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Archie was the first one to wake up after the 'boy's sleepover'. After they had clean all the makeup off, they went back to terrorise the girls but found them sleeping. They then had a race to the ...

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Ok, I have to make this quick 'cause 'Class of the Titans' is almost on. Curse you KTV for only showing it once a week! Got 3 more episode to watch and then I've seen all of them except the first one, half of the second one and the 11th one.


Archie was the first one to wake up after the 'boy's sleepover'. After they had clean all the makeup off, they went back to terrorise the girls but found them sleeping. They then had a race to the remote, it was late night movie time! Of course, once they all were sitting on the couch, the 5 of them drifted off into lala land.

He looked at the guys all sprawled out on the floor, he had kicked them all of the couch the night before. Herry had lost his teddy to Neil, who was hugging it close to him and started speaking in his sleep. Archie was about to wake him when Jay stopped him.

"Let's wake Odie and video tape this." He said. Archie nodded and they woke up Odie, who then woke up Herry as he was crushing his laptop. "Uh, sorry about that Odie." He said and went of to the kitchen in search of breakfast. Odie went down to his room and came back with his video camera. By now, all the girls were up and were standing by the stairs, watching the boy's film Neil sleeping.

"Glad they didn't decide to film Herry eating." Atlanta whispered to Theresa, who started to giggle. The boys heard this and shushed them. "Don't you shush me, Archie!" Atlanta said, almost loud enough to wake Neil. Archie glared at her and turned his back to them. Atlanta laughed and the girls went into the kitchen.

"That's enough footage. You can wake him now." Odie said and ran off to his room. Archie and Jay left Neil alone and joined the others in the kitchen. Of course, that was a very bad idea as everyone was making their breakfast and making a mess at the same time. "Uh, let's wait awhile before we have breakfast Arch." Jay said, looking at the mess that lay before him. Archie nodded and the two ran up the stairs and into the safety of their rooms.


"Hehe, this is by far the best plan I've ever come up with!" Odie said as he uploaded the videos onto the net, his webpage. He also took the pictures of the boys with makeup on, all of them except the ones that had his face in them. He then uploaded some photos he took of the girls while everyone was sleeping.

"Done! I just hope they see the funny side of the joke when they find out at school on Monday." Odie said, feeling a little guilty. The feeling soon went away and he joined the others upstairs, not knowing how much trouble he really was getting himself into.


"Is that Jay? Wearing makeup?" said a girl as she walked past the gang, not noticing that the boys she was talking about was standing right there. "What do you mean?" he asked her.

She turned around and he saw the piece of paper in her hands. She started laughing. "I never knew blue was your colour!" she said and handed him the piece of paper. He took it and almost fainted. "No way! How did this get out! THERSA!" he screamed and faced the other girl. She frowned at him. "WHAT?" she screamed back. He shoved the paper in her face. "Explain."

By then, Sam, Cassie and Nicky had joined them. No one noticed Odie hiding behind Cassie, eyeing the front door of the school. "I have no idea what you are talking about." Theresa said. Then another group of girls passed, laughing at Herry, Archie and Neil. They too had paper in their hands. Archie was the first one to put two and two together.

"Oh no! No way! Atlanta, do you have something to do with this?" he said. The other girl just glared at him. "Would I really do something like this to you?" she said and stormed off, Archie following her. Neil didn't mind, he was loving the attention and Herry didn't know what was going on. The a group of boys passed and started laughing when they saw the girls.

"What is so funny?" Nicky asked. They showed the picture they had downloaded off the net. It was of them all sleeping on the floor with their mouths open and someone had put bugs in their mouths! "EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Nicky screamed and ran away. The others followed her, except Theresa and Jay. "So, everyone has had a picture of them from the sleepover, except Odie!" Theresa said, and everything clicked into place. "Oh, Odie!" both of them called to him.

The younger boy stopped and turned to face them, forcing a smile. "Why are there pictures of all of us, but not you?" Theresa asked. Odie gulped. "Because who ever did this tried to frame me?" he said. 'Man, why'd I even do this in the first place?'

Jay shook his head. "You said you had this master plan that night and we never saw this plan. This is it, isn't it?" he asked. Odie looked at the ground and nodded. 'Curse you Jay! You always seem to see through my lies!'

Jay nodded and whispered something to Theresa. She smiled and nodded. "Don't worry Odie, we'll get you back soon."


A month later the school year book came out. Theresa and Jay had a page dedicated to their crowning at the dance, Archie and Atlanta also got a page dedicated as the couple that everyone knew that where going to get together someday, Neil, Herry and the other girls could only be seen with their classes and on every second or so pages where pictures of Odie, when he was smaller and picture that they had taken at the sleepover. All of them were embarrassing.

"Serves you right." Cassie said and kissed him on the cheek. They were hanging out in the park. Atlanta and Archie had run off somewhere, everyone claiming they had found a place where they could make out. Of course, this put the idea into Theresa's and Jay's minds and they disappeared as well. Neil was sulking because Sam had dumped him because he had cheated on her and Nicky was still trying to get Herry's attention.

"Well, I've learnt my lesson. Let's ditch the others." He said. Cassie smiled and they ran off, also to find a place to make out. So, the sleepover was probably the best thing that ever happened to them.


The end! Ending sucked but that's 'cause I'm kinda in a hurry. Plus I couldn't figure out how to end it. Will be updateing the rest of my stories during the course of the week. Love ya'll!
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