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Chapter Five.

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Poor Sally :(

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Chapter Five

My eyes fluttered open and I noticed that I was no longer on the harsh stone floor of the dressing room laying in my own vomit, but awkwardly resting on the worn couch. Not that that made much difference though as the strong smell travelled up from where it lay, slightly to the side of me, reaching my nostrils stinging them and causing me to quickly wretch and repeat the process. As I pulled myself round, with difficulty, in an attempt to spill the acid content of my stomach on a surface other than myself, wooziness hit me once again and I almost passed out for about the fourth time in the past two days.

However, as my spew slapped against the floor, attention was brought back to me and, collapsing onto my back I managed to keep my eyes at least half open long enough to make out the blurred figures rushing towards me.

I felt a sharp pain in my arm as I fought with my eyelids to open. Voices slowly crept into focus and soon I could hear everything that was happening around me. The steady movement below me hinted that we were now back on the bus and travelling to god knows where. I must be on the couch.

"Gerard, I'm telling you that's not how it happened!" Sally's voice was angry but at the same time it had a sort of pleading in it.

Gerard sighed equally as angrily, "Sara says Mikey shouted at her, just being a bastard to her, and so she left to find us. But she couldn't and so she went back to the dressing room where you and Mikey were having a full on argument which ended in you attacking him."

What? Oh god no! Dammit, what the fuck have you done Sara?

I still couldn't open my eyes, but I could just picture her face; she'd look like she'd just been slapped. Her voice was so low when she continued, "Gerard, listen to yourself! Sara says. Well if Sara says, then it must be the truth!" I heard her laugh disbelievingly.

That was when I noticed the soft whimpering in the corner, Sara's soft whimpering. Sara's fake soft whimpering. "'s true Gee! I swear! She was attacking him. Your brother's a monster Gee, but he didn't deserve that."

There was a sharp ringing noise when, I presume, Sally lunged forward and slapped Sara. I could see Sara hiding her sick smirk. "Don't you dare talk about Mikey like that you bitch! You're the fucking monster!"

Sara's fake crying got louder and louder as Sally continued to shout abuse at her. Abuse that she deserved, but still it didn't make the situation any better; when it come to Sara, the best thing to do is ignore her and be passive. But god damn she makes it fucking difficult!

"Gee get your fucking hands off me!" Sally screamed. There were smashing noises as, I imagine, she kicked at whatever she could reach to get him to stop restraining her. I heard the door to the back area of the bus slide open and after that her livid screams were softened although every now and then there were hard thud against the door as she tried to open it. Gerard must be sitting on front of it.

"I fucking care more about Mikey than I do myself, you daft bitch! I'd never do anything to hurt him!" I could hear her cry through the door. Damn why couldn't I open my eyes and do something?

Once her crying had ceased and everything went still once again, I heard Gee trudge back to where I was laying conscious yet unconscious and where Sara was huddled, 'sobbing' uncontrollably. His breathing was heavy and I could tell he'd be shaking by now. Sara's sobbing let up a slight bit and she must have walked over to him to 'comfort' him because the next time she spoke, her voice was softer and closer to me.

"It's okay baby, you have me." She purred sickly in his ear.

"I know honey, thank god. None of them care about me like you do." I was almost sick again hearing Gee say that. Did he really believe that about us?

"Let's go back to bed, we'll worry about them tomorrow." The floor creaked as they began to walk to the bunks.

"She's off the bus at the next stop." Gee resounded before the bus fell into silence again.

"Wake up Mikes." I felt someone prod me in the back.

"I can't." I just about managed to whisper.

"Dude, you have to." I felt Frank lift me up so I was in a sitting position, but still I couldn't open my eyes.

"Dude!" his voice was even more demanding.

"I can't open my eyes." I regretted saying that immediately as I felt his fingers reach up and open my eyelids for me so that his concerned, yet somehow childishly happy, face greeted me.

"Go and see Sally, she needs you this time." He let go of my eyelids and I managed to miraculously keep them open this time, while he lifted me up and helped me through to the back of the bus.

He slid the door open and pushed me forward before disappearing behind me and closing it again leaving Sally and myself alone together. My legs were weak but I managed to hobble towards her and collapse on a seat next to her crying form. Her tears were falling slowly and randomly, her make-up was everywhere and she was staring solemnly out the window into the darkness. I reached out a hand and brushed her cheek, making her cry more, I pulled her face gently round so she was looking at me.

"I know what really happened Sal, Sara's a twisted bitch. We just need to find a way to get rid of her. I won't let Gee kick you off the bus; he won't let us do that to Sara, so he sure as hell won't kick you out."

More tears fell from her face as she stared me in the eye; she brought her hand up to where mine was resting on her stained face and squeezed it, "Mikey, I know she's a twisted bitch. I know better than anyone, she's my sister Mikey."

I dropped my hand from her face in shock as my jaw mirrored the movement.

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