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Entry 5

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Only Atlanta. A/A

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Dear Diary

Yep, just Atlanta today as Theresa has another date with Jay! And on a school night! Man, they're a bad influence on us children! Ha-ha, being sarcastic again. Yeah, well I'm hiding up in my room 'cause the other boys are watching a movie downstairs, one I've seen too many times to want to see again. Man, I hate it when that happens!

Right, before I go on let's just recap what happened today. School got cut short (YES!) for us 'cause of another Cronus attack. Kicked his butt again. Titans 3, Cronus 0. I'm keeping count now. That was pretty much the day, stuck at home doing homework, running in the park with Archie, hanging out with Archie, teasing Neil with Archie, getting Odie to do my homework with Archie.

I'm like obsessed with this guy now! Wait, I've always done that stuff with Archie! But it sounds weird writing it down like that. I guess maybe that's why he's avoiding me lately. Hhm, I will never understand boys! Yeah, so I am a tomboy, but that doesn't mean I think like them! And the boys think we are confusing! Check what I found in Odie's room after him and Herry, Neil and Archie had a 'meeting' in his room. It's this maths equation.

Women= Time and Money (MoneyxTime)
"Time is money" (time=money)
Therefore Women=(moneyxmoney)
Money is the root of all problems
Therefore, Women are the root of all problems

The cheek! Theresa is the problem one, but not me! And not all women are problems! Man, are they in for it big time!

'Yo 'Lanta. You writing in the diary again?'

What's it to you Archie? And what's with the yo?

'Uh, never mind. I just came up to see what you were doing.'

None of your business! Go away, can't you see I want to be left alone?

'Whoa, what's your problem?'

Nothing! Is there something you want or are you here just to annoy me for your own amusement?

'Uh, I have no idea what you are talking about. The movie was boring so I decided to come see if you were still awake.'

It's 9 o'clock!

'Yeah, but still.'

Tell me the real reason.
'Uh, that is the real reason.'

No saying I love you? I know you love me! Wait, just so you know, I didn't say that out loud. I kept quiet. Oh great, he's talking again. Blocking him out.

'...and so that's the real reason.'

Wait, what did he just say? Oh great, I just missed it! What am I gonna do now! Oh no, he's coming to sit next to me! Gotta hide you! Too late.

'Do you feel the same way?'

Atlanta hides the diary under her bed and talks with Archie. After a while he leaves and she takes the diary back out.

OMG! OMG! OMG! He did say it! He said it! YES!!! What, have I lost you? He admitted to making up that stupid formula! Ha-ha, no he admitted his feelings to me! Finally, and I told him how I felt. After that, it was a bit awkward so he left, no good night kiss!!! Oh well, maybe next time? Oh shoot, Theresa's back! I have to hide you or you will have to endure the torture of how her date went!

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