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The poem was about...

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Julius isn't doing well in math class, why you will soon find out. Anyway he gets a ntutor, and it's the person he least expected.

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Delilah's POV

"Julius who were the poems about?" I asked him

"they were about..umm. you" he said very quitely, hoping I wouldn't hear, but with my sensitive hearing I did. He slumped down and put his head down.

"me?" I asked trying to see through his hair which was covering his face. He didn't respond. I pushed the blonde hair away from his face and pulled his chin up to look at his beautiful blue eyes.

"Juls, why didn't you want to tell me?" I asked, he looked into my eyes and looked away

"I'm sorry De I can't handel this" he said and ran out of the room. I ran after him.

"julius come back" I shouted as I ran after him.

Julius POV

I ran until I was by the river then I sat down and sat on the bench and put my head in my hands

'how could I be so stupid, she probably hates me now' I thought. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice Delilah come up and sit beside me, until she spoke

"Juls?" she asked

"what?" i asked my face still in my hands

"why didn't you tell me" she asked intwining her fingers lightly with mine.

"I love you, and because I didn't think that you felt the same way," I said twining my finger tightly around hers.

"What if I did?" she said bluhing slightly

"do you?" I asked her

When I didn't get an answer I got up and started to walk away, she quickly ran up to me and wrapped her arms around mmy neck and kissed me passionetly. It took a minute but I kissed back, we pulled apart, she hugged me,

"I feel the same way Julius, I love you too" she said nuzzling into my chest

"We'd better go" I said grinning

"go where?" she asked raising her eyebrow

"We have some studying to do" I said before taking her hand and we walked back to the academy, together.
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