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Raine finally meets her father... But it wasn't who she thought it would be.

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Hello! I just wanted to point out that I just saw the movie Epic Movie, so I'm in a pretty stupid/funny/hyper kind of mood. Watch it.

The woman placed her hand on the fifteen year old's chest, drawing a picture and then leaning up and kissing him on the cheek. He stared at the ceiling, then shoving off the blankets and beginning to get his pants on.
"But wait, you can't go!" The woman, named Alexis, said, standing up in her underwear.
"This isn't right. I shouldn't be here." He responded, throwing his black t-shirt and then over that a black hoodie. The woman tried to enchance him with her spells, but he opened the door and left. Flustered, she fell onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. What had gone wrong? Why was he different out of all of the other men? She snarled, standing up and throwing on whatever she could find- jeans, and a tight black shirt. She grabbed her black coat on the way out and slipped on some sneakers, running out the door and looking for him angrily. If she couldn't control him, she couldn't let him live. With that she ran after him, calling his name- yet no noise came from her lips. Alexis ran in the cold outside, until she found him. She frowned, but realized that he didn't deserve to die. He was the one who deserved to live. He looked at her funny, and she began to cry, falling to her knees.
"What have I done? What am I?" She whispered to herself, and when she looked up the boy was next to her, his warm touch on her shoulder. His beautiful hazel eyes stared into her blue ones, and his black hair was out of his nice face. It was then that his hair turned blonde, and short, and he was shaking her shoulder then.
"Wake up." He was saying. "Wake up, Raine."

"Wake up, Raine." Gerard said, and instantly I jumped up, the wound gone from the opposite shoulder that Gerard was shaking. I looked up in his eyes, at his eyes that so perfectly matched mine -and the man in my dreams- and almost hugged him. Instead, I slid off of the bed.
"I need to go." I said, picking up the pile of clothes.
"But- what about your shoulder?" His voice faltered in the end as I tore off the bandage on my shoulder, throwing it on the bed. I slid on my jeans under my dress and over my underwear, buttoning them and almost taking off my dress when I saw him looking at me, dumbstruck.
"Well you weren't planning on watching, were you?" I asked, and he turned around.
"How the hell did your shoulder heal so fast?" He asked as I put on my shirt and then the hoodie on over it, throwing the robe on the ground.
"Do you have any shoes? I need shoes." I said, looking around the room. "Dammit, I need shoes!" I said, avoiding the question.
"Raine, hey, what's going on?" He asked, his hands on my shoulders. It was then that the door opened, and a man with a round-ish face and black hair was looking at us funny.
"Okay, before I asked what's going on, I'm going to ask something else... I heard something about shoes. Do you have a problem with Gee's shoes? Because I'm wearing the same ones? And second- holy shit you look alike!" Instantly Gerard and I shook our heads and said,
"There is no way we-" I looked at him simotanious as him looking at me. "Okay, seriously now, I need shoes." I looked out the window at the sun that was setting. "I can't believe I slept for like a whole day!" I said, running a hand through my hair and sighing. "Why did you let me sleep for a whole day?" I asked Gee, still looking around the room for my shoes I swore I had.
"What do you mean why did I let you sleep for a whole day? It's not like I'm your father or something." He said, and then paused, lowering his gaze as I stopped looking for my shoes. In the awkward silence, I picked up my black sneakers and began to put them on.
"At least I found my shoes..." I said, quietly, walking towards the door, past Frank.
"Wait, do you mean that Alexis..." He began, and I shivered, the door open only a bit. I closed it slowly, still facing the door. I turned around, leaning against the wooden door, blowing the air out of my lungs slowly. Wayne, I thought, wanting to laugh. I thought my last name was Wayne! It was WAY.
"Well I've always wanted to call someone Dad, but I can see how that would be weird." There was dead silence in the room.
"Whoa whoa whoa, wait a sec..." Began Frank, pointing at Gerard and me. "You mean that she's your... That he's your..." I sighed, and Gerard and I said simotaniously,
"Frank," In an annoyed sort of whisper. We both looked up at each other.
"See that thing! It's like a freaky thing! You know? The thing?" Gerard shook his head. It was then that I noticed that the sunlight had drained from the room. I felt my stomach lurch, and I almost vomited right there. Placing a hand over my mouth, I choked it down and straightened.
"I have to go," I said, my eyes sunken as I walked out the door.
"Wait Raine," Gerard said, following me out the door and putting a hand on my shoulder to stop me. I almost vomited again, but held it in.
"What's wrong? You can tell me, seeing as I'm your... I'm your dad." I coughed slightly.
"I have to go." I said, but he grabbed my arm.
"You can live with me, you know. You'll just have to put up with the guys." I smiled up at him, but before I could respond I felt my claws start to grow in my shoes.
"I just think... Nobody that knew what I was liked me at all. They thought I was a freak, a demon..." I walked with him, out into the dark.
"What do you mean, a-" But I cut him off with a cough.
"I'm not... human." I said, running beginning to go towards an alley that would shield me from prying eyes. "I'll just show you." I said, running into the alley and stripping off my clothes where nobody could see, feeling the change rip through me viciously. I almost yelped but held it in until it was over, when I smiled mentally.
Don't freak out, don't freak out, I was thinking, and I heard Gee say quietly,
"Did you say something? No, I wont freak out." I almost gasped, but seeing as I didn't know how it would sound as a wolf I didn't.
You can hear me? I didn't know I could do that. Anyway, um, Dad, have you ever heard of a Lycanthrope? I asked him, and he seemed to ponder about the word.
"A lycan... Isn't that sort of like, a werewolf?" He asked quietly, still not able to see me.
Sort of. I'm actually not sure if there's a difference; I'm pretty sure that lycans can shift into a wolf form whenever they want and werewolves only turn at night or something. Oh, jeez. Should I call you Dad?" I asked, and he laughed slightly.
"Yeah, that's cool." He responded, and I smiled mentally.
Okay, Dad. Well, I know this isn't ideally what a teenage girl confesses to her father about, but... I'm not human. I'm a Lycanthrope. I took in as much air as I could and walked out of the alley slowly. My Dad crouched down near me, and I wanted to smile.
You're the first person who didn't scream. I said, and he smiled.
"So you were the wolf before."
So... this doesn't creep you out? I asked, shuffling my two front paws slightly as he placed a hand on the back of my neck. "Not entirely. I mean, it's weird and all. Okay, it's really weird. But weird is also Frank coming out of the hospital naked. You know, weird, but you could get used to it."
You/ could get used to Frank walking around naked?/ I asked, looking up at him.
"Well, okay maybe not that." He said, and I shook my head. "I have one more question- nevermind, two- was Alexis a werewolf?" I shook my head.
She was a witch, I think.
"Oh. Okay, and one more thing- when you change into a human, are you... Naked?" I looked up into the air for a moment. "Oh jeez. You do, don't you?"
Hey, I bet you wake up naked all the time, bud. Now about that whole living with you thing... I could go for that.
"Nice. Can you change back now?" He asked, and I nodded, turning and trotting off into the alley.
Once I was done changing, and I was putting on my clothes, I began to think of how lucky I was.
I'm so lucky to have a Dad. I'm actually lucky to have him be awesome, too- and a rock star. How many girls out there would like to have Gerard as a Dad? A lot. And he doesn't even care that I'm a lycan! I mean, he thinks its weird, but... That's okay. At least he didn't /shoot me or anything./
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