped to the ground in exhaustion and waited for the sun to begin to set.

" Is it just me or does this island seem bigger the second time around?" Odie asked.

" It's not just you." Atlanta said as she leaned against a tree trunk.

" Come on guys, we need to keep moving. Who knows what surprises Cronus'll have in store for us this time." Jay said from his spot on the grass.

" Just five more minutes? We've been walking for ever!" Neil whined.

" Yeah Jay. If Cronus does have any surprises up his sleeve we'll need to be rested." Herry said.

" Okay. Five more minutes." Jay said as he got up and walked around, " I'm going to scout out the area for any signs of the others."

" You shouldn't go alone." Atlanta said as she hopped up.

" Thanks." Jay said.

Atlanta smiled brightly then led the way into the trees.

" We should go with them." Odie said after a few minutes.

" Why? They said they'd be back." Neil said, relaxing a little too much given the current circumstances.

" Well if this island keeps changing then they might not come back." Odie said, standing up.

" Let's go then. Come on Neil." Herry said as the three started after their leader and huntress.

" Jay? Atlanta?" Herry called.

" Guys? Where are you?" Atlanta's distant voice echoed off the trees making it nearly impossible to tell where they were.

" We're over here! Where are you?" Neil called out.

" That really helps Neil!" Atlanta called back sarcastically.

" There they are!" Herry pointed into the distance where Jay's yellow and purple polo shirt could just be seen.

" Stay where you are." Odie called as the three made their way over there.

After five minutes of crawling through the under brush of the forest and working their way through vines and weeds, the three had made it to their friends.

" I thought you guys were going to relax a little more." Jay said as they stumbled forward.

" Odie decided it would be more fun if we were dragged through the trees instead." Neil said as he picked leaves off of his shirt.

" With the island always changing we figured it'd be better if we stayed together." Odie said, shooting Neil a dirty look.

" Where's Atlanta?" Herry asked, noticing that the spunky red head wasn't with them.

" Look out below!" her voice echoed out as if in response to Herry's question.

Jay stepped back as Atlanta dropped out of the trees and landed on the ground.

" What were you doing up there?" Herry asked.

" I was looking for the ocean." Atlanta replied simply.

" Did you see it?" Jay asked.

" Yep. It's that way!" she said pointing in said direction.

" Then let's go." Jay said as he started off again.

The others followed as they headed in the direction Atlanta had specified. After about fifty feet, give or take, they heard the soothing swish of waves and the comforting swaying of trees.

" It's just up ahead!" Herry shouted with joy.

The five then broke into a run and burst through the trees, landing on the warm sand and laughing giddily for the first time in what seemed like ages.


" Do you hear that?" Theresa asked, stopping dead in her tracks.

" Hear what?" Archie asked, straining to hear what she did.

" It sounds like.... laughing?" Theresa said, her voice full of confusion.

" Laughing? What kind of nutcase would be laughing if they were stuck on this island?" Archie asked in his normal sarcastic tone.

" It's coming from....... that way!" Theresa said as she started to jog towards the sound.

" Wait up!" Archie called after her as he too began to run.

The two broke into full run as the sound came closer and closer. They saw the trees thinning out ahead of them and saw the great blue ocean spread out. Excitement rose in them as they made it onto the sand. But their hopes were dashed as they found themselves alone.

" I could've sworn it was coming from here." Theresa muttered as she paced back and forth.

" Yeah, I heard it too. It almost sounded like the others." Archie said as he followed Theresa with his eyes.

" Wait. There it is again." Theresa said as she stopped in her tracks again.

" It sounds like it's coming from over there." Archie said as he began to run along the beach.

Theresa started after him and caught up to him in no time. They skidded to stop as they rounded a corner.

" Theresa? Archie?" Odie asked, being the first to see them.

The others all stopped what they were doing and looked in the same direction as Odie. Everyone was frozen it seemed. Then Theresa raced forward.

" Jay!" she cried with joy, glad that he was okay.

" Theresa!" Jay said as he too raced forward.

Theresa collapsed into Jay's arms as Archie ran past them to Atlanta. Atlanta wrapped her arms around Archie's neck as he picked her up.

" What happened to you guys? We saw you two fall off that ridge..." Odie started as the four took seats near the others.

" Well Archie's quick and somewhat insane thinking saved us from whatever was up on that ridge." Theresa said, exchanging a glance with said purple haired boy.

" Yeah, there were these two look-a-like freaks that came after us. I knew that the island always changed and figured that it would change and we'd be alright. But it was Theresa who figured out that those things weren't you guys." Archie added.

" Well that's a relief. We thought that you guys were... uhh.... dead." Herry said.

" I'm so glad that we're all back together! Now we can get off this god forsaken island." Theresa said as she leaned back against Jay.

" But how?" Neil asked.

" Same as last time." Jay said with a smile.

" Build a boat?" Archie asked with a smirk.

" Build a boat." Jay repeated.

The seven immediately got to work, even Neil. Each person was assigned a different task. Theresa and Atlanta were in charge of making some sort of sail. Herry was in charge of getting trees to build the boat. Odie was in charge of the design of the boat and how much supplies they needed. Neil was in charge of getting thick vines. And Jay and Archie were in charge of starting to build the boat.

Sun set came and they were only half done. They had to quit for the night. It would be far too dangerous to finish in the dark, with who knows what lurking in the darkness.

" We should get a fire going. Soon it'll be too dark to see." Jay said as he, Archie and Herry dragged their boat high up on the beach so the water wouldn't take it away in the middle of the night.

" Already taken care of." Odie informed them.

" Yeah, Odie saw the sun setting and figured we'd need light, so me and Theresa went to get some firewood." Atlanta said.

" Okay then let's get some sleep." Jay said with a sigh, glad that soon they'd be home.

The seven all laid down near the fire. Theresa was in the protective arms of Jay and Atlanta was in Archie's protective arms as well. The night wore on and the fire burned out. Soon it was morning and Jay was up as soon as the sun was.

" Rough time sleeping?" Archie asked as he snuck up on his leader.

" Yeah. You?" Jay asked.

" Yeah." he replied.

Jay rubbed his right shoulder as the others began to wake up.

" You okay?" Archie asked as he noticed this.

" Yeah, fine. Just a little sore." Jay replied with a smile.

The two went back over to the others and they immediately began to work on the boat again. They worked for hours and didn't seem to notice the storm clouds forming above them. Just as they had finished the boat a giant wave crashed onto shore and swept it away. Then the island began to change again. The heroes suddenly found themselves back at the base of a mountain.

They all cursed loudly as things seemed hopeless. Then a loud cracking sound was heard. The seven looked up just in time to see a lighting bolt hit a pile of huge boulders. The boulders came tumbling down, crushing the heroes. They didn't have chance to even flinch. Each of their worlds faded to nothing, their lives flashing before their eyes. Then, they were gone, out cold, and nothing to bring them back.


A/N: Well there's the next one for ya. Hope you all enjoyed it. I know, I'm so cruel to the characters, but not as cruel as I lead on to be. There's still 22 chapters left to go, so nothing terribly bad has happened.... yet. Heehee. I just love cliffies. Anyways. Thanks again to iheartyou07 for beta reading this. You rock so much Anolez! And sorry again for not updating in a looong time. I will try to update soon, but I probably won't. I'm shooting for next weekend to have ch. 15 up, so keep an eye out. Don't forget to leave a review letting me know your thoughts on the chapter. Cheers;D
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