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Sheets And Old Oak Mirrors

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This isn't a continuation of the first chapter, it's a different idea altogether. I have ideas! Tell me if I should continue or not! (Also, I have a story in original-romance, so please review it! ...

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Hey there! This is my first try at a series, and I would once again like to credit Winter-Rae for inspiring me with her amazing 'To Break Your Fall' series! I'd also like to say thanks to my friend, iheartyou for being superbly fantasmic : ) Please read, review, and reply to this question: Is this a good idea to continue? Pleeaassseee do it if you have the time.

Constructive-crit greatly appreciated!

Disclaimer: I do not own COTT. Wah!

Chapter Name: Sheets And Old Oak Mirrors

Pairing(s): A/A

Characters: Archie, Atlanta

Warnings: Talk of anorexia? I don't know if that's a warning... but yep. A bit of OOC but please don't care much for that. I'd rather focus on the writing here.

Author's Note: This isn't one of my favorite ones. I couldn't really find the right words and I don't think it's very good by my standards. It's a more done idea, but hopefully it's not a generic story. I have many ideas for other chapters, but really not much good if no one reads. Besides my awesome friends of course :) (And sorry if I go a little nuts with the seperators! YAY seperators! Just learned how to use them! Stunned or what? Sigh)


Chapter One: Sheets And Old Oak Mirrors

She woke again, groggy and tired. Most of all though, the shame gurgled familiarly in her body, a pulsing in her veins. The girl almost welcomed the sound and feeling, acknowledging exactly what she was doing to herself. Her emotions, however, were kept in check. If a drop slithered out down the side of the lock, they would undoubtedly break her and her walls once again. The increasingly withering muscle on her legs on body reminded her of the unrelenting pain. But to her, it wasn't muscle. No, it could never be anything but extra. Her legs swung over the side of her bed, still made and relatively tidy. Her body had given up on her just as she had finished running, and collapsing on her bed, she slept a restless sleep, just like so many previous. The cotton folds hadn't comforted her in the least in the nightmares that plagued her. A bitter taste was still on her tongue. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

Her eyes adjusted to the dark, dim lighting of her room. A blue sheet covered the window, but light still filtered slightly through the cotton. It was dusty and stale in the air, a welcome change to the sudden sourness that was overtaking her life. The door locked securely from the inside. A pile of clothes littered the floor, a rejected trail leading to it. It grasped her attention like it always did. She rose from ehr bed.

Her skinny arms reached for the sheet covering the object hesitantly. Her lip was quivering even as it was clamped onto with her teeth. The manner was resemblant of a human and a cobra. The sheet slid off of it's grand oak frame, it's carved surface lit even int he darkness. The shine of the morror was dazzling and deadly at the same time. A large looking glass, so beautiful and at the same time to the red head, a murderer all in one.

Skip the meal

Skip the snack

Forget how I feel

Pick up the slack


Her frame was distorted and mutilated in her eyes, even under the baggy fabric of her clothes. It hung heavily on her bony body and her everything was dulled, it was apparent to anyone. It was suprising event o her that no one had picked up on her new habit. Her old problem. Atlanta knew that once she left the holding cell that was her room, the facade would be triggered. A stretched smirk, a cocky voice, and no one would eb the wiser. She wished that they would. All of the fake things and lies and pretending that made up her life. Or more accurately, her existence.

Knock Knock. A rapt knocking on the wooden surface snapped her head up.

" Atlanta? 'Lan, you awake?" a rough voice flowed through the air. Everything seemed to perk up at the sound, her lips even turning up slightly. Everything but the cold surface of the mirror warmed.

And then I'm feeling alright

But then I'm looking

In the looking glass and

"I'm good Archie! Whadja want?" her old voice surfaced after having been abandoned. The act went on.

" I was wondering if you wanted to, uh... do something? You know? I'm bored and it's already..." he glanced at his watch as he sighed " 1 in the afternoon! It's not really like you to-"

" I'm GOOD Archie!" she cut him off. Her eyes rolled.

He frowned deeply. Something was up and it was obvious, but Theresa hadn't noticed and suprisingly neither had anyone else. He could get most of them, but not even Odie had picked up on it. She was just so... different these days. Always late, always tired. Sne looked almost sickly, and her mass of training muscles had slowly skimmed away. Atlanta was now the opposite of what she used to be, still as determined as ever to train, to be better, but no longer taking time to include others. She was hollow and fragile. Archie made up his mind. He had to address it, or else risk losing the spunky girl. She was a deteriorating version of her now.

" Sure! A run? I just have to get changed." She shouted past the door. The sheet flew over the glass once again and she scrambled for her clothes.

" Actually... I was thinking we could go to the mall. I need some new clothes." The boy had a hunch and was trying it.

" S-Sure." Her voice faltered. Atlanta just hoped that she could handle all of the mannequins and giggling girls. Hopefully her friend wouldn't hear the rumbling of her stomach when they passed the food court.

Archie had a feeling that he was right.

The shopping aspect was suspiciously affecting the red head. He watched her, her eyes flicking nervously, her head low, her arms crossed over her chest. Her normal attire had been replaced by a large black sweater and baggy jeans. A peasant hat was covering her vibrant red hair. All of her outlandish, loved qualities were being smothered, all of the things that he adored. He had to be certain though, even with so much evidence staring him in the face. What if he was wrong? What if he hurt her more than helped? 'But she's lost so much weight. She runs all the time, she trains all of the time. Why is she doing it?'

While Archie was deep in thought, Atlanta was watching in longing. A few tall, model-esque girls were cooing compliments to each other near by. They were thin and blonde, seeming like Theresa in pretty, physical ways. Why couldn't she be like that? Previously she had had a lean, boyish body, and now? Now she was getting thinner and she knew it. That was what she wanted; to be thin, and beautiful, and wanted, and adored. To be like girls like Theresa, to have someone like Jay to love her. The group smiled at each other and picked out some more clothes.

Archie looked over at Atlanta and followed her gaze. A few attractive girls were shopping nearby. By the look on her face, this upset her, although he wasn't sure why. But even with the pretty girls to the right of them, his grey eyes were set on the redhead. In all of her pain, she still looked perfect. He came to with a jolt. Did she think otherwise? The boy needed to keep her from that, those lies that she must have been thinking. Her pale green orbs began to shine and he reached out for her. Their hands connected, warmth spread through her arm and penetrated her cold feelings. But she turned her head away in shame. She ran, straight out of the mall, Archie feebly attempting to stop her.

Skip the meal

Skip the snack

Forget how I feel

Pick up the slack

Another girl to cliche cry

Another girl to say 'she died'

My reflection's a funhouse mirror

She clenched her fists as she ran, her teeth grinded wildly. She wanted the tears to stop. Why wouldn't they stop? Her legs kept pumping until finally, they reached the park. Something told her that that was the right thing.

And then I feel alright

She swiveled and slid down the splintering bark of the tree. Her fists pushed into the oak and scratched against her skin. She couldn't believe that she had let Archie see her like that! He would think she was a wimp, a baby, weak. A sob pushed through her mouth. It was darkening further, a mist present from the earlier, swirling snow drifts. The park was filing out of people. Atlanta was thankful that she could be left alone in her misery. No one left to look on in pity now, to debate whether or not she was stable. She clenched her eyelids shut.

Now all I hear is

Now all I hear is

Frosty grass crunched and pants were heard. A welcoming voice was now laced in worry. The footsteps rushed forward.

" Atlanta! Thank God! I-I didn't know where you were and-and I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to upset you and I'm an idiot and I... I was so worried!" Archie was frantic and relieved.

A few more tears rolled down her red cheeks. The salty warmth stung her face.

" I'm sorry Archie! Y-You probably think I'm a baby and a brat for running off. I wouldn't blame you... I can be better!" She choked out her words sadly as she turned her face.

Now all I hear is me

Screaming out my tears and

No one seems to get that

As they all smile

They all act gorgeous

I punch the walls

I never asked for this

They're closing in now

He suddenly put his hands on her face and trailed his fingers against the salty trails. Archie gently turned her face toward him. She slowly opened her eyes and sniffed. Archie's pale grey eyes were locked onto hers and shone with ferocity. Atlanta couldn't ever remember so many emotions in his eyes before. Sadness. Worry. But she noticed anger most of all. Angry at her.

I can feel it

There's someone I hope

Can come and heal this

Shame I hide inside me

"Atlanta. 'Lan, you NEVER say that about yourself. Ever. You're the best, most wonderful girl that I've ever known and you saying otherwise is just wrong! If I haven't done enough to make you realize that then I've done something wrong, not you. I loved you before and I don't know why you felt you weren't good enough, but you were and always are. Please, tell me what I can do to make this better. I want to help. I want to knwo where the other you is! PLEASE 'Lan! Please." Archie's words were fluid and full of passion. As she stared into his eyes and felt the warmth of his hands on her face, she gaped. Her mouth was wide open at his proclamation of love, and she knew. She knew that he meant it.

" Archie..." She smiled. He had realized his profession of love and was struggling to maintain eye contact with his reddening face. Atlanta was struggling to maintain her composure, she still didn't want her best friend to see her so emotional. " That's why I love you Archie. You're always there to pull me from my shame. Thank you."

Archie had actually told her what he had wanted to for so long. And now he knew that it wouldn't be requited like he had presumed. His rough hands sunk to her shoulders in relief and he smiled genuinely. It faltered slightly at the bony feel of her body, but soon she'd be back. The girl that he loved would be all back and he couldn't wait. His cheeks pinkened as he leaned in. A soft kiss was planted on her forehead and he shyly drew away. Atlanta seized a chance and cheekily grinned as she kissed him on the lips, relishing the moment when she felt herself again. Maybe her spunky attitude would be back sooner than that. Their blushes settled and interlaced their fingers for the walk home.

Atlanta woke with a jolt. The darkness began to smother her as it did so many nights before, her raspy breaths not helping. A silvery moonlight escaoed the shade and reflected threateningly off of the antique mirror. This was reminiscent of so many times that she gave in to it. But this time, she knew where to go.

She tiptoed down the hall and whispered past the door. A light knock echoed through the eerily lit hall. Archie answered the door groggily, the picture of adorable fatigue. He perked immediately with worry as he spotted her looking small and sheepish.

" I, um, had a nightmare. Can I-?"

He offered the door open immediately, not even having to hear the rest of her request. She brushed past him smiling tiredly. Atlanta settled into his bed and the boy's familiar scent comforted her. His door was locked and he settled beside her, strong arms wrapping her slowly bulking frame. He kissed her on the forehead and she knew the nightmare was over. Finally, she could become normal again. Atlanta could love and be loved and the old oak mirror would soon be gone. Archie's arm left her side to reach up the wall. She closed her eyes and smiled. His hand found the light switch.

She heard a click and this time, didn't feel the ominous quiet and hurt. Atlanta wasn't afraid of the dark nightmares and mirrors. Now it was really just a click.

Now I face the day

I sleep the night

Remember how I feel

I don't have to fight

That tired old mirror.


Hey, another story! This is one of the chapters in the 'Just A Click' series. All of my two fans said that this would be cool to try and continue! I wrote 'Just A Click' on a seperate story and I thought of a whole whack of ideas for this. Read and Review.
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