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The girls start talking about the boys. Input from Archie and Jay.

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Dear Diary

Stop writing that! It's driving me insane!

I will now give the book back.

But I was going to finish off were we left off last night.

Fine, but then I get to write what happened in the kitchen.

Sounds interesting, but you'll tell me later. Now where did we leave you last night? Oh yeah! We kicked Cronus's butt and then we decided to grab something to eat.

That was Herry's idea. Hey! I didn't tell you to write that.

Quiet. So we went to this diner that was across the road. I ended up sitting next to Archie and the wall. We had 5 of us jammed into one side of the table 'cause someone wanted to sit next to Jay, and only Jay.

So sue me for wanting to sit next to the man of my dreams.

Yeah, in 10 years from now you'll be "Jay who?" Anyway, Archie was really close to me I could hear his heart beat. It was very uncomfortable and SOMEONE said it was for my own good!

Hey, I brought you closer to realise that you and Archie are made for each other.

Like you and Jay?

Yeah, now is it my turn?

Not yet! I saw Archie blush a bit and I could so tell it was because he like..

'What are you two girls doing? All you do is stay in this dorm and write in that diary.'-Archie

Archie! Go away!

'Yeah Archie, leave the girls alone.'-Jay

You too Jay!

'You are writing what we are saying again, aren't you?'-Jay

No she isn't! Now go!

'Gee Theresa; I thought you would be happy to see your boyfriend.'-Archie

Ha-ha! Both of you are blushing!

Am not!

Are too!

Am not!

'You are so totally writing what each other are saying'-Jay

Will you go away Jay!

You too Archie!

Ok, your turn.

Ok, when I went downstairs to go have breakfast, I bumped into Jay. He kissed me!

What on the lips?


Good for you but now I think was should go 'cause the boys are getting really suspicious.

Atlanta and Theresa (there, that is so much neater than your hand writing) [Again, whatever.]


Hope you liked it! So you don'y get confused as to which boy was talking, I put their names next to the thing they said. Rate and review!
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