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The last chapter, what will happen?

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They next met Sophia in a cave, and for Jay, Draco, Archie and Herry, it was the last they would see of anything. It was fast and un forgiving. Herry was brought down first, a quick and easy death of a puncured heart. She had found Archie next, it almost seemed a repeat of their mock battle, exept instead of a kick, it was a knife. Jays was much like Atlantas, she added his heart to the growing colection. Draco was last. He had been killed by his sister. She slit his trought. But when she did, her eyes windend and a tear fell down her cheak.
"Oh god... Draco... I, no it, you... NO!" She screamed. Sudden;y the blood rose up around her and the silver liquid mixed with the scralet, preicered Thereasa's heart.

Green eyes shot open. Swet ran down her skin. Thereasa sat up, shivering. Wispering to herself,
"It was just a dream, only a dream, nothing more." She put a robe over her pinck pajamas and walked slowly down stairs, Sophias eyes haunting her. Atlanta and Archie were facing it off in the living room (on Odies new Xbox 360), with the other four chering them on. Thereasa Grabed a peice of toast and ate it quietly. She couldn't get it out of her ead. Jay was the first one to see her. She was wide eyed and shivering.
"Hey," He said quietly, "You okay?"
"Y-yes, just a bad dream." She muttered. Jay looked at her, conserned, he turned back to the game, finding Atlanata had thrshed Archie and was gloting, Archie glaring at her. Thearsa chould ohly mutter a "Go Atlanta." Befor her thoughts slipped back to Sophia. Later that day, She went into Odies rooma nd Asked him to reserch a "Robert Snangarth." That was the name of Sophias father in her dream. It turned out ophias story had been a real one, and police were still looking for Sophia.
"Why did you want to know?" Odie asked, Thereasa had gone pale.
"A simple dream, thanks Odie, I just needed to know."
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