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The tutor

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Julius isn't doing well in math class, why you will soon find out. Anyway he gets a ntutor, and it's the person he least expected.

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Julius' POV
..."Delilah?" I asked astonished (bet you didn't see that coming)

"I can't belive it why didn't you tell me you were failing?" she asked a little hurt.

"who said i'm failing maybe i just don't understand something?" I defensivley

Delilah, then pulled out his test, "56%"

"fine maybe i'm failing" I said slumping down in my chair.

"okay let's take a look at your test to see the problem area's" she said while looking over the test.

"Julius, this test has almost nothing on it but on the corners there are poems, there quite messy can you read them to me?" she said

I took the page, and looked at it "umm... nope i can't read it" I lyed, I didn't want her to know what they were really about.

"okay let's try a couple of oral questions 1)...." she started

We went through about fifty questions, I had answered them all perfectly

"okay this makes no sense the last 10 questions were straight from the test" she said astonished

"Okay Juls why aren't you putting these on the tests you know all the answers, but when it comes to test time you don't even write them down." she said looking at him quizicly(spelling?)

Delilah was looking over my test again, when she began to say something that shocked me

I wish she was my only
She has beautiful, hair
she has beautiful, eyes, I've known her most of my life
I only wish she knew the feeling that I hide
I don't know how I stand her beauty everyday
I wish she was my only

I burried my face in my hands so she couldn't see me blushing,'my poem, crap she wasn't supposed to read this' I thought

"Juls?" she said lifting my face to see the blush on my cheeks

"yes" i said

"who was that poem about?" she asked me

"it was about...."
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