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0.o, I'm starting to scare my self with all this evil!

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"Jay... Jay..." A soft voice wispered in his ear. He had fallen alseep, or died, he didn't know. When he opend his heyes, he saw Thereasa, hovering over him. Red tear bloches spoted her face and the tears still flowed. He rose up. Every bone in his body hurt. When he looked around the room, he saw he was in Heras office. He looked around for Odie and Neil, but he couldn't see them. What he saw instead was a tall boy... he looked like Sophia's younger sleft.
"Were is Odie and Neil." This sent Thereasa into another fit of sobs. Tears fell from the eyes of her feinds, Hera and the taller boy.
"Jay... Your friends, Odie and Neil, are dead." The tall boy siad, his head bowed. Tears weld up in Jays own eyes. "You were dead too but..." his voice trailed off.
"Draco brought you back." Hera finished off. The look on Jays face was not suprizing as a battering ram of questions came from him.
"How? People can't bring others back from the dead. And why didn't you bring back Odie and Neil? How do you know Sophia?" Jay asked, repeting the same questions he had been asked 3 other times already.
"I'm a necromancer. Odie and Neil had their hearst riped out. And I'm her older brother." He siad, answering every question, again. Jay stared at him, so did every one else. It was hard not to. He was 8 feet tall! They went through a long explanation, which was cut short by the arival of Sophia her self.
"Oh look, thats sad. You called in my brother." She spat out the last word with such contempet.
"Sophia..." Draco said. Some people would desribe this moment by saying you could cut the tension with a knife, but thats not fitting enough. It's more like, the only way you could get through the tension is if you got a chainsw and sliced the crap out of it.
"Sophis, don't do something you will regret." Draco said. Sophia smirked.
"I don't regret, mortals and weaklings regeat, I am neither." Everyone, other than Jay and Draco looked suprized.
"What the hell are you talking about you freak." Atlanta said, glairing at the girl, ready to fight. Draco slamed his head repetedly agenst the wall.
"I will kill you for that." Next thing they knew Sophia was gone and Atlanta was dead, missing her heart.
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