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The Moon Goddess

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Zhang He crossdresses and becomes the Moon Goddess in order to perform a dance.

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Chapter 2: The Moon Goddess

The night was dark, moonlight illuminating through the wooden windowpane. Zhang He stood leaning onto his soft palms as he gazed at the moon. "Oh I wish I was a beautiful moon goddess..." He said, sighing. "Everyone could adore me as I danced around the moon every night..." He fantasizes to himself, thinking of how he would attract so much people with his lively dance. "But, I am only hopefully wishing..." He lamented and then realized to himself, "If only I can make it real!" He pounded his hands together very gracefully. "I got it! I can dance here for all the guys at midnight, like the moon goddess does!" Squeeing, he ran out of his room in search for 'moon goddess' clothes.

Zhen Ji was sleeping soundly during that night, but was troubled with nightmares. She continuously heard someone say "Moon Goddess" throughout her dreams as Cao Pi became what she feared of; a woman. He no longer loved her, leaving her for Zhang Liao as she lay in her bed crying in tears. Upon waking up, Zhen Ji immediately searched for her husband and found that he was still at her bedside, one arm laid on top of her. She was so relieved that she showered him with fountains of kisses that woke up Cao Pi.

He noticed her watery eyes locked on his. "My wife, what is troubling you so much to be kissing me like this?"

Zhen Ji cried some more, as she tried to explain her dream. "You became... a woman...and left me for... my dreams" She choked out. Cao Pi embraced her, patting her back.

"My wife, I would never do such a thing. 'Tis all but a dream. I will always love you, and you know that." He said with his most romantic voice and planted a kiss on Zhen Ji's forehead. She stopped crying and started giggling wildly. "Now go back to sleep, it is still too early in the morning." She obeyed and together the two couples slept in each other arms.

What they didn't notice at the time was that someone came in their room and barged through the stuff during the night, singing "Moon Goddess."


Cao Cao was sitting in his throne lazily, eating cherries. His First Wife massaged his legs as his Second Wife hand fed him. Third wife was trying to entertain him with a dance, but received a cherry to the face. "Boo!!! Can't you dance better than that?"

She didn't answer but ran out of his throne room bursting out in tears. Upon leaving, she ran into a scantily-dressed woman who looked remarkably familiar. The woman put her hands on Third Wife. "You shouldn't cry my dear! Lord Cao Cao was only trying to help you improve!" Third Wife ignored her words and ran away crying more. The mysterious woman shrugged. "Oh well, so much for trying to help..."

Cao Cao noticed the attractive woman at the doorstep. "My oh my, and who would you be?" He said, pushing his wives away and walking to the new woman.

The mysterious woman gave a graceful bow. "I am the moon goddess and I would like to request a performance at midnight. Please allow me to perform in front of you and all your generals."

Cao Cao circled around the woman twice, observing her features. He started to grope around her backside, which the woman didn't mind. "Very nice..." The Wei Lord said to himself. "Well, what about giving me a peek?"

Total confusion ran through the minds of everyone in the room causing them to wonder a sneak peek of what? "My Lord, would you mind being clear of your desires? A sneak peak of what, may I ask?" The Moon Goddess asked with her sultry voice. Cao Cao gulped, realizing what he said out loud a moment ago. He knew that if Fourth Wife heard what he said, she would be very angry and won't allow him to bed with her for the night.

"Err... I mean a sneak peek of your performance!" Cao Cao clarified and jumped back to his throne. First and Second Wife continued to emperorize him, giving him massages while feeding him. "Dance for me." He coolly commanded as Second Wife popped a cherry in his mouth which got stuck in his throat. Cao Cao coughed incessantly hoping that it'll come out, but it wasn't working.

All of a sudden, an arrow came flying out of nowhere towards Cao Cao. He dodged unknowingly as he drank water to gulp the cherry down his system. The poisonous arrow landed on First Wife's face and she began to bleed profusingly. Second Wife noticed First Wife dying. "Oh my god, someone killed First Wife!"

Cao Cao turned around, noticing his first love dying in front of his eyes. "That bastard!" He fires up yet said carelessly, reverting his eyes to the Moon Goddess when he no longer choked. First Wife's body was taken away by Dian Wei, who came the instant her body fell onto Cao Cao's robe.

"No one shall dirty my Lord's robe like that." He said, dragging First Wife's corpse and tossing it into the garden pond.

Outside of the throne room, Sima Yi bursted into a rage fit. "God dammit, I have failed once again!!!" He cried aloud, realizing that Cao Cao wasn't killed by that arrow and left to his room to strategize a new scheme.

Back to the throne room, Cao Cao ordered the Moon Goddess to dance. Alluringly, she began to twirl and dance around like what Cao Cao would call an angel from heaven. When the dance ended, Cao Cao clapped so loud it drew out all the generals to come see what was going on.

Zhang Liao couldn't tear his eyes away from the new beauty standing at the center of the floor. Xu Zhu was excited that a new female general was in Wei, and hoped that she can cook as well as he can so he can have a companion at the kitchen. Xiahou Dun growled, he didn't like women, and prayed she was nothing like Zhen Ji. Xu Huang had drool at the corner of his lips, which was wiped away by Xiahou Yuan as he shook his head. Sima Yi just came in the room because he noticed every one of them did. Dian Wei stood right at Cao Cao's side, making sure none of them placed their dirty fingers on him. Cao Ren and Pang De went to check what happened and pretended to focus all attention on the woman also. From a random mirror in the room, Guo Jia's spirit reflected on the glass, hearts forming in his eyes. Zhen Ji and Cao Pi came in with their hair messed up and faces unwashed. Her eyes were wide open with shock upon seeing the mysterious woman's clothes.

"Hey, that's my dress!!!" Zhen Ji exclaimed and attempted to yank it off from her body.

The Moon Goddess squeaked and kicked Zhen Ji across the room, hugging the dress on her body. "No way, this is my dress!" She said, running behind Cao Cao. "Please Lord Cao Cao, tell that mad woman to stop tearing my dress off!"

Cao Cao pointed at Zhen Ji, which resulted in Dian Wei marching off to her. He picked up her light body and carried her off to the garden. Cao Pi ran after his wife and Dian Wei, wondering what the Coming Evil was going to do. With one toss, Zhen Ji was sent flying straight into the garden pond where First Wife's corpse floated. "Eek!!!" She screamed, hastily swimming back to the grass.

Cao Pi pulled Dian Wei's clothes, trying to make the man turn his face to him. "Why the heck you do that to my wife, you overgrown idiot!?" Cao Pi didn't get a response but was tossed into the pond as well. Once again, First Wife's unattractive face rose to the surface. "Oh holy mother of God..." He said frantically, hastily swimming away.

Meanwhile back at the throne room, Cao Cao had agreed upon the Moon Goddess performing at midnight. She bowed incessantly, kissing his shoe as he gave a big hearty laugh. "Thank you very much, my handsome lord!" She said and scurried away to her room. Taking off her costume, she undergoed a sex transformation.

"Hee hee hee..." Zhang He laughed as he looked at Zhen Ji's outfit, excited of the coming event.


The Wei generals all sat down in the moonlit garden anticipating the arrival of the Moon Goddess. The moon was full and was shining down onto the pond making it glisten. The stars were twinkling in the night sky and someone was getting impatient...

"When is she going to be here?" Cao Cao moaned as he was on the receiving end of a back massage by Second Wife. He was tense because he couldn't wait for the promised performance. This Moon Goddess was so beautiful- even more beautiful than all of his wives put together! Her beauty was enchanting and Cao had fallen under her spell.

"Yeah, we can't wait!" Xu Huang said impatiently. "We want our performance now!"

"We want to see the pretty lady!" said Xu Zhu who was eating a meat bun.

Zhen Ji however was not as excited as the others. Of course she was the only female there, and also she was still reeling over the day's events. She had not planned on being thrown into the pond... She just stood next to her husband glaring evilly at Dian Wei. Her stares were giving Sima Yi a run for his money!

Just as the generals were moaning about the wait a shot of bright silver zoomed past their faces. They blinked a couple of times and when they had refocused their visions they saw, standing in front of them, none other than the Moon Goddess herself, standing beneath the moon. The men clapped and cheered- Zhen Ji looked in horror. It was another of her dresses, but she didn't say anything as she didn't want to get wet again.

"Good evening my Lords," she said, bowing down to them. She then turned to Zhen Ji. "And my Lady." She bowed again. "I promised you a performance I believe..."

The generals nodded, a few of them already drooling at the sight of the beautiful goddess. They all leaned forward in their seats waiting...

"Is everyone ready?" she asked as she stood up straight. She smiled when all of the generals nodded eagerly. She nodded to some musicians hiding behind some bushes, and some flutes started to play.

As the music played, the Moon Goddess twirled around, the gentle breeze of the wind flowing through some of her loose long black hair. The pretty pale blue dress glided as its owner expressed her face of bliss. However, that wonderful moment for the guys was ruined by the catty Zhen Ji.

"Give me back my damn dress!" She demanded as she ran out of her seat to snatch it. The Moon Goddess possessively covered herself up from being dress robbed. Yet this time, Zhen Ji was very persistent in getting her lovely blue gown back, and succeeded. The Moon Goddess was now revealed of her true identity...

"Oh my, all this time I've been fantasizing about that queer!?" Cao Cao said as dropped his wine cup. Dian Wei was seen banging his head on the wall for thinking dirty thoughts and Cao Pi actually jumped into that pond in the garden for having images of him and Moon Goddess in bed together.

Xu Zhu came to Zhang He's side. "That was a good show you put up!" He said and patted his friend hard on the back. Zhang He managed a smirk even after the awkward moment. Everyone present was there looked at the Butterfly General as if they are waiting for some explanation.

Zhang He knew he had to explain himself. "I've always wanted to perform for you all but Lord Cao Cao would never let me, because I am male. That's why I decided to become the Moon Goddess...I truly apologize for deceiving you but I hope I can dance for you all in the future."

Cao Cao sighed and excused the general to his room. Zhang He left without looking at anyone but straight ahead of him. While he was passing by the hallway though, Guo Jia still had hearts in his eyes!
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