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43. Another Love I Would Abuse, No Circumstances Could Excuse

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in which Molly is hungover, we meet the new chick, Molly and Patrick talk. Yea. lotsa stuff happens.

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The following morning Molly woke up on the basement couch with her head hanging over a bucket. Groaning slightly she opened her eyes and gagged as the world flipped upside down. Swallowing hard she slowly pushed herself into a sitting position and froze before grabbing the bucket and emptying the contents of her stomach into it. A few minutes later she put the bucket back down and actually looked around the room. The completely empty room except for Andy who had gotten up at the sound of her getting sick and was making his way over.
"You ok?"
"Uh-huh." Molly mumbled and nodded, wincing and grabbing the bucket again. Andy just rubbed her back until she was done. "Never again."
"Yea that's what you usually say."
"What are you doing down here?"
"I found you passed out in the bathroom around three in the morning once the party started breaking up. Everyone else was wasted but not to the point of unconsciouness, so I figured someone should stay with you in case you had problems. As I was sober I took the job on myself."
"Ugh, Andy I feel bad."
"Don't worry about it. I probably woulda thrown my ideals out the window too if I was in your position last night."
"Yea...WHO is she anyway?"
"Uhh....Miranda? I think. She introduced herself after you disappeared, I wasn't really paying attention to be perfectly honest. She said she's been out with Patrick a few times and was really excited to meet all of us. Or something like that."
"Huh. At least he didn't just meet her last night. Does Pete know they banged in his bed?"
"Oh yea. That was an interesting "discussion" to witness." Andy answered complete with air quotes. "I thought Pete was gonna kill Patrick. He made Patrick sleep up there since he was too drunk to change his sheets." Molly laughed at Andy's explanation, before grabbing the bucket again.

An hour later Molly could finally move without heaving so she headed upstairs to see who was still around and how badly the house needed to be repaired. Entering the kitchen she found Andy (whom she had eventually sent upstairs to let her "die in peace"), Joe, Max, and...her...all sitting around. The first three were eating cereal and drinking juice, while the latter was sipping a cup of coffee and flipping through her phone.
"Good morning." Molly said softly as she headed for the coffee pot. "Where is everyone else?"
"Elyse is showering, Matt headed to work about an hour ago, Patrick and Pete are talking upstairs."
"Oh boy." Molly said as she took a deep swallow of black coffee.
"Yea seriously."
"Who are you?" At that question four heads turned to the girl none of them knew and just stared.
"Excuse you?" Max replied for Molly.
"I asked who she was, I met all the rest of you last night. But as far as I know Patrick didn't tell me about anyone else." Molly smirked at the statement and replied with, "I had him first." before she turned and headed back downstairs to shower. All she heard behind her as she walked down to the basement was Joe and Andy cracking up.

Twenty minutes later and Molly was standing in front of the mirror in the downstairs bathroom combing through her short hair. Realizing she hadn't brought clothes with her to Pete's once she was in the shower Molly had just continued with her routine and now she was trying to figure out what to do.
'sweaty, smelly, boozy clothes on nice clean body? or walk upstairs in a towel and steal clothes from Pete?' Molly looked at the pile of party clothes she had been wearing before coming to her decision. Opening the bathroom door and tightening the towel around her chest Molly walked up from the basement. All five people in the kitchen, now including Elyse, turned to stare at the half naked girl walking through the house.
"Bite me Joe" Molly called back in response to his wolf whistle.

Walking up two floors Molly finally came to Pete's door. Opening it slowly she listened and heard muffled voices, muffled voices she could recognize better then her own though. Deciding that curiousity killed the cat she hurried up the stairs and announced her prescense with, "Pay me no attention. I'll be out of your way in a minute." and walked over to Pete's dresser. Opening up a few drawers she could feel two sets of eyes on her and was trying not to picture their expressions. Patrick's she knew would be shocked, and probably lustful no matter how hard he tried to hide it 'cause the simple fact was he knew what was under the towel. Pete's would probably be weirded out and strangly aroused, he was a weird boy afterall.
"I just need to grab some clothes and I'm gone." Waving around a pair of old soccer shorts and a green day t-shirt from '94 Molly smiled and walked into Pete's bathroom to change. Five minutes later she once again walked out and past them waving.
"Bye boys."

A few hours later Molly was lounging around her house by herself when there was a knock on the front door. Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was almost five in the afternoon Molly got up slowly, she was pretty sure her liver was still calling her an asshole, and went to answer the door. Swinging it open she nearly dropped her jaw at the site of Patrick Stump standing on the porch looking freezing. Glancing behind him she realized that his car was no where to be seen either.
"Uhh....hi?" She asked her ex.
"Hey. Can I come in? It's really fucking frigid out here."
"Oh yea...sure. Come on in." Molly stepped back to allow him entrance into the front hallway. Patrick stamped his boots on the mat and stepped over the threshold.
"Much better." he said with an obviously forced smile. The two teens just stared at each other awkwardly for a minute before Molly gestured towards the kitchen and asked, "Do you want some tea or coffee or something?"
"No. I just need to talk to you."
"Oh. Good. I need to talk to you too."
" go first."
"You don't want to sit down or anything?" Molly asked Patrick while she pointed towards the living room.
"Nah, I'm good here."
"Ok. Well...." Molly trailed off before internally hearing Pete's voice telling her it was like pulling off a band-aid, do it fast. "I miss you."
At Molly's statement Patrick's eyebrows went up a fraction, before nearly hitting his hairline at her next words.
"I still love you. A lot. I was an idiot. I thought that being together would be harder then being apart. I was so fucking wrong baby." Molly stared at Patrick, his breathing had gotten a bit shallower at her words and she interpreted this as excitment so she kept talking, "I've been miserable in New York without you. I keep telling everyone how great it is, and it is great, but without you at least figuratively by my side everything I'm doing there means nothing. Take me back, please. I need you. I can even forgive you for whatsherface." Molly smiled up at Patrick and then frowned as she watched his eyes ice over again.
"You'll forgive ME?" He almost screamed the last word in her face and Molly realized that maybe she had gone about this whole "apology" thing the wrong way. "There isn't anything that I did that needs forgiving."
"You had sex with someone else."
"You dumped me."
"I haven't even kissed another person since we broke up."
"No...since YOU broke up with ME."
"Fine. Yes I broke up with you. And I believe I just layed it all on the line and told you I missed you and I love you, and you're gonna get insulted 'cause I don't like the little tramp your fucking?"
"You layed it all out on the line? When have you EVER "layed it all out on the line" Molly? You don't know the meaning of opening up. Not fully at least."
"I do too. What did we have then?"
"A joke! You said so yourself. You never loved me. Not really at least."
"I was lying you dumbass."
"God. Listen to yourself. WHY would I want to be with you anymore anyway? You told me to stop loving you. Well guess what, I HAVE! And I've met an amazing girl who is nice to me, and supportive, and doesn't care that I have fans."
"And who will sleep with you in your best friend's bed too. And considering none of them have even heard of her before last night you obviously have a deep and meaningful relationship."
"Don't you dare judge me. You don't have the right. You gave up that right the very day you decided what we had didn't matter enough to fight for it. Let me tell you something little girl, I am NEVER going to take you back. Esspecially since even four months living on your own couldn't help you grow up."
"FINE! Forget I said anything then anyway. What the HELL did you come here for?" Molly said her fury growing with each word out of Patrick's mouth.
"I came here to tell you it really is over. I saw you last night staring at me. I saw the hurt in your eyes when you saw me and Miranda. I needed to tell you to your face that it's over. Nothing is going to happen between us ever again Molly. And I needed to know that you understood that, you are the one that implimented it."
"Can't handle the crazy girl doing something stupid on your conscience?"
"Honestly, the answer ten minutes ago would have been yes. Now I really don't give a flying fuck what you do." Patrick ripped open Molly's front door and stalked off down the front walk. Fuming Molly stepped out on the porch and screamed after him,
"Fine be that way. YOU PRICK!" Turning around and stalking inside Molly slammed the door closed behind her. Looking around the house Molly screamed aloud in frustration before stomping back over to the couch and sitting down in the middle. Staring at the muted television set that was currently showing "When Harry Met Sally" Molly looked over at Sunny and stated,
"Well THAT went well. Remind me to beat Pete next time I see him for his oh so cunning plan. Better yet." Molly picked up the cordless phone and dialed a number from memory, when a voice answered on the other end she yelled before hanging up.
"Talk to him you said! WHAT were you smoking?!"
Twenty minutes later the phone rang and Molly answered it, "What?"
"I said talk to him, not yell at him and basically imply that you are perfect and he needs the fixing."
"He had sex with someone else."
"Molly...I'm starting to wonder if Patrick's right."
"About what?"
"Your perspective on the world and your place in it. Sorry to say Tinkerbell, you are far from perfect. Love does exist, and you are doing everything in your power to push it over a cliff."
"Good bye Peter. I have things to do around here."
"Exhibit A right there. Bye Molly." Pete said dejectedly. Once he hung up the phone Pete looked across the room to where his best friend sat in a chair staring at a picture taken on one of those summer tour dates of all five of them. Molly was swept up in Patrick's arms, Pete was standing next to them and Joe and Andy were on either side. The five friends looked so happy. And Pete knew Patrick was thinking about what happened right after that picture was snapped. Molly had jumped down from her boyfriend's arms and run around the square they were in telling everyone "You see that boy. I love THAT boy. Forever."
Patrick looked up from the picture and obviously trying to hide the tremor in his voice randomly said "Forever suddenly got a lot shorter huh?"

A/N: title is from "Every You Every Me" by Placebo. Seriously one of my favorite songs EVER. and yet this chapter feels very forced. I think I got too melodramatic.
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