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Dare Or Dare

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(Now a series) Another Truth or Dare story, but not much like the usual plot. Plain old romance and a touch of humor. Read and review if you have the time, please!

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Hey, I just decided to type this up finally onto the computer! That makes two stories now. I've noticed the sad story trend in the category, so I thought that some plain romance and touch of humor, may cheer someone up : PLEASE read and review, I was hoping for some encouragement. Or constructive criticism if you notice something I need to improve. Please listen when I say sorry for making any spelling mistakes, I am quite tired and have school tomorrow. Great. Rolls eyes Anyways, I'd also like to thank the 2 people who reviewed on my other story! More than I could've hoped for from two excellent authors, so great, thanks!


' Oh my Gods, what am I doing?'

Atlanta, the huntress, the youngest, the fearless and brave, was now the weak and scared. How was it possible? She turned and squeezed her eyes closed. Her bottom lip was retracted into mouth, with her freshly brushed teeth clamped down hard. A slight, awkward smile was still somehow present. Having practiced previously in nervousness hadn't eased her nerves any.

" I'm going to KILL Theresa!" she mumbled quickly. Rotating her small frame, she was met with a pair of questioning steel eyes. Just the kind that could spark anything in her. Competitions, humor, passion...

" 'Lanta? Are you..." the owner of the eyes in question trailed off. Archie was quite sure that something was bothering the fiery redhead. Her hands were so tightly fisted that they seemed to be white tennis balls at her hips. His forehead wrinkled in consternation. Usually he was the awkward, nervous one! What was he supposed to say?

The male youth sighed. Her mood wasn't quite stable, not that it usually was. Frankly, he wasn't keen to the idea of his deep crush angry, and at him. How frustrating could one girl be? Archie often pondered this in his free time.

" I-I'm just FINE Archie!" she managed to spurt. He mentally noted that she was turning pink. From anger maybe?

Atlanta grumbled deep inside her throat. She had meant to be angry, but not scare him away! The thought of her intentions made her stumble and wither slightly.

His hand rose to her shoulder in a friendly gesture and rested gingerly on her shoulder. His ego silently inflated at the small success, and deflated appropriately as she wrenched her body away.

Archie's eyes rolled, and as if on cue Atlanta's did. Whether they knew it or not, they really did have a lot of things in common. Especially in their mental and physical behaviour.

Her thoughts snapped back at the center and cause of her sour mood. She just did not DO the whole nervous, embarassed little girl thing. She couldn't!

' That stupid game earlier...'

Theresa, resident psychic and knowing 'love-expert', had suggested a game to pass the time. Innocent and logical enough, seemingly. The boys of which had run off to their own favoured activity.

Neil, had 'luckily' obtained a shopping spree with Tyra Banks, leaving him smug and spouting things like ' Beautiful people deserve each other. So she should feel especially privaleged! At this, Odie drowned his jealousy with milkshakes, and joined by his attractive computer lab partner, Melissa. Herry, being a sweet grandson, wiled away his time helping Granny train Pepe, eating complimentary chili. Jay, had gone on to read some old astrology legends to enjoy his few carefree times. Archie had of course gone to train. Why he always worked so hard, Atlanta mused often, she had no idea. It wasn't as if he would ever be able to beat her, and he knew that. It was admirable though...

The game, was Truth Or Dare, the opportunities, plenty! Of embarassment to be exact. The first half hour was an all out war between both redheads, both sprawled across their beds.

" Atlanta..." Theresa drawled. Her porcelain skin was covered in chocolate sauce and chips from earlier activities. " Trruuuttthhh. Or dare?

She had snorted. Theresa thought that she was so clever in being so suggestive with her questions! Well... Atlanta wasn't falling for it.

" Dare, duh!" she answered haughtily.

That was when she had noticed it. The all knowing twinkle that appeared when the girl was being especially clever. What had she done?

" Well then..." Theresa averted her gaze to the ceiling, fingers on top of her head. She really was the picture of thinking. Atlanta's eyes were comically wide at this behaviour. But still, her mouth set in a defiant scowl.

" Ask Archie out. And don't tell him why, just look at square in the eyes! No telling anyone why after either, only I can do that!" Teresa's mouth was a blur. Sadly, as she had noted, Atlanta was no wussie, so here she was, getting ready to do it.

" A-Archie... um, I-uh, was a-wondering if..." Atlanta was staring at his running sneakers. Theresa had insisted on the dare being carried out as quickly as possible, so here they were, in the park. Archie was glistening in sweat and panting.

His face was now distorted with confusion. 'Archie's' Atlanta never stuttered, especially not with him. But he silently prodded her, curiosity overtaking his logic.

Atlanta was silently freaking out! She was usually so confident and NOW! She couldn't even ask him this one thing! Her stomach churned, her palms were clammy.

A rock from a bush 'happened' to roll into her foot, followed by a strange chirp. It sounded suspiciously like -LOOK UP-.

Their pale eyes met and Atlanta was frightened of all of the new feelings.

" Will you..." she gulped " Go out? With me?" Her voice suddenly got very small.

Atlanta was faltering deeply inside. Why did this suddenly seem so important and serious. When Archie began to stammer, she felt her scowl return with watery eyes. He was secretly wondering if Teresa and everyone were doing this to hurt him. You could never be too careful!

Although she knew that her face showed it, Atlanta prayed that he couldn't notice. Hoped he couldn't see the hope in her eyes or the desperate side of her that was burning. She didn't want to be hurt again.

Archie had recently had a series of girlfriends (whom he had hoped would help him forget his love for Atlanta, he just didn't want to always hurt for her.) She had been jealous, and afraid to admit it. Secretly her heart had ached and she wouldn't have that again. She wasn't going to be weak. Hurting a girl was bad enough, but when he didn't even know it, it hurt all the more.

They were perfect for each other and yearned to know more than friendship.

Atlanta's eyes watered as his stammering broke off into silence and his eyes turned to the ground.

Before she had a chance to run off in shame, he whispered, " Did they put you up to this?"

' Obviously!' the boy thought viciously.

" I-I just want to know! Gods Archie! This is me, and you should know it! I want to know if you feel the same!" her confidence burst out.

He leaned in and murmured, "Of course I do, 'Lannie!"

Her face softened and she smiled at her special nickname. The situation was certainly awkward, but both were melting in relief. His slow advancement shocked her, but his firm gaze and soft, rare, smile assured her.

Archie's pale fingers smoothed her knitted brow, relaxing her outwardly. His soft blue hoodie brushed her cheek and Atlanta had quick reaction, as it lowered.

With Atalanta's speed she filled the space between their lips. The sweetest of moments occured for the two brash teens. The cold blue of his eyes warmed and the fire in hers softened.

" Are we-?" he questioned.

" Yes! I mean, I hope?" she raised her brows.

Archie smiled and nodded.

Their bodies still close, they lowered their lids. A second kiss was imminent. Until...


" Darn it! Stupid flash!" the 'bush' grumbled.

The new couple peered into the shrub where a familiar girl was fumbling with her camera settings. Theresa was most definitely not the most discreet spy!

Both tapped their feet and crossed their arms. Their eyebrows raised high, they burned hole into her forehead. The redhead was very wide eyed when she looked up.

" Well..." she squeaked " Congrats guys! And uhh... you're never getting this film!"

She fumbled through the trees while Atlanta and Archie blushed. Their hands intertwined and they chuckled, glad for meddling friends.


Well, that was.. a story! Haha, please review! And I hope that it may measure up to the wonderful stories that I read on here. Hopefully ;
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