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To The Wrongs That Make The Words Come To Life

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Uneventful?! I think not!

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Things happened. Things changed. Now I'm back and hopefully you are excited. Enjoy! This one is a definite turn I didn't know I was going to take. I let my fingers do the work and they like the twist it gave.

Chapter 11

Here's a pen and paper
I'll let you tell my story
I'd like to write a chapter
But I'll let you do it for me

Arissa listened carefully as Allie Moss sang through her headphones. She couldn't help but feel like Peter had written her story. The end of it anyway. There wasn't much left for her now that he was gone. The next hundred years of her life had been planned in his arms and one knock on the door of her friends apartment had changed it all. The rest of her life was snatched from her grasp by one sentence...

"Peter Wentz was murdered last night." The officer told her. "He was stabbed in the back four times with a kitchen knife." Arissa felt dizzy and as her knees buckled, Patrick caught her.

The knife placed into his back had cut more than just Peter's flesh, It had cut out Arissa's soul, and torn away the only thing she'd ever really wanted. Nothing meant anything without him. Nothing else mattered. Staring at the slightly illuminated ceiling she sang sadly to the first verse.

Please make it interesting
With lots of twists and turns
But none that I can't handle
I don't want to get burned
Please make it intelligent
But don't forget the love scene
You know that I love a happy ending

"The Romans were right. One can bear anything. The pain we can not bear will kill us outright." She whispered to herself quoting a book she'd read. She pulled off her headphones and put them on the nightstand. "Don't think." She whispered. "Close your eyes, Hum some lullabies, Close your eyes, Think not of his demise." Arissa cried softly making up rhymes to set herself at ease. Repetitiveness was comfortable.

She began thinking back to when they met and further ahead to their first award show together. To his perfect proposal. Their last fight. The way he begged her with his arms around her hips holding tightly to what he could reach while on his knees. He'd said he couldn't live without her.

And he didn't. She was shaking violently and trying not to open her eyes for fear that she might start seeing things that matched the voices she was starting to hear. Turning onto her side she placed her cold hands over her ears. They all wanted the same thing. Rest. They just wanted out. To be released. She didn't know how to fulfill their wishes, though they were her own.

Arissa began rocking herself and praying, soft and steady. She began imagining things. There was a fog around her and the sky was black and starless. Looking down she realized the absence of her hands and tried to scream. No voice. She'd been robbed of the two things she needed most in the world. Words and sound. She could not form them nor could she sing them. Panicking she opened her eyes tearing herself from her own personal hell. Sweat beaded at her forehead and she didn't move. She just cried.

A knock at her bedroom door startled her. She sat up and half expected it to be Peter coming to take her home. Tears cascaded down her cheeks as a head peaked around the door. "Can I come in?" Patrick asked carefully. She nodded in the dark.

"Of course you can." She replied lightly. "I didn't mean to wake you." She whispered shakily as Patrick made his way to the bed and under the covers.

"You didn't." He sighed snuggling into her back. "I couldn't sleep." He slipped an arm over her stomach and rubbed it in slow circles as she continued to cry silently. He frowned knowing nothing could take away what she was feeling.

Arissa placed her hand on his to slow his movement and turned over in his embrace. She tried to settle the knot in her throat. "Thank you for coming in here Patrick. I think I was about to drive myself insane." She sobbed into his chest and he held her tiny body against his providing the only comfort he knew he could. Gently he stroked her hair and hummed a little tune in her ear.

"You, little one, are already insane." Arissa let a smile play on her lips, just trying it on, to see if it made her feel at all better. It didn't and she just curled into Patrick more.

"What am I suppose to do without him Trick?" She questioned. "I can't be with anyone else. No one ever understood me the way he did." Tears soaked into his shirt as she shook against him.

"You'll be okay, Riss." He whispered into her hair. "I promise."

"How do you know that?" She wanted reasons and answers. Something definite. Constant.

"I'll take care of you, that's how." Patrick said pulling her face up so she would look him in the eye. "You will be fine because I will make sure of it." The sincerity in his voice was soothing.

Arissa bit her lip and swallowed a sob that was threatening to escape. "You can't watch over me for the rest of your life." She reasoned quietly.

"No?" He asked. "Says who?" He rubbed his nose to hers and giggled.

"Patrick?!" She whined. "I'll have to be alone some time. You can't just be there all the time." She pushed against his shoulders and he just pulled her closer.

"I can and will be, Riss." He said seriously. "You were the most important thing in his life and he was my best friend. I'll always protect you." Pausing he took a breath, "I can be like your watch dog. A Husky." He said and barked loudly.

"Who's the insane one now?" Arissa asked Patrick in a teasing tone.

"Takes one to know one." A famous line of Peter's.

Her eyes glittered and new tears began to fall. Smiling she leaned up and kissed him softly. "Thank you." She mumbled against his lips feeling their warmth. She had only intended it to be a peck. But she realized she needed this, she needed him. She messaged skillfully and placed a hand on his cheek encouraging his cooperation.

Patrick tensed as she moved her mouth against his in a desperate attempt to feel something other than pain. Her lips were soft and moist and he couldn't help but relax into the kiss at her request. He took control and let his lips glide over hers like wind would over leaves. Pushing her back Patrick lay on top of her cautiously.

Arissa whimpered low and sweet begging him to deepen their despair filled kiss. He obeyed slipping his tongue into her perfect, pouty mouth. He'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the feeling of her underneath him in her lacy underwear. Her legs rose to his waist smooth and bare against his side. He groaned freely and let his hands roam over her luscious thigh as he pushed against her core with his growing unit. He extracted the most delicious sounds from her throat.

Her hands were in his hair tugging softly as he explored her with his fingertips. He was gentle. Peter had been gentle too. Moaning she moved her hips flush against his and felt a growl escape his chest. Soon his mouth was following his hands in their travel as hers were clenching the sheets.

Patrick knew it was wrong, but she was beautiful and in need of release. He needed it as much as Arissa, though he didn't want to betray his best friend. "Maybe we shouldn't." He tried, raising his head as her hands found their way to his member.

She ignored his statement and took him into her hand, kissing his plump lips. She stroked him gingerly as he gasped into her neck. He enjoyed her velvety hand around his arousal. "You want to stop?" She asked breathlessly pushing him onto his back while working him tenderly. "Hmm? Is that what you think...that we should stop?" She rasped making her way down, planting kisses on his torso. "It's alright Trick, I'll make it good, I promise."

"Ariss...Damn..." He trailed off as her lips continued their way south. He was intoxicated. Her scent, her skin, her eyes and voice, the lingering touch she left all over his body. He understood why Pete was so infatuated with her. She was intriguing and mysterious. Sexy and adorable. He wanted her more than he ever wanted anyone in his entire life. For the first time he knew what lust really was...and how disastrous it could be. He let her continue though. Her lips devouring him smoothly. He couldn't help himself as his hands met the back of her head urging her to keep going. She hummed faintly and he felt the power of her melody. "This is so wrong." He breathed. His head was spinning.

Arissa looked up at him through her eyelashes, "So, stop me." She dared him before ducking her head back down.

But Patrick didn't. Instead he pulled her up and pushed her back on the bed ready to fulfill his desires. Slowly and without regret.

They just wanted to feel something. Anything. No matter how wrong.

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