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Entry 4

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Getting close to the good part! Theresa and Atlanta are talking about what happened that morning. Herry and Archie talk aswell, but only once.

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Heya guys! It's time to find out what is happening in the wacky world of Atlanta and Theersa! The main story will be coming soon, but the whole thing will be written in diary format.


This morning Odie wanted to try out this new experiment thing in the park. I have no idea what it was and still don't, but whatever.

That's because you didn't go!

Like you did! You were on a date with Jay! And I was in the park!

So? We're a couple now. Couples go out on dates.

Yeah, I know, but what I'm saying is you know about as much as I do!

You're right.

So, there we were in the park (minus Theresa and Jay) me wanting to go for a run, Herry wanting his breakfast, Neil not really caring what happened as long as he looked good and Archie was still half asleep.

How did you know he was half asleep?

Cause his eyes were half closed. Yeah, we were all in the park when Cronus came again and tried to kill us. We kicked his butt, again, without our leader. We should keep a score of how many times we kicked his butt.

Is that all you can think of?

No! I am right now thinking about going to study for that maths test we have tomorrow. Odie is going to help me.

Good, now go! It's my turn.

Hey! Give the book back! I wasn't finished!

Yes you were. Now go study, I don't want you failing maths.

Now I see what you mean by you and Jay being perfect for each other. Jay is like the dad and you're the mom!


Fine, but I will read what you are going to write.

Like I didn't know that. Oh, good. Peace and quiet. Now what was I going say? Oh, yeah, my date with Jay. It was so romantic! We went to the movies and then we went to the beach. We then went to the park for a picnic. It was the best.

Can't find Odie. Let's put the radio on.

Ooh! I love this song!

What, 'The Sweet Escape' by Gwen Stefani?

Yeah! What are you doing?

Putting in my Avril Lavigne CD. Why?

I was listening to that song!

This is my room by the way! Which you kicked me out of!

Whatever. I like this song too. 'Sk8er Boi'

Yeah, most of the girls from my grade 6 class knew all the words to this song.

No way! Same and I didn't know this song so when I finally heard it the phase had passed.

'Hey girls, are you coming for dinner or can I eat your food?'

Whatever Herry. I'm not really hungry.

I am! Herry, you eat my food and you'll be a dead man!

Ooh, Theresa is gone! Yay! I have my room to myself now. Ok, what was I gonna write? Oh, I was still talking about the park! Well, as you know when the going get tough, Cronus gets going! But before he left, he destroyed Odie's machine thing. Poor guy never saw him that sad since we all found out about this saving the world thing.

'Hey Lannie, aren't you coming downstairs at all? You already missed dinner and it's movie night. Odie picked out the movie.'

Yeah, I'm coming Arch.

Atlanta and Theresa


Hope you liked it! And the thing about the songs which are irrevelant to the story is a conversation T.J and I were having while I was writing this. Hehe, rate and review!
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