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Entry 2

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Atlanta and Theresa went to the movie with the guys. Theresa and Atlanta writing with imput from Archie.

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Wow, you guys like this story!!! Yay!!! T.J told me it was good, but I always thought it was gonna be weird 'cause thats the kinda person that I am. Here's the next chapter!


Just so you know it's me Atlanta again. Theresa can't write right now because she is jumping all over the room. Why? Well, I'll let her tell you. The movie was boring; I can't believe Theresa managed to make the boys sit through it! It was a chick flick, by the way.

Hey! I saw what you just wrote Atlanta!

Whatever Theresa. You want me to write what happened, or do you?

I want to but you're writing what happened between you and your boyfriend.

I'll write what happened between Archie and I. And he is NOT my boyfriend.

Whatever you say.

Give me back the diary! Stop writing what I say!

You do it to me!

Do not!

Do too!

'What are you two girls arguing about?'


Go away Archie.

'Fine. Hey, are you writing what I'm saying?'

Uh, no. Just go hang out with the guys.

That was close. Now can I write?

Yeah, but since I have the book can I go first?

Ok, but make it snappy.

Ok, at the movies we saw this movie that I have been dying to see! I sat next to Jay and Atlanta (she sat next to her boyfriend.)

Will you stop calling him that!

Ok, chill. Anyway, there was this romantic part in the movie and I looked at Jay and he looked at me. I thought it was so romantic! And he was about to kiss me when..

Cronus came! We kicked his butt of course.

Hey! I was going to write that!

You do the romantic stuff and I do the Cronus kicking butt stuff. And the parts when I have to talk about Archie. And if you talk about Archie, I'll start talking about Jay, so be warned!

Yeah, sure. No more talking about Archie. Time to go to bed. Athena isn't in a very good mood.

Atlanta and Theresa /(Next time I sign my name; I don't like your hand writing.)/[Whatever.]


Hope you liked it! Well, my author name I stole from T.J (Or Erin, that's her real name) as she is this skateboarding/rollerblading chick. But, I stole the name 'cause I like that stuff too! Muhahahaha! Rate and review! Oh, I posted this story at 6:00 am!! Why? Cause that's how early I have to be at school!
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