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Chapter Three

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Lexi has loved. Lexi has lost. The three musketeers became the two musketeers in a matter of seconds. Then Patrick shows up. Can Patrick teach Lexi to love again? A short chapter story. Not qu...

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Yeah, I'm on hiatus. But I've been putting off posting this for a week xD


Izzy burst into the hotel room, rousing me from my hazy thoughts. I looked up from my perch in a wooden chair near the large picture window, overlooking the bright city lights. She looked breathless and cold, and was clutching a box of pizza.

"Dinner is served." She panted.

I frowned and stood up, crossing the room to where she stood and taking the box from her arms. She rolled her eyes gratefully to the ceiling as she pulled off her coat and hung it up on the gold hook nailed to the door; it fell to the ground, but she ignored it.

"Did you run here?" I asked, "I wasn't that hungry, sheesh."

"Nah, I'm just excited, look!"

She reached into her jean pocket and pulled out two bits of paper, thrusting them in my face. I wrinkled my nose and stepped back.

"Calm down! What're those, tickets?"

"Yeah! There was some sort of contest on the radio in the pizzeria; they said they were giving away two free tickets to the...34th caller or some bloody thing. And I won! Good thing I had my cell with me."

"Oh, cool..." I set down the pizza on the corner of one of the double beds in the room and took the tickets from Izzy.

"Fall Out Boy? Never heard of 'em."

"They sang...oh, what's the one...they used to play it on the radio all the about dancing..." Izzy bit her lip.

"Dance, dance?"


I stared back at her dryly.

"That song annoys the hell out of me, it's overplayed."

Izzy shrugged and grabbed the tickets back, grinning at me over her shoulder as she sat down on the deep red bedspread and took a piece of pizza out of the box. She bit into the end and said with her mouth full,

"Who cares? I won tickets, this stuff never happens to me; they're on the floor, too! It'll be great, when was the last time we went to a concert?" Izzy sounded gleeful.

"Gosh, it's been forever...I think the last one was that U2 concert about four years ago, remember? You and Cass were-"

I stopped in mid sentence; this wasn't right. How could I be smiling while I said his name? Izzy down at the floor, her eyes cloudy. I swallowed the tears I knew were coming and sat down next to Izzy, grabbing a piece of pizza and stuffing it into my mouth as a defense mechanism against my tears. We sat in silence for a moment, avoiding each other's gaze and munching our dinner. I could hardly taste the hot mozzarella and spicy pepperoni. Then, I glanced up timidly as Izzy took a deep breath;

"Why does that happen every time one of us says his name?"

I shrugged.

"'s okay. It should be, anyway. He's...gone. We have to accept that." She continued.

I picked at a piece of green pepper on my pizza;

"I know." I said, a little defensively.

"I don't think either one of us have actually accepted it, though." Izzy replied quietly.

More silence. I hated it; I wanted things to be normal again. I wanted Cass to be sitting with us; I wanted us to be arguing over which two got to go to the concert. But you don't always get what you want. So I took a deep breath;

"I'll take a while to finally accept that he's...that he's gone."

"Dead." Izzy said distractedly.

My gaze snapped to her face; she was starring at the wall with a glazed expression.

"He's dead," She repeated, and then snapped out of her trance, turning to me; "Say it. He's dead."

I was alarmed; I did not want to say those horrible words.

"Iz! That's...disrespectful!" I knew I was wrong.

"No. It's truthful. Say it."

My insides were twisting, and my head was starting to hurt. I drew a shaky breath;


A kind of warmth washed over me; a heavy weighed lifted off my shoulders and I turned to Izzy.

"We have to quite skipping around it; he's dead. The end. We're alive; we have to live."
"We've been over this."

"I know. But I'm starting to understand it."

Izzy smiled at me; I smiled back. For once, I didn't feel like crying.

I tugged on Izzy's hand excitedly;

"Come ON, Izzy, we have to be there soon!"

"Calm down Lex, we'll make it, God!"

We had spent about two hours deciding what to wear; what were you supposed to wear to this kind of concert, anyway? We didn't want to look to dressy, or too casual, or too old...what did kids wear these days? Finally we decided on jeans and U2 tee shirts. My mind flicked briefly to the third tee shirt that I knew was folded into our shirts drawer, but I shook the thought out of my head.

"Iz-zeeeee hurry up!" I whined; she was making sure her hair was just right in the bathroom mirror.

She rolled her eyes.

"Shut up and calm down."

She stepped into the small hallway and grabbed her wallet;

"Let's roll."
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