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42. I Loved You from the Start 'Cause Christmas Ain't the Time for Breaking Each Other's Hearts

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in which Molly attends the "party of the year" at the Wentz's.

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That night Molly was waiting on the front porch for Elyse to pull up when Sean came outside.
"Hey," he started, "can I"
"Alright fine. Just thought I'd ask. Goodnight." Molly chuckled as her brother went back inside the house as Elyse pulled up into the driveway. Molly carefully walked down the walk trying to avoid slipping on the random ice patches that were everywhere. When she finally got into the car she turned to her best friend and simply said,
"Heels were not meant for Chicago winters."
"Nope. But on the plus side they look hot."
"Very true." Elyse pulled out of the driveway and started the drive towards Pete's house in Wilmette. About a half hour later the girls arrived and could tell that the party was already in full swing based on the amount of cars in front of the Wentz residence.
"Pete's parents seriously might kill him for this." Elyse said bluntly as the two girls listened to the obviously live music coming from the house.
"Oh well. He always said he wanted to live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse. This is ONE way to go about it. Let's get inside."
Molly opened the front door to the house and was hit by a wall of sound the second she stepped into the front hallway. Turning her head she saw Pete jumping around the living room with his bass going, Andy smashing the drum kit, Joe wailing on his guitar, and Patrick singing and playing. Right in the middle of the living room.
"Wow..." Elyse trailed off, "I was wrong. His parents aren't going to kill him. They're going to kill all of us. Mrs. Wentz will find a way to blame all nine of us for this one."
"We could always leave and deny we were here. No one saw us yet."
"GIRLS!!!!" Matt suddenly jumped out and hugged both of them.
"Too late." they both answered.
"Nevermind Matty," Molly said, "Now. Where can we get ourselves a drink?"
"Kitchen. Follow me."
And so started the New Years Eve party of the year.
About an hour later it had just reached eight o'clock and Molly was sitting in the kitchen guarding the punch bucket and keg still working on her first beer of the night when Matt skidded to a stop in front of her.
"Beer me wench."
"Do you want it in your cup or on your head?"
"Hahaha. You need to get drunker."
"Nope. I'm good. Pete's well on his way to being wasted, and I figured someone needed to be aware of what was going on in his parents house."
"Oh that's no fun." Matt insisted while pouring his own beer since Molly hadn't moved from her perch on the counter. "So, are you having any fun?"
"Yea. Loads. Can't you tell?" Molly gestured around the quite crowded kitchen that was full of what were obviously highschool and college students getting drunker by the minute.
"I see your point. The guys are gonna play another set in a few minutes, why don't you come out and watch. I'll stay here. I promise I'm no where near as drunk as I've been acting. Scout's honor."
"You were a boy scout?"
"Sure. Only for like a week, but I still learned the little salute thing."
"Eh, I dunno. I've been staying by the booze 'cause I know it's the one place I'll be able to avoid Patrick."
"Avoiding your issues. Remember what happened last time you did that?"
"Yes, no need to remind me Matthew."
"Just checking." Matt took a slug of his beer and continued, "my point being, you should go enjoy the party. I'm sure there are people here you haven't seen since graduation. There are more then enough people for you not to have to see Patrick."
"Ugh, fine. I'll take a loop around the house. Watch the alcohol." Molly hopped off the counter and refilled her cup at the keg before heading out of the kitchen and into the crowded hallway that led to the rest of the house. Waving and smiling at people she thought she recognized, or at least hoped she did as they were waving at her, Molly made her way through the crowd. Once she reached the front hallway she turned left to go into the living room and check out the band. Leaning against the wide doorway to the living room Molly giggled to herself as she watched them. They had just started playing "Pretty in Punk" and it was obvious by midnight Pete might not be awake. He was bouncing on the couch and attempting to play his bass, Joe wasn't faring much better either.
"Hey girl!" Molly turned to hug Max before nodding towards Joe and asking,
"Had a bit to drink?"
"Oh yea, I cut him off until he could play in tune again. I figure he can have another drink around ten or so." Both girls watched and then burst out laughing as Pete went to jump and missed the couch landing flat on the floor. "Pete's another one," Max continued, "He's been going since about six."
"Damn. I only got here at seven-ish. I haven't even talked to any of them yet. They were playing and then didn't come into the kitchen."
"Yea they want to get the live music out of the way, since they can't play past nine in the neighborhood."
"Oooo...right. I forgot how strict they get around here on weeknights, holiday or not."
"Yea. So how's school?"
"Great. I really really love it."
"I'm glad. Joe was convinced you were going to hate it and be miserable. I convinced him that if you were you would come home."
"Yea, I talked to him the other day when he got me at the airport. He was worried I was going to forget my friends. Idiot."
"Hey, that's still my idiot." The girls screamed and cheered as the boys finished another song and launched into what Patrick told the kids would be their last song of the night. As the opening chords of "Growing Up" started Molly had to force herself not to get teary. Max seeming to sense it reached out and squeezed the other girls hand. "It'll be ok. He misses you you know?"
"No he doesn't. You weren't there that day. We said some pretty terrible things to each other."
"You two are as close to soulmates as I think someone could possibly get. Trust me, it'll work out. And do not give me that look young lady."
"Ha, young lady."
"I'm a month older then you. You should talk to Patrick. Don't think I can't see how much you miss him. We've been talking for fifteen minutes and your eyes haven't left him once."
"Maybe I will. The least I can do is apologize."
"Or kiss him senseless and tell him you're an idiot for breaking up with him. Whichever works. I prefer the latter option." Molly laughed at her friend's matter of fact description as to what she should do. "But anyway, I'm gonna go grab my boyfriend before he falls over. I'll talk to you later hun."
"Bye Max." Molly watched the girl hurry through the crowd and bat off the highschool girls who were fawning over him. Next thing Molly knew she had been swept up into a hug and spun around.
"Hey Andy." Molly said hugging the drummer back.
"How's New York? Is it amazing? Come home. Good vegan food?"
"Subtle Andrew."
"I try." Molly smirked and started talking to Andy about New York, and all the delicious vegetarian food that even a "meat eating freak" like she was could enjoy but her eyes were drawn across the room to Patrick. Their eyes met for a second and Molly's blood ran cold when she saw his eyes frost over the second they met her's. She watched as he pushed aside all the fans who were giggling and trying to talk to him and walked straight over to a short brunette and kissed her. Molly choked on the beer she had just taken a sip of and had to excuse herself from her conversation as she suddenly felt like she was going to pass out.
Walking out the front door of Pete's house and down the front steps Molly parked herself on the small bench that sat outside on Pete's lawn. Five minutes later a jacket dropped around her shoulders. Looking up Molly met Pete's eyes.
"You know, it's fucking freezing out here." Said the boy as he sat down next to Molly. "Cheers." He gestured with his cup to which Molly replied by tapping her own on his.
"Little bit. Thanks for the coat."
"Yea well I figured someone had to go out and do it and since Joe is tanked, Andy was occupied with some girl who latched as soon as you left, Matt and Elyse are bombed, that left me."
"And you aren't drunk?"
"Yea right."
"Ok maybe a little bit. But that doesn't mean I'm oblivious. I'd also like the record to state that I swear on Morrisey's life I have never seen that girl before in my life. In fact, as far as I knew Patrick wasn't bringing a date."
"I don't have a clue what you are talking about."
"Yea right."
"Ok maybe a little bit." Molly turned Pete's words around on him and rested her head on his shoulder. "I miss him."
"Yea me too."
"Patrick's been different since you left. Snappish, reclusive. I miss my best friend."
"I'm sorry Pete."
"It's not your fault. Not entirely at least. I don't think I've helped matters to be perfectly honest."
"What do you mean?"
"Lemme put it this way, New Year's more drinking. This is my last night to live it up. After that. Sober. All the time."
"You won't last" Molly said yawning.
"Sure I will. And do not fall asleep yet, it's only eight thirty. Actually let's go inside, I'm gonna freeze my balls off out here."
"Not like you need them."
"Haha HA." The two friends got up and headed into the house and Molly was once again assaulted by a wall of noise.
"I'm gonna go upstairs do you mind? I'm getting a headache."
"Nope. I kept my room locked, you know where the key is right?"
"Yea. Desk drawer in the hallway. Right?"
"Yea." Molly nodded and walked up the stairs and past people who had gravitated upstairs only to find the bedroom's locked. Stopping at a hallway desk Molly reached into the drawer and was surprised to find the key missing.
"Damnit." She hissed. Stomping over to the door leading to the stairs for Pete's room, Molly opened it and walked up the short set of stairs and into Pete's bedroom ready to yell at whoever had gone up there without permission. She stopped short however when she saw who was in Pete's room. Laying on Pete's bed was Patrick. Laying on top of Patrick was a topless girl. The brunette from downstairs. They both turned to her as she came into the room. "I'm...sorry. I'll go now." Molly hurriedly spat out and turned and all but ran back down to the party. Spotting Pete by the keg she made a bee line for the alcochol.
"Uhh...Mol, Beer before liquor." Pete said as Molly guzzled a cup of punch.
"So not caring right now."
"I have advil, it's probably a better headache cure."
"Nevermind. Want to be wasted."
"Uhh...sure." Pete replied while raising an eyebrow.
An hour later when Molly still hadn't seen Patrick or the brunette she began drinking even heavier. By eleven they had reappeared, and both looked incredibly relaxed. Molly however was too far gone to even notice. She spent midnight in Pete's basement bathroom staring at the wall and crying for what she gave up.

A/N: title is from "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight)" by The Ramones.
I totally wrote this at work so appreciate the heck outta I'm not sure if I could get fired for this. BUT I needed a break from transcribing international hot air balloonist contact info. also as it was written at wasn't edited at all. I'm gonna go back through it afterwork and just double check spelling/grammar. plot won't change at all though.
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