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Falling In And Out Of Arms And Lives

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Um...You might hurt me.

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Here it is and I hope you enjoy it as much as you can! I know it took a bit, but there is something going on all the time. Remember I've written good chapters. Please don't hate me!

Chapter 12

People were all around. Everywhere Arissa turned there was a body. All varying in size and shape, but bodies just the same. Placing her left hand on her chest and extending her right one in front of her she moved through the crowd cautiously, careful not to step on anyone's toes. They were all moving in the same direction, toward a massive stage.

Arissa didn't know where she was or with who she came. All she knew was that there was music in the distance and a buzzing in her head. She lifted her hands to her ears and pushed them tight so all she could hear was the sound of blood rushing through her palms. She looked around trying to find a way out, but couldn't see through the bodies. She blinked back confused tears and turned in a circle looking for anyone she thought might help her.

And there he was, the man she had promised to marry. Peter was standing in the middle of all the chaos a look of disappointment etched on his face. Arissa moved toward him slowly, counting each step and every wary breath. She wasn't sure whether or not he was a mirage. Maybe she had just envisioned the person she most wanted to see in this scary situation. When he didn't fade, her eyes glazed over at the thought of him being so close to her again.

"Peter, Where are we?" She asked scared and oddly amazed.

"That doesn't matter." He stated plainly. "Nothing does. You thought it yourself." He paused. "Didn't you?" The tone, in which he asked, made it clear he felt upset.

Arissa started shaking nervously and moved to touch his face. "I thought you were..." She trailed off as he turned away from her caress. The way she felt when he pulled away was enough to split her heart into pieces small enough to pass through the eye of a needle. The bitter mixture of anguish and agony filled her and she began to cry silently.

"I know." Peter whispered. "But I'm not. I'm here." He said softly. Placing a hand to her heart and a hesitated kiss on her cheek he whispered, "That's where I've been for two years, that is where I was last night...and its where I'll always be..." Accentuating the words 'last night' he pulled away. Tears fell from her eyes and she looked down at the sun dried earth.

"I'm so sorry." She sobbed. "I don't know what I was thinking. It just...I was And Patrick was there...and I needed..."

"To feel?" He asked with an eyebrow raised in a disbelieving tone. Arissa nodded and looked up. "And how do you feel now?" He asked as his svelte form started to fade away. "How will you feel tomorrow?" Soon even the outline of him deteriorated.

"Peter! Wait!" She screamed. "Come back! I'm sorry!" She wailed grasping the air where he had stood moments before. "Please...Peter!" Arissa fell to the dirt beneath her feet and began to sob. No one noticed. No one heard. She was just a black dot in a sea of gray. "Peter, Please come back! Please!"

Patrick was startled awake by Arissa's cries for Pete. The man she loved and couldn't live without. The sun light peeked through the curtains and gleamed on her skin. He frowned at her toned back and the slight tan on her smooth shoulders as they shuddered. She called out to Pete and begged for him to forgive her, to come back.

He couldn't push away the jealousy setting root in his stomach. He'd had her last night. She'd become his and now here she was calling out another mans name, hours after moaning his out in utter pleasure. He sat up placing his weight on his right elbow and leaned over her slightly.

"Arissa? Wake up." Patrick murmured. "Please wake up." He pleaded. He tapped her lightly and then placed his left arm over her stomach. When she didn't stir he kissed her neck and let his lips trace a path to her ear. He sucked at it lightly. "Please sweetheart, wake up."

Whimpering she turned over in his arms and buried her face in his neck. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" He asked knowing full well what was coming. He decided to make her comfortable. To tell her it didn't have to mean anything.

"For last night." Arissa sighed. Patrick was well aware of her remorse now. "For coming onto you. For making yo..."

Patrick cut her off. "You didn't make me do anything. I made a choice." He pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head. "Don't be sorry. We did it and now its over. We can just forget it and move on." He cooed though he didn't know who he was trying to convince. The beautiful girl laying soft and naked in his arms or himself. "Alright? It happened. No matter what I'll still be here for you. Ok?"

"Yes." She sniffled thinking he was the most forgiving person she'd ever known. "Thank you Trick." She leaned up and kissed him. Just a peck, but he kissed her back with unbelievably smooth lips and a expertly trained tongue. Feeling a familiar heat rise in her she pushed him onto his back anxiously. Arissa kissed down his chest making a trail others would have loved to travel and then back up for another blinding inquiry into a sweet, sweet crevice. He groaned into her mouth and she smiled knowing she'd satisfied him. Patrick then turned her onto her back and started yet another exploration of her tight body. And unbeknownst to Arissa, his newly claimed property.

When Arissa woke up she found a note on her nightstand from Patrick. She opened it up and turned onto her side, slipping a delicate hand under her head.


I could be trite and go on and on about last night, but I'm sure you know it was amazing. I'm also sure you know this morning was just as extraordinary. Try not to think too much about all this...

I had to go to the studio. I'll be back soon. If anything changes...I'll call you.

We'll talk about everything when I get home.



The corners of Arissa's mouth turned in a grimace. A guilty frown. It had been great, but it was wrong. Thoughts of the outcome of all her recent mistakes plagued her mind. She couldn't even begin to think what their talk would be like. Besides Peter, Patrick was the only man Arissa had ever slept with in her life. She was brimming with sexuality, but she was a good girl at heart. She felt dirty and traitorous. His little note made her feel calm in a weird way. As if everything really was okay. Knowing that everything wasn't really okay just made everything that much more worse.

In the deepest part of her soul, she felt Peter and saw in her aching head the way he had looked at her. Such contempt. Felt the way his lips had brushed her cheek. So much resistance. Almost as if he was disgusted by her. Arissa heard the unforgiving tone he had used faultlessly. It was all too real.

A sob escaped her chest, half startling her. She crumpled the note up and threw it at the wall opposite her heavy eyes. She listened as it fell to the ground and tried to imagine what it would feel like to fall. Would it be satisfying? Completely and totally pleasing? Stimulating? Harmonious?

She decided it'd be poetic. Perfectly sublime. A tempting nirvana for an unsettled heart.

Arissa climbed out of bed and wrapped the sheet around her naked body. She walked toward the window and looked out onto the sidewalk. She opened it half way and felt a breeze circle her shoulders. She felt small bumps erect on her arms and rubbed at them absent mindedly.

Four stories to the ground.

Four stories to the end of all her pain and regret.

Four stories from Peter.

She glanced at all the heads as they passed and closed her eyes listening to the sounds of the street. Was there really too much green to feel blue? All she saw was black. All she felt was shame.

Opening her eyes again Arissa stared at the top of a familiar head. The top of her relief. The man who'd saved and taken her sanity all in one night.

Patrick disappeared into the doorway of his lofts.

Arissa opened the window wider.

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