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3 days past 3 cities done

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The black parade has made it to Winnipeg, and Emma is still a little under the weather, Toro suggest the walk in clinic. After Emma's visit to the Doc, Frank invites everyone to his pool party at t...

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Today wasn't Friday to Emma it was Winnipeg. She had again woken with a horribly uncomfortable urge to vomit. It was getting close to noon and Emma was cuddling with Ray. Frank and Bob had Taken Mikey with them to an arcade down the street. Gerard was on the phone with his father.
"You know Emma, i saw a walk-in clinic when we drove in last night."
"I'm sure it's just the lack of sleep." Emma replied yawning.
"But it would make me feel a whole lot better if you went," Ray whispered as Emma rubbed her eyes. Emma agreed and soon Emma was at the office waiting to hear her name called. As she left the waiting room and went to an examination room she saw a small boy getting a shot. Emma cringed and quickened her step. She waited on the high bed in the center of the room; a young doctor entered the room.
"Hello Ms. Yonge My name is Doctor Mavis,"
"Emma, Dr."
"of Course, so what you're questionnaire states is you've been waking up every morning and vomiting violently..."
"And that things you normally liked for example energy drinks and red wine, achohal of any kind has a "funny" taste to it."
"Any nausea throughout the day?"
"No, after the morning I'm fine."
"Are you under a lot of stress at the moment?"
"I drive a Tour bus, I've been for the last week or so."
"How much sleep have you been getting?"
"Less then 6 hours."
"Alright well if you don't mind I'd like to take a urine sample and some blood, you could have a virus or...well."
"Well what?"
"I know this could be a sensitive issue but, have you been sexually active in the past few days?"
"Emma, did you use any birth control?"
"No...i mean i'm on the pill, well...oh no..."
"I was on the pill, i ran out a month ago...i never got it refilled because my now ex-boyfriend and I had stopped sleeping together a few months before that."
"When did you have you're last period?"
"A month ago...I'm supposed to be getting it really soon-," Emma paused and realized what was happening, she looked at her Doctor.
"We can analyze you're urine in about 15 minutes if you would like us to do so."
Emma nodded; Doctor Mavis handed her a cup and she slowly shuffled to the bathroom. Handing it to him she sat down and waited for her test results; this wasn't good. Emma was so lost in thought that Dr. Mavis had to tap her shoulder,
"I have you're results."
Emma followed him back to the same room and she sat down, shaking slightly. Dr. Mavis handed her a piece paper with charts and tables, at the bottom it read in small black print : positive for gestation .
"Emma, do you know the father?"
Emma nodded.
"Are you together."
Again Emma nodded .
"Will you tell him, or will there be a termination?"
Emma stared.
"I know this is a lot to take in but, if you wish to terminate-"
"I'm not going to terminate, I will tell him I could loose my job but i will tell him."
Doctor Mavis nodded and Emma left the Clinic she took a taxi back to the hall and found the band with swimming gear in hand.
"Hey Emma, Where all going swimming and you're coming," Frank ordered.
"I don't have a suit," Emma replied masking her voice to a warm feel.
"I have to apologize," Ray began but Frank cut in.
"I looked at your pants' and bra size."
"I tried to stop him!" Bob interjected.
Frank handed Emma a bag; she looked inside and saw a very nice bikini. Pulling it out and examining it closer she smiled brightly.
"Gerard picked out," Mikey pointed out.
Emma hugged all the guys tightly,
"Thank you all so much."
They headed inside and got ready for "Frank's Pool Party". Emma came out and got whistles but she hid behind Ray in embarrassment.
Frank jumped in the pool trying to splash Gerard but Bob beat him; Emma laughed as Toro and her waded into the pool.
"There always competing," She muttered warmly.
"Yeah, they're almost like kids, if i ever had a Son I'd want him to be like Frank and Bob, but as pretty as you."
"You're so good to me," Emma whispered leaning in close to Toro for a Kiss; Mikey came running up behind slashing water at their backs.
"Oh that's cold!" Screamed Emma.
Toro turned around and playing grabbed Mikey by the arms throwing him into deeper water. Mikey came up laughing as did everyone else. Three hours flew by they and they all had to leave to get ready for the show. Emma kissed Ray's cheek before he left for sound check and he hugged her tightly. He waved goodbye and dashed on stage. Emma placed a hand on her navel; watching him set up she smiled. Emma knew she had to tell him, she just had to.
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