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Chrismas time, what will happen? How much blood will be shead in the white snow?

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Months went by with no sign of Sophia. Atlanta had been buried beside Odie and Neil. Tears were shead and laughs were rarly heard. Draco stayed with them, suplyng the only comidy they saw, and by accedent. Being so tall he commenly crashed into things. Snickers were passed at this, but nothing more. Christmas day came, yet no one was very happy. At noon, an usaspected visator came. Jay answered the door. there stood a familer face, reddend by the cold, pale eyes looking into his.
"Sophia." He growled. Every on estared at the girl with contempt.
"Peace, I bring a christmas gift." She held a large cardboard box. She droped it on the ground infront of Jays feet and left, dissapering into the snow. Jay looked at the box. No words broke the scilence, till Draco uttered a single word.
"Sophia..." Now all spoke freely.
"WE can't keep this! It's a trap!" Archie accused. Every one agreed. diffrent ideas were passed back and forth, about what the trap ould be and how to deal with it.
"Stop." Dracos voice boomed above the others. "Sophia doesn't resort to cheap tricks and traps to gat what she wants done. Thease are honest to goodness real gifts. There safe." He siad, opaning the box. In it were neatly wroped gifts, all with a name tag. Every one grabed theres. Most just staried at it. Draco opend his. It was a book, bound in leather and blank pages. Draco smiled. She gave his the same thing every year. His log, by the time christmas came along, he was through with last years. Jay was the fists to work up the courage to open his. It it was a compas. Fine quality, his name engraved on the back. He almost felt bad for Sophia. Thereasa admired Jays gift and opend her own. It was a locket. Gold with a saphire on the front. On the back were her initals engraved. Herry opend his, it was a gold watch. Lovely, it was already set to the right time. Archie looked around. He was the last one. He opend it. It was a butterfly hair exesery. As exwisit as his friends. He made a face. Jay, seeing what he got, laughed. Looked at the box, he noteced a small handal. He lifted it to revel a ball piont pen.
"See. she is an honest person, when the time calls. She has great pride. She would never kill someone with a gift. And should wouldn'y steal these gifts, thats something else she wont do. But after the christmas sesion, don't think she'll be nice." Draco warned, for the first time, he thought maybe Sophia could be human.
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