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Entry 1

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Theresa and Atlanta know everything about each other, so they decided to keep a diary together! But, will this be the best idea they ever came up with?

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Heya people, you might think I'm new, but I'm not! Muhahahaha! No, actually the only thing you know about me are the random things I say at the begining and ends of T.J's (aka jade_kwl_name_eva) stories and that I help write them. So, I'm now writing my own stories! But with T.J, except this one I mostly me writing! Yeah, so this story might be a little weird, but that's me!


Dear Diary,

Its Atlanta writing today's entry. Theresa made me start with 'Dear Diary' which sounds so girlish, but whatever. You are mine and Theresa's diary. Ok, I'm getting off the subject. So, what happened today? Uh, Theresa, we will start with you.

Ok, fine. It's me, Theresa telling you what happened to me because Atlanta is to shy to admit what happened

Is not!

Hey, I'm writing now. Go see your boyfriend Archie and I'll call you when it's your turn again.

He is not my boyfriend!

Whatever, just hang with him.

Fine, I'm gone.

Thank goodness. Now what were we talking about? Oh, yeah! What happened today! Well, just the important stuff. Here it goes: Jay almost asked me out!

I know what you are thinking, 'Why is she so happy about the guy of her dreams almost asking her out and how does she know he was going to ask her out?' Well, he said, "Theresa, do you wanna..." and then the bell went and he ran off.

I know he is shy so maybe I'll spend some alone time with him later and see if he really was going to ask me out! Well other than that nothing happened today. I'll get Atlanta.



Your turn!

Oh, yay! Finally I get to write what happened today! I'm being sarcastic. Well, today I found out that I have feelings for someone and accidentally told Theresa. Mistake no.1. My second mistake today was this guy almost caught me kiss a picture of him!

I know what you are thinking, 'Atlanta kissing a picture of a boy? Atlanta?!' Wait, what did I just say? I just said that a book has a brain! I must be going mad! But, I've never felt this way about someone since Pan. And I know he has feelings for me. I just pretend to not know anything because I thought it would ruin our friendship.

Plus, he has a fear of rejection which is why he has never asked any other girl out. He and Odie must have a phobia or something about this. If that is true, he then has two phobias, the fear of rejection and fear of water! He is such a dork, but a cute one I think.

Atlanta! We're going to the movies!

Ok Theresa! But how do you end an entry?

Just say Bye! Now hurry!

Just give me some time!


Ok, we have to jet. So bye! Wait, Theresa! Do we sign?

Uhm, I don't know.

Do you think we should?

Yeah, whatever.

Atlanta and Theresa.


There you go, an insight to what I might continue. I don't know, do you think it's weird? I know they might seem out of character and I will change it if it annoys you. This is just a test run to see if my wacky stories will work! Muhahahaha! So, just rate and review what you think! Oh, and a quick note from T.J:

She won't be updateing any of her stories as she has tons of homework to do, mostly over the weekend, and 5 projects she has to start! I feel so sorry for her, we don't go to the same high school and I'm moving next term, in April. And if you are unhappy about this, blame her history and geography teacher. :D
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