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Plots and Plot Twists

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A failed attempt on Basil's life reveals a new player in the game...

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Yes, and we are back in business, baby!

Ratigan: (in the next room) And I'm remembering why I loathe this outfit!

Me: Oh, come on! You look great!

Ratigan: And I feel like a bloody /idiot/!

Me: Come out here.

Ratigan: No.

Me: Please?

Ratigan: Fine.

(He comes in, but is invisible.)

Me: And no being invisible!

(Ratigan phases in view, and we now see what he's wearing: The full Frank-N-Furter regalia, though he wears a leather jacket and pants over the outfit.)

Ratigan: You. Evil. (hisses, holding his fingers up in the form of a cross)

Me: I love you too, James.

Ratigan: (sighs) I wonder if this ever happened to Hades...

Disclaimer: I own no one. Ratigan and Basil belong to Eve Titus and Disney.

Things in italics refer to when Ratigan or Basil is speaking in the other person's mind.


Basil woke up in time to see Ratigan vanish like an illusion. He sighed and laid his head back against the pillow. "This is going to take a lot of getting used to."

Believe it, Basil.

Basil sighed. "And no poking inside my mind, Ratigan."


Imagine, if you will, a place where time exists, but doesn't exist.

A place where something exists, yet does not exist.

Imagine, if you will, the mental plane.


Ratigan sat cross-legged, mediating on what to do. He had gotten the detective's attention well enough, but now there was the task of keeping track of the detective. There was very little knowing what he was capable of, and Ratigan wasn't willing to risk that.

Standing up, he took the moment to glance at his surroundings. He was surrounded by vast, unending flatland, the sky clouded over and gray. Yet there appeared to be something in the distance. It was almost a well-earned piece of blissful happiness, but the fact that he was there against his will made it seem almost the most dangerous place on earth.

He rubbed his forehead in annoyance. Whoever did this would pay.


Basil sighed. It was almost sunset again, and he was trying to prepare for what he knew would happen.

"/AGH/!" Basil clamped his mouth shut, struggling to not scream. It would be a fine thing to have the people here discover that he was secretly associated with the World's Greatest Criminal Mind.

About a minute of pain later, he fell backwards onto the bed, his painful ordeal finally over. He gently shook his head as he felt the gloved hand on his forehead.

"Yes", Ratigan voice softly pronounced in dry tones. "He's still alive."

"Oh, ha, ha, ha", Basil muttered sarcastically, managing to sit up as Ratigan silently chuckled. "Don't let the fact that I'm somehow merged with my own worst enemy get in the way of your personal entertainment."

"Fine", Ratigan said, calming down as sat next to Basil. "So, what's the plan?"

Basil sighed. "Before we do anything, here are some thing we should remember: Number one: If we are to make it through this... 'incident', we are going to have to put everything that's happened between us in the past... for now. Understood?"

"Clearly. So this means no mention of previous defeats, or of-"

But Basil held up his hand and Ratigan stopped, silenced. "Well", he thought, "/someone's still a little sensitive... I can't blame him, though/."

Basil cleared his throat and continued. "As I was saying... Secondly, you must stay hidden no matter what. The world thinks you are either dead or planning something in retaliation to the whole Flaversham affair, and you being seen would prove these theories true. Not to mention that if you are seen with me, God knows what could happen..."

"So it's all appearances to you", Ratigan said mockingly as he strode over to the window. "Hypocrite much?"

Basil's eyes narrowed at the barb, but, as he did, he saw something glint outside. "Get down!"

Basil barely managed to shove Ratigan to the ground before the shot was fired, putting a bullet hole in the wall. Ratigan looked up, rubbing his head as Basil dashed over to the window. "It would be ironic", he muttered, "that we'd be given a room on the ground floor. Perfect for an assassin to take a person out."

"Stay here, and keep out of sight", Basil hissed as he climbed out the window, dashing off in the direction of where the marksman was hidden.


Ratigan sat on the bed, cross-legged as he had done in the mental plane. After locking the door, he sat down, intending to gain the mental contact with Basil.

Anybody there, Basil?


No, it's the king of Spain. Of course it's me!

I thought I told you to not invade my mind! At this, Ratigan was certain he could almost see Basil flushed with anger. But Basil had been right earlier; this was no time for humor.

Never mind that! Did you find anyone?

No... Whoever it was has vanished.

Hm... You don't suppose...

Suppose what?

That it was one of my henchmen?

Doubtful. Most of them think you're dead, and I doubt most of them will readily turn to assassination to avenge your supposed 'death'.


However what?

There are those who came willingly... But someone would have to be so foolhardy to attempt something like... Of course!

What 'Of course'?! At this, Ratigan smiled, despite his vow to be serious. It still was amusing to keep Basil in the dark, even briefly.

Two words, Basil: Johnny. English.

Who...? Ah... Then this is worse than I thought... Ratigan, I'm coming back. We'll continue this when I return to the hotel room.

Very well...


And so he removed the connection. "So, Mr. English", he muttered. "I was wondering when I'd meet you again..."



Ratigan: How long do I have to wear this bloody outfit?!

Me: Just until I get up to speed with this story!

Ratigan: Which could take... how long?

(Ratigan glances over the author's shoulder at what she is looking at.)

Ratigan: Who is this Professor Moriarty person?

(The author scrolls down to a picture of the man in question. Ratigan is a little surprised, and more than a little hurt..)

Ratigan: That's him?!

Me: Something wrong?

Ratigan: I thought I was your "big evil genius" and such.

Me: Come on, he's pretty spiffy.

Ratigan: What about that white streak in his hair?

Me: One of the kids in my class has a white streak in his hair, and he's 16.

Ratigan: And your point is? (beat) Never mind. I'm just going to keep an eye out for Pain and Panic. Or Moriarty. Whoever shows up first.
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