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Rallie's song

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Rallie is prepared to die for the group, and she knows she may have to once they know about the time rip. But what will happen when Rallie is faced with the question to die, or watch her world fall...

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"Merde" Rallie said, (Merde means shit in french, french swearing te-he) we all sat in the living room, person after person we were copying answers "This is retarded" Rallie kept reminding us "so be it, but i know were like a centuary behind when we were born, but i am not going to fail" i told her, she gave me that 'shut-the-hell-up-or-i'll-make-you look "trust me hunny, you'd have failed on your first day if i hadn't been transelating" she said "Odie's slang's rubbing off on you" i said, i smirked a bit, i love it when i get her with a comment and she turns bright red "shut up" Odie said in her defense "there is absolutly nothing wrong with my slang, anyways, when she tries to say it, it's kinda cute" he said, Rallie chuked a pillow at him "not helping, but you'd best keep your trap shut el' red head, or i'll not be giving you el' homework" Rallie said "are you trying to frighten me with spanish again? well it's not working! HA!" i was tantillizing Rallie as i said this, she stuck her tung out at me "ooooh tricky" i said sarcastically. Rallie shook her head tisking quietly "I see why you and Jay got along so...famously" i said, that got her attention, "say what" she said, her pen still in her hand, scrating answers 'friggin photographic memory' i thought as i remembered her only having to look at a page for an instante to remember the whole thing, yet she couldn't manage to study.

"I said i see why you and Jay got along so famously" i repeated, Rallie laughed, then looked back at her paper, obviously thinking about the past. I didn't question her farther, that would be saved for later, once it was just me and her. "finito! copy and return to me, so i can actually keep it" Rallie said placing the paper on the table, it was only me, her, Odie, Atlanta and Herry in the room. Herry as usual was munching his oversized sandwhich, Odie was copying answers and Atlanta was...looking at her nails? "Atlanta, are you looking at your nails?" i asked, i was worried "yeah, look at all that dirt under them! my skin is peeling!" she said, that explaines it! "Rallie, whe-" i started then realized that my golden haired friend had dissapeared. I got up and walked into the kitchen, Rallie sat by the window, staring out at her old home, Quebec that is. "Rallie, are you alright?" i asked her, "i need to get home" she said, "i know, we all do" i said sitting down beside her "no, you don't...i needgo home" i wasn't understanding, i was about to ask her what in bambi's name she was talking about when she got up and grabbed her coat "i'm gonna go see if Jay's almost back" she said leaving, i looked out the window again to see snow falling at an alarming rate.

I stood back from the window "please be alright" i whispered. It was another 2 hours sinse Rallie left to find Jay, when the door opened and closed "Odie!" Called a girls soft melodyical (is that a word?) voice "Rallie!" i said runnning to her, Odie at my heals, she had her arm under ..JAY! "what happened!?" i asked, i took Jay from her and layed him on the ground, his eyes flutered open. "No time! None at all! Time is unraveling! Crounos' spell is wearing off! but it's distroying the very fabric of time! We need to get out of the spell and close it or good" Rallie said, at her words, a spiral black hole appeared in the kitchen! "AH!" i said, as things were suked into it's black depths. "Theresa! get back!" Rallie said, i quickly helped Jay up and we backed up to where Rallie stood with Odie "OKAY EVERYONE! NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO GET YOUR ARSES DOWN HERE!"
Rallie called to them, soon we all stodd around the black hole "correct me if i'm wrong, but i gather from this is that : we do not wanna touch that" Herry said "impressive Herry" Rallie noted, though she looked at the edge of a giggle fit, but didn't under the present circumstances. "we need that word now Theresa" Rallie told me, i closed my eyes 'persephony' i called in my mind, i felt a hand on mine 'we need your help' came Rallie's voice, she was the one holding my hand, i heard her distant song as she thought along with me.

We both let go, we had both heard it "EVERYONE! Hands together! form a circle! Consentrate on the following word!" Rallie said, everyone held hands around the black hole, we all said the word, i was using my magic to help the spell "it's not enough" i said, "we need to close the spell for good...o can only get us back" i told them Rallie gulped. Rallie started to walk forward, her hand fell from mine as she walked for the black hole "RALLIE!" Odie called, it was as if Rallie was in a trance, she began to sing "before it started, it would end, over hills, and battles fought, we stand united, and now, i give my life for thee, for them to stand, one last time. finish this, my last wish, close this break, seel their fate, this is it, the moment of truth, just remember this, i love you" she started to fly over the hole, as she sang her body glowed and the black hole started to glow as well, slowly as she sang, she was lowered into the black hole. "remember this, i love you" was alll that we heard as Rallie closed the hole...sacrificing herself to close the spell. "NO!" Odie yelled, as he said it, we felt a thumping in our minds, a whizzing and then the sincation we had felt when we had been takin to the past.

"ouch" i heard as we landed on cold stone floor, i looked up, Persephony, Hera and the other gods and godesses stood before us "we saw everything" Hera said lowering her head "she isn't dead" i said, but as i said it, a tear fell from Apollo's eye, "no! she isn't gone!" i shouted, tears falling like rivers from my eyes, i heard a body colapse behind me, Odie was on the ground, crying. "She gave her life for us! She brought us back! she cannot be gone!" i shouted again, Persephony placed a hand on my shoulder and hugged me, i sobbed into her shoulder. "you are right Theresa, Rallie is not gone, her body may have passed away but her spirite lives on in her music...and in you all" Hera said, i got a small smile acrossed my face "andwere all going to make sure she isn't forgotten" i said.


"Rallie, the girl who was supposed to come on this stage today, died 3 days ago in a car crash. A lot of people didn't understand Rallie till they heard her sing, she told everyone who she was threw her music, and that is why i stand here today, holdin her most prized song 'she shall not be forgotten' is it's titel, she wrote it for her sister when she passed away. We sing this song, today, for her" i said, i stood on the stage that Rallie was to have sang on, but sadly could not.

"wind, in the trees
high above me
lie's the sky" I started
"if we all
just believed
that the bigining has yet to start" Came Jay's voice,
"then maybe,
we'd all understand
why were here" Archie sang
"this is it
all at once
singing as one voice we stand" Herry sang
"let not hearts
stop their beating
for the sorrow i feel" Neil sang
"cause i will not
give up now
my heart will beat on" Atlanta sang
"love beats on
in our hearts
her spirtit lives on" Odie sang
"she shall not be forgotten by death
she gave us hope
made us cry today
but we live on
remembering her
we stand today
as she would have stood anyother day" we all sang together.

We looked at each other, and we kept going with the lyricks our friend had wrote, as we sang, we could hear a voice, singing them with us. 'Rallie you are with us today...and tillwe join the sky' i thought, Jay took my hand and smiled at me 'take care of them Theresa...tell Odie i love him' came a soft voice, i almost jumped in suprise "you shall not be forgotten Rallie..."


that was hard! BOO HOO HOO! as you can see i really liked having Rallie in this story...i might write a secual, tell me what you think i should do! later guys!
-author gurly
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